MBLAQs Mir Officially Enlists In Crucial  Army Service

MBLAQs Mir Officially Enlists In Crucial Army Service

MBLAQ’s Mir Officially Enlists In VitalArmyCarrier notclaira July 11, 2016 0 MBLAQ’s Mir Officially Enlists In Mandatory Military Service MBLAQ’s Mir has announced the reliable enlistment date for his mandatory military service!

On July 12, he posted at the official MBLAQ fancafe, “The admission date for schooling has been set as July 14.”

He continued, “The suddenness of this announcement would possibly take a massive number of you lotby way ofmarvel so I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier. All Korean men should enlist when it’s their time and I’ve authorized that mine has come. Please don’t fear too much about me.”

Mir concluded by thanking his enthusiasts for their love and beef up and promising to develop into a more mature user in the years to come.

MBLAQ’s remaining comeback used to be with the EP “Mirror” in 2015, their first as a three-member group.

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SM Entertainment Artists Spotted In New Korean Army  Tune Video

SM Entertainment Artists Spotted In New Korean Army Tune Video

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Quite so much of SM Entertainment artists who are lately serving in the armywere spotted in its new track video, putting their entertainment talents to use. 

Released on YouTube on June 22nd, the army music video functions TVXQs Yunho and Super Juniors Sungmin, Shindong and Eunhyuk at the vanguard of the musical piece. Dressed in their armed forces uniforms and accompanied by capability of other fellow soldiers.

The 4 artists still retain their soldier character equally they perform, making a songof ways they are proud infantrymen of South Korea whose countrymen they will continue to defend, polishing off the music video with a infantrymen salute.

Fans who watched the music video were observed leaving comments of how proud they are of them and all and sundry currently serving their country.

Super Juniors Sungmin is scheduled to be discharged from the military in December 2016 followed by Shindong a week later. Yunho is determined to be discharged on April 20, 2017 whilstGreat Juniors Eunhyuk will go back to the public on July 12, 2017. Other SM Entertainment artists currently serving come with TVXQs Changmin, Super Juniors Siwon and Donghae, currently serving as conscripted policemen, who might be released on August 19, 2017 (Changmin, Siwon) and July 15, 2017 respectively.

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Yunho, Eunhyuk And More Spotted In Army  Tune Video!

Yunho, Eunhyuk And More Spotted In Army Tune Video!

Yunho, Eunhyuk And More Spotted In ArmyTrack Video! Jun 24, 2016 08:31

293 -30 TVXQ's ultimate boss Yunho

285 -11 Yunho still has this something around him this is however so flinch kkkk, you'll be in a position to tell he islooking his perfect to give it all, yetit's miles funny kkk he still looks cool though

260 -27 He's were givenexcellent character, that is one thing he's known for

29 -6 Frankly as a man, if I were to select two saints, it might exist Moon Hee Jun and Yunho. Yunho even forgave the anti fan who fed him poison in drink. He earns saint prestige for that.

29 -8 In spite of everythingthe ones news about that sexual attack guy, it makes you realize that Yunho has it all, from character, talents to even his good-looking looks.

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Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To give coverage to Korea In Armys New MV

Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To give coverage to Korea In Armys New MV

Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To give coverage to Korea In Army’s New MVilmare42 June 23, 2016 0 Watch: Yunho, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, And Shindong Vow To guard Korea In Army’s New MV SM Entertainment label pals TVXQ’s Yunho and Great Junior’s Eunhyuk, Sungmin, and Shindong have reunited whilst in the army to place their dancing and vocal skillsto exploit for the military!

On June 23, the Republic of Korea Army’s YouTube channel shared a track video created for new recruits entitled “The Native land I Protect.” In position of a traditional, stirring army song, this track is obviously going for a true K-Pop vibe, which this unofficial sub-unit of K-Pop veterans naturally pulls off flawlessly.

All 4 guys wear their uniforms in the music video as they perform, with a set of dancers to back them up. Try it out below!

The four stars all enlisted in 2015, with Shindong joining on March 24, Sungmin on March 31, Yunho on July 21, and Eunhyuk on October 13. Yunho’s fellow TVXQ member Jaejoong may belately serving in the military, a smartly every bit Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior.

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Super Junior’s Ryeowook Postpones Army Enlistment Date

Super Junior’s Ryeowook Postpones Army Enlistment Date

Super Juniors Ryeowook Postpones Army Enlistment Datekokoberry June 8, 2016 0 Super Juniors Ryeowook Postpones Military Enlistment Date On June 9, SM Entertainment printed the prestige of Large Junior member Ryeowooks military enlistment. His enlistment date will need to be postponed because ofin some other country schedules.

His firm released the next statement:

This is SM Entertainment.

Ryeowook, who used to be planned to enlist as an active-duty soldier on June 14, will mustput off his enlistment date.

Ryeowook had completed up his solo album and DJ activities and changed intospecializing in Super Juniors in some other country fan meetings whilstmaking ready to enlist. However, there weresurprisingadjustments to the control of the team. Thus his enlistment date has been postponed so as to stay his promise with fanatics in South America.

After winding up his Super Junior foreign schedules, Ryeowook is hoping to enlist appropriate away. He plans on enlisting as an active-duty soldier once the enlistment date is showedand may faithfully satisfy his military duty.

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Jaejoong’s Army  Identity Photo Found out  Through  Lovers – And He Looks HOT

Jaejoong’s Army Identity Photo Found out Through Lovers – And He Looks HOT

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYJJaejoong has been praised for being one of the crucialmaximumgood-looking idols in the history of K-pop. 

And whilst makeup and styling has surely contributed to his looks, lovers were amazed at how handsome he looked in his armyIdentification photo. Even without any pro styling, Jaejoong proved just how robust his visuals were, exuding his signature air of mystery from just an effortless photo.

Although Jaejoong still has somewhata section of time left in his obligatorydefense force duty, fans were gladso to see that hes doing quite smartly and looks incredibly healthy. Till he completes his service, fans can continue to revel in his newestsong video for his song Love You More, which was once made in preparation for his enlistment:

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Watch: GOT7′s Jackson And BamBam Consume  Noted  Army Burgers On “Real Men”

Watch: GOT7′s Jackson And BamBam Consume Noted Army Burgers On “Real Men”

Watch: GOT7s Jackson And BamBam EatNotedArmy Burgers On Genuine Menleonid June 5, 2016 0 Watch: GOT7s Jackson And BamBam Devour Famous Military Burgers On Real Men GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam have fallen for the famous military hamburgers.

On the June five episode of the “Enlisting Together” special of MBC’s “Real Men,” the recentinfantrymen arrive at the cafeteria to discover that the day’s menu includes military burgers, colloquially known as gundaeria as a play on the notice gundae (military) and the call of rapid food chain Lotteria.

After Jo Jae Yoon stacks his burger and takes a bite, he lighting fixtures up and exclaims in an interview, “It tasted like bread baked by way of Italian artisans.”

BamBam also providesthe army hamburger rave experiencesyet regretfully comments, “Shouldn’t hamburgers come with soda? I’m disillusioned they didn’t give us soda.”

Jackson is likewise extremely joyful equally he gobbles down his burger, or evenis going for seconds. He says, “They were so excellent that I ate two of them.”

Watch them wolf down the famous hamburgers below!

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N.Sonic’s Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Enthusiasts On Instagram Earlier than  Army Enlistment

N.Sonic’s Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Enthusiasts On Instagram Earlier than Army Enlistment

N.Sonics Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Enthusiasts On Instagram Sooner thanArmy Enlistmenthajima Would possibly 24, 2016 0 N.Sonics Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Fans On Instagram Before Military Enlistment Boy staff N.Sonics leader J.Heart posted a heartfelt message together witha brief video on his Instagram following the announcement through the groups agency that they would seek criminal action opposed to the members for damages brought about by their disappearance and cutting of all types of communication.

J.Heart starts by saying, First of all, I would love to sincerely make an apology to our loving fans for hurting you viaugly news. As one that wont be in a positionto peer you lotfor 2 years, I presumed IT wouldnt be correct to just disappear without a notice and, because I know the way much you're worrying, I determined to post this message after long, difficult consideration.

A video posted by J.Heart 권재환 (@jay_heartt) on Could 24, 2016 at 5:28pm PDT

He apologizes for going MIA, We are even more sorry, no longer only to the Korean fans, yet also the global fans who made it out to our fan meetings since we know how much you've been looking ahead to N.Sonic. We sincerely and deeply apologize.

Although I cant tell you in particular why these items have happened, it pains me that things grew to become out like this as we want to leave for some time now. We ask for your endured encouragement and pastime in the N.Sonic members.

The explanation why nosotros were capable ofget startedin spite of difficult circumstances and hang on used to beon account of you, Large Sonic. We know in additionany individual that, if it werent for you, we'dno longer exist here. While you say it's the end, thats what it is going to be. But I accept as true withit couldturn out to be a new starting if this is what we say. Thank you such a lot for being our fans for at all times being there for us. And we adore you.

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Jeong Il-woo showed for choice  army service, same for Lee Min-ho: either  suffering from  the former serious vehicle accident

Jeong Il-woo showed for choice army service, same for Lee Min-ho: either suffering from the former serious vehicle accident

In August, 2006, two buddies of the similar age went on a travelin combination to Kangwon-do. The vacationused to bestuffed with the fluttering anticipation as it becamethe primaryride for the 2to head on when theyhave become adults. However, the time outmaynow not eventide begin. A vehicle from the alternative direction crossed the yellow central divider line and crashed into their vehicle. The satisfiedstartingin their trip grew to become into the terriblevehicle accident.

This is the truetale about the hallyu stars, Lee Min-ho and Jeong Il-woo.

Lee Min-ho and Jeong Il-woo were rated for Public Pastime Service. Here'sthe armyexam consequence they gained 10 years ago. Ministry of National Defense at the time made the verdict that it's farvery unlikely for them to enlist in active service regardless their enlistment date at the time.

The result is because of the aftereffects of the auto accident. In the car accident, the driving force and the passenger in the vehicle that led to the coincidence deceased in the car accident. And Lee Min-ho, Jeong Il-woo and other suffererswere given injured seriously.

Lee Min-ho was hospitalized for seven months. The harm in his legs was serious especially. He had fractures in his correct thigh bone and his ankle. Also the cartilage in his knees was torn. Even supposing a 46 cm steel rod was implanted for the emergency surgery, his framemight not recuperate to the condition prior to the car accident 100%. The duration of his legs is otherdue to the the surgery.

Jeong Il-woo also was injured seriously. Right after the car accident, he experienced concussion and cerebral hemorrhage. He was also diagnosed with partial reminiscence loss.

His write injury was maximum serious. His wrist bones were overwhelmed into pieces and his left pelvis bone was fractured, which might not achievethe overall recovery even till now.

The explanation why the aftereffect of the car accident has lasted this long is because he couldn'tmovein the process the consistent treatment. Jeong Il-woo gave the impression in the sitcom 'High Kick!' simplest going thru the initial 4 month treatment.

He could not pass through the rehabilitation remedyto slot into the filming time table at the time. And the indicatorsbecome worse due to the action acting and other acting involving strenuous physical activities.

It is an identical case for Lee Min-ho. He could not entire the remedy due to his schedule for 'Boys over Flower'. Also, to make things worse, he had every other car accident whilst filming the hot movie, "Bounty Hunters" where part of the car was destroyed.

Their enlistment dates haven't been showed yet. The two stars have completely packed schedule this year. Lee Min-ho is waiting while the Korea China joint film "Bounty Hunters" is to be released soon and he may beprovento look in author 's new drama.

Jeong Il-woo also is filming the approaching drama, 'Cinderella and the Four Knights'. He also has schedule in China and other world locations.

It turns out that the enlistment date will be determined subsequentlythey've accommodated the planned schedule. Lee Min-ho's firm said, "The explicit enlistment date has not been set. He'll continue his activities unless then".


Lee Min Hos Army Enlistment Main points Revealed

Lee Min Hos Army Enlistment Main points Revealed

Lee Min Ho’s Army Enlistment Main pointsPublished soojji Would possibly 18, 2016 0 Lee Min Ho’s Military Enlistment Information Revealed Lee Min Hos agency, MYM Entertainment, revealed information about the actors enlistment and said, “Will serve as a public carrier officeholderwithout reference to when he comes to a decisionto start his military service. We are taking a look at early next year.”

The resolution to enlist the actor as a public service officer in its place of an active responsibility soldier comes from a history of physical injuries because ofautomobile accidents. In 2006 Lee Min Ho was onceall in favour of a car coincidence that led to a leg harm that required the insertion of steel screws. Even though the surgical operation had no negative have an effect on on his day through day life, he were given the metal screws got rid of when they got in the style of filming action scenes.

Furthermore, when filming for drama “City Hunter” back in 2011, he turned intoconcerned in any other car accident that destroyed part of the vehicle he was in. Thus, his deficient condition all the way through his physical check-up qualified Lee Min Ho to serve as a public service officer when he starts his obligatory military service.

Last month Lee Min Ho mentioned in a Chinese interview, “I have now notmade up our minds exactly when I canget started my military service.” He'srecently slated to seem on a SBS drama written by Park Ji Eun at the finish of this year, which might be Lee Min Ho’s last paintingsahead of enlisting. The actor could also be looking forward to the premiere of his first Chinese film, Bounty Hunters.

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