Lee Min Ho has an honest talk about entering the military with ‘@star1’

Lee Min Ho has an honest talk about entering the military with ‘@star1’

Actor Lee Min Ho recently shared his honest thoughts about entering the military.

Lee Min Ho sat down for an interview with ‘@star1.’When asked, “How do you feel about entering the military?”, the actor replied, “Honestly, I thought I was going to be cool about it. But there are many things I regret.”

He went on to explain, “It’s not that I regret going to the army, but the fact that my 20s is passing away right before my eyes. Now that I am approaching my 30s, I find a lot of things I could’ve done better in terms of projects. I am also sad because I am getting older.”

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Lee Min Ho mentioned the positive aspects of entering the military at a later age, “If I had gone to the military earlier, I would’ve missed out on starring in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and often think whether or not I could’ve truly enjoyed my life in the 20s. I personally feel I made the right decision to not go to the army earlier. Because of that, I was able to meet with numerous loving and supportive fans overseas. I was happy to see theKorean Wave spread out to various parts of the world.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be leaving for the army on May 12 and serving as a public service worker at Seoul’s Gangnam District Office.

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