Lee Min Ho & Bae Suzy Are Rumored To Tie The Knot In 2019

Lee Min Ho & Bae Suzy Are Rumored To Tie The Knot In 2019

Rumors have surrounded the relationship of Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy. According to reports, Lee Min Ho is set to marry Bae Suzy after he finishes his military service. The couple is also rumored to have their baby later on.

Previously, Lee Min Ho was rumored to quit his military service soon because he wanted to be together with Bae Suzy. But the agency, MYM Entertainment, declined it and said that Lee Min Ho would finish his two-year duty on military service, Christian Postreported.

After the clarification from the agency, Lee Min Ho is rumored to marry Suzy in 2019 after he finishes his two-year military service. Lee Min Ho and Suzy often show their sweet acts to each other and fans hope that they will end up in marriage soon.

About the rumor that Suzy is already pregnant, it happens to be false because there is no evident of it, Korea Portalreported. After the rumor about their plan marriage in 2019, the couple is predicted to have their kids in the same year because things seem really fine between them both, Korea Portalreported.

It will be a great year for Lee Min Ho and Suzy in 2019 if they can really have their wedding. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho was spotted taking his last project before his enlistment in Jeju Island. He did a pictorial shot for makeup brand Innisfree located in the orange field, green tea field, beach, and much more. He was also spotted enjoying the scenery and clean air in Jeju Island during the photo shoot, Soompireported.

As for Suzy, she was chosen as the MC for Baeksang Arts Awards for the second year in a row and she stunned everyone with her sexy figure, Drama Fever. She did her job well announcing the winners of the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

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