Red Velvet Wendy’s Shockingly Informal Airport Type Creates Gossip Among Fans

Red Velvet Wendy’s Shockingly Informal Airport Type Creates Gossip Among Fans

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAn try for normalcy for Red Velvet’s Wendy’s section ended up with a bit of of hate online. 

On Might 11th, Wendy was once spotted leaving Incheon World Airport for an tournament in China.

The singer changed into spotted dressed in an apparel of red hooded shirt, white shorts and purple shoes, a more informalglancein comparison tomore than a few airport models Korean celebrities are known for. More so, she was also spotted wearing no trace of makeup every bit the contributors and their body of workers made their way.

The casual look, however, was no longer well-received through many netizens online as they bashed the singer for her “shocking” appearance, whilst others criticised her contemporary weight gain. Regardless of the reactions, enthusiasts were fast to protect that it was justnow notbizarre for the singer to selectconvenience and wear normalgarments for her schedules.

Check out the footage below.

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Park Min Young to Have Her Chinese Debut in “Gossip Girl” Remake

Park Min Young to Have Her Chinese Debut in “Gossip Girl” Remake

Actress Park Min Young will be advancing into the Chinese market.

On March 31, it was reported by the Chinese media that the Healer actress will be having her Chinese debut in the Chinese remake of the hit American series, Gossip Girl.

Chinese media reported that Park Min Young has received a lot of attention from China for her roles in dramas like Healer and City Hunter.

In the Gossip Girl remake, she will play one of the main characters. Similar to the original source material, this upcoming drama will tell the story of young socialites from the top 1% in Shanghai. It will be co-produced by Warner Bros.

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Park Min Young to play the

Park Min Young to play the "it-girl" for Chinese remake of "Gossip Girl"

Park Min Young to play the

Last we heard of the Chinese remake of hit American show "Gossip Girl", Kim Bum was cast for one of the roles back in June 2014. Now reports are saying that the show is still underway and that actress Park Min Young will be joining the project, playing the main role of "it-girl" Serena van der Woodsen, originally portrayed by Blake Lively

Taiwanese media states that Park Min Young is known among Chinese audiences for her role in the 2011 K-Drama "City Hunter," making her an optimal candidate for one of "Gossip Girl"s leading ladies. 

On March 31, Park Min Young"s agency told Korean media outlet The Fact, "Park Min Young has received a love call from China and has decided to film for China"s remake of "Gossip Girl."" They added, "We anticipate a strong first season like that of the original. Park Min Young will be working hard to show a good image for her first Chinese drama."

The American show "Gossip Girl", based on the book series of the same title, follows the story of a group of SNS-savvy, affluent high school students pursuing love and business in New York City. The Chinese remake will be making some changes to this story as it will take place in Shanghai and will focus on people in their 20s living in the top 1% of the country in terms of income and wealth. The upcoming show will be a joint production between the U.S."s Warner Brothers and a Chinese production company. 

Park Min Young is scheduled to fly to China in May to start filming and working on her portrayal of her character Serena. Are you excited to see how this goes? We are!


Park Min-yeong to play leading role in Chinese

Park Min-yeong to play leading role in Chinese "Gossip Girl"

Actress Park Min-yeong has stepped into Chinese drama.

On March 31st, Chinese media including Sina Entertainment reported that Park Min-yeong landed the title role in Chinese version of "Gossip Girl". The drama is an official Chinese remake of the popular drama, "Gossip Girl", in which the stories of upper-class high school students in New York were portrayed.

Park Min-yeong"s agency told TV Report, "Park Min-yeong will star in the Chinese version of "Gossip Girl" and "Park Min-yeong will play the leading role, Serena" and "However, the specific filming schedule has not been set yet".

Park Min-yeong previously hinted she would appear in a Chinese drama during her interview with Sina Entertainment on March 5th.

Park Min-yeong has been known to Chinese fans for her roles in the popular dramas such as "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "City Hunter". As "Healer" gained popularity in China, she has become an undeniable Hallyu star.


KARA's Hara Teases Fan With Second Teaser Preview For

KARA's Hara Teases Fan With Second Teaser Preview For "ON & OFF: The Gossip"

After the success of the first episode of ONOFF: The Gossip, KARA‘s Hara teased fans with a preview clip for the second episode.

On January 6th, a preview clip of the second episode of ONOFF: The Gossip was released through KARA’s official YouTube channel where it showcased the singer participating in multiple activities. In the next episode, which will air on January 12th, fans can expect to see Hara’s day as she works out, participates in a photo shoot and much more.

The first episode of ONOFF: The Gossip premiered on December 29th on MBC Music. During the first episode, Hara gave fans the insight on what it’s like to balance her work schedule as well as her personal activities.

Meanwhile, KARA’s entertainment company, DSP Media released a special holiday and family album where the artists from the company such as Rainbow and AJAX came together to sing in their family album, White Letter.

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)

Vote for KARA at the 2014 International Hallyu Awards for Best Female Dance Performance, Best Female Group and Most Anticipated Comeback!



KARA"s Goo Hara unveils final teaser for "ON&OFF: The Gossip"

After releasing a teaser on December 25th, the final teaservideo of KARAs Goo Hara upcoming reality show "ONOFF: The Gossip" was uploaded on the YouTube channel of KARA.

"ONOFF: The Gossip" will premiere through MBC Music on December 29th.

Watch below:

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Actor Kim Bum to be part of the Chinese version of 'Gossip Girl'

Actor Kim Bum to be part of the Chinese version of 'Gossip Girl'

Actor Kim Bum to be part of the Chinese version of 'Gossip Girl'

The Chinese adaptation of the well-known American series 'Gossip Girl' is going to be aired this July.

The story of 'Gossip Girl' will be mainly about the generation of young people living in the SNS generation. Actor Kim Bum is going to participate as one of its cast. He will play as a head of an exceptional restaurant.

Anticipate him on July 21st through China's

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Kim Bum to star in the Chinese remake of American drama Gossip Girl

Kim Bum to star in the Chinese remake of American drama Gossip Girl

Kim Bum to star in the Chinese remake of American drama “Gossip Girl”

Kim Bum will be joining China’s top actors and actresses, Tan Weiwei, Monica Chan, Zhou Bichang and more, for the remake of “Gossip Girl”.

On the 25th, King Kong Entertainment released exciting news for Kim Bum’s fans, announcing that the actor would be working alongside well-known actors in a Chinese rendition of the popular American drama “Gossip Girl”.

Since the news was released, it has spread quickly and has gained lots of attention from fans and Chinese media.

"Mishidae" be following the same plot of the American version, it will follow the lives of young privilaged socialites who have their secrets spilled by an unknown internet personality. The drama will also intertwine business and love into the character’s lives.

Sources tell that Kim Bum will once again be playing a wealthy character but this time he will be the manager of a restaurant with a conceited and overconfident personality.

Kim Bum recieved lots of popularity with his drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009. Fans are eager to see if he’ll be able to pull off a character with a completely different attitude.

The drama will air on July 21st through!

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Kim Bum to feature in the Chinese version of 'Gossip Girl'

Kim Bum to feature in the Chinese version of 'Gossip Girl'

Actor Kim Bum will be featuring in the Chinese version of "Gossip Girl"!

The drama talks about love and business among the young SNS generation. Kim Bum plays the CEO of a premium restaurant who is both confident and charismatic.

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Because of his appearance in the drama, Chinese companies dealing in fashion, electronics, and shopping malls have been endlessly sending love calls to him so he could film their CFs. Since the drama is already such a hot issue even before it"s started to air, companies are getting ready to recruit him already.

Kim Bum will put the product image first in choosing his CFs instead of the guarantee with the mindset of strengthening his ties to China. The drama will start airing on July 21st through China"s


f Krystal Channels 'Gossip Girl' Little J In Comeback Teaser Photo

f Krystal Channels 'Gossip Girl' Little J In Comeback Teaser Photo

(Photo : SM Entertainment )

Krystal exudes an edgy goth and witch house concept for "Red Light." SM Entertainment has released the first teaser photo for the upcoming f(x) comeback which features Krystal in a dark, Gothic concept.

The teaser photo is for third studio album from f(x) which is entitled “Red Light”.

Upon release of the teaser, f(x) fans compared the photo of Krystal to images featuring "Gossip Girl" star and lead singer of The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen portrayed the "Gossip Girl" character Jenny Humphrey, a Brooklynite who infiltrates the Upper East Side through her use of social maneuvering.

Both Taylor Momsen and her character Jenny or Little J became synonymous with thick eye liner and haphazard post-punk fashion which bordered on Goth. As a true fashionista, Krystal is able to translate this style well. 

f(x) debuted in 2009 and has been progressing towards more artistic concepts.

Audiences have the comeback for the electronic dance group since their last release, the 2013 studio album Pink Tape.

Pink Tape was a critically acclaimed success, with the album receiving the honor as the only K-Pop release to be chosen by Fuse as one of the 41 Best Albums of 2013.In addition, Billboard selected the track “Rum Pum Pum Pum” as the number three album on the 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2013 list.

In 2013, f(x) made in-roads into the American market by performing at SXSW and filming a hilarious sketch with “Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick for the comedy website Funny or Die.The group also appeared at KCON 2013, with f(x) member Amber utilizing her excellent English language skills to serve as one of the commentators during “M! Countdown What"s Up LA”, which was filmed at KCON.

Beyond f(x), Krystal witnessed as surge in popularity in 2013 through her portrayal of Lee Bo Na in “The Heirs”. Audiences were charmed with her interaction as a petulant entertainment heiress whose boyfriend Yoo Chan Young (CNBLUE"s Kang Min Hyuk) endlessly doted on her.

Krystal and her sister Jessica are currently the subjects of the OnStyle network reality program "Jessica & Krystal", which chronicles their busy life as K-Pop idols.

"Red Light" is scheduled to be released on July 7.