Lee Min Ho Is Rumored To Marry Suzy After He Finishes His Army Duty

Lee Min Ho Is Rumored To Marry Suzy After He Finishes His Army Duty

Lee Min Ho will have his enlistment this month. With just only few days before his enlistment, rumors are still all around about his relationship with big star Bae Suzy. After previously, he is rumored to quit enlistment, now he is rumored to have a wedding with Suzy after finishing army duty.

Previously, Lee Min Ho and Suzy were reported to celebrate their second anniversary. Even though there were no clear evident, people started to think that they were having a celebration together, Kpopmapreported.

After they were celebrating their anniversary, Lee Min Ho’s enlistment date was revealed and both were rumored to have broken up. Yet, there was no official statement from neither both of them nor the company, Kpopstarzreported.

As the rumors about their split up came up, they looked happier than before. Lee Min Ho looked really happy and so did Suzy. Thus, another rumor came up that they would have their wedding soon.

In an interview, Lee Min Ho even expressed his feeling and he wanted to marry his girlfriend, Poor Primadonareported. People thought that the wedding would happen before Lee Min Ho’s enlistment. Yet, as there is no official statement about that, it seems that the wedding will happen after Lee Min Ho’s enlistment, KoreaPortalreported.

Lee Min Ho once said that he was sad about leaving for the army. Then people assume that he might not want to leave Suzy behind. There is also rumor that he is jealous of Lee Jong Suk as he is currently filming drama “While You Were Sleeping” with Suzy. There have been many pictures of the togetherness of Suzy and Lee Jong Suk on set.

Jealousy might cross to mind, but it seems that Lee Min Ho can do nothing but to enlist for military service as he didn’t do it in his 20s. For the rumor about their wedding, it seems that people need to hear the official statement from the two stars to check the truth.

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