Lee Min Ho Is Rumored To Quit Military Service For Accompanying Suzy In Her Pregnancy

Lee Min Ho Is Rumored To Quit Military Service For Accompanying Suzy In Her Pregnancy

It seems that rumors don’t stop for the relationship between Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy. After previously, Lee Min Ho was reported to be sad leaving for army duty, recently he was rumored to quit military service to accompany Suzy in her pregnancy.

Lee Min Ho is about to leave for army soon. Yet, a strong rumor about him quitting military service for Suzy arised after saying that he was sad about his enlistment. In an interview, he said that he wanted to do it in his 20s, yet he couldn’t do it because of his job. But, he said that he was grateful to have amazing jobs in his 20s. Although he was a bit sad for this enlistment, he was also grateful for his career, HeeloKpopreported.

Recently, the rumor about the breakup of Lee Min Ho and Suzy came out because the actor will leave for his army duty. But, it seems that the rumor isn’t true as both seemed to be happier. Also, they were reported to spend time together for celebrating their second anniversary, ibTimesreported.

Another strong rumor came up again after Poor Primadonareported that the two might be expecting their baby together. The two seemed getting closer than ever. Thus, the rumors were all around.

About Lee Min Ho’s enlistment, it was rumored that he might quit his army duty because of Suzy. As Suzy was rumored to be pregnant, actor Lee Min Ho wanted to accompany her,KoreaPortalreported. The issue might come because Lee Min Ho was previously reported to be jealous of Suzy’s co-lead, Lee Jong Suk.

Regarding the rumors that all around these two stars, there is no official statement from them. Thus, fans are left with prediction only. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will leave for his army duty on May 12. Fans are expecting for him to be safe and do his duty well until he finishes military service.

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