Lee Min Ho Finishes Shoot For Final Commercial 3 Days Before His Military Enlistment

Lee Min Ho Finishes Shoot For Final Commercial 3 Days Before His Military Enlistment

Lee Min Ho just finished shooting for a commercial. This will be the actor’s last activity before enlisting in the military.

As reported by Soompi, Lee Min Ho’s recent photo shoot is for a fashion magazine. The photos of the actor appear to be a promotion for “Georgia Gotica Master’s Latte”, a product of Coca-Cola.

Similarly, the actor posed for the @star1 magazine for their May issue. During the interview, Lee Min Ho shared his personal feelings regarding his imminent enlistment.

In his response, Lee Min Ho revealed how he thought it would be fine and that it would be nothing. However, he did clarify that he would indeed feel sad when the day comes.

“It’s not about the fact that I have to enlist that makes me sad,” said Lee Min Ho. “But the factthat I’m at the end of my 20s.”

The interviewer also told the actor that enlisting late in the military built the person Lee Min Ho is today, to which the actor agreed. “If I’d gone early, I wouldn’t have been cast in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and my 20s probably wouldn’t have been as happy,” said Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho also added that that decision turned out to be perfect for him. “I’m lucky to have acted during a great era and I was able to get a lot of love overseas, and I’m happy that I was able to contribute tohallyu in my own way,” humbly said the actor.

Lee Min Ho now has 2 days left until his military enlistment date this Friday, May 12. However, the actor will be assigned a non-combatant position, as previously reported.

Because of the injuries Lee Min Ho contracted from the car crashes in 2006 and 2011, the actor will serve as a public service worker. There is no news however on when the actor will be dismissed from his government service.