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Gaon Chart releases chart ratings for August 30 - September 5

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Gaon Chart releases chart ratings for August 30 - September 5

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the identical of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of August 30 to September 5 below!

1. EU God-G isn"t ecu (IU & Park Myung Soo) - "Leon"

2. Hwangtaeji (G-Dragon, Taeyang, Kwanghee) - "Mapsosa"

4. Eutteugeottasi (HaHa & Zion.T) - "$ponsor"

5. Girls" Generation - "Lion Heart"

6. The five Emperor (Jung Hyung Don & hyukoh) - "Wonderful Barn"

7. Dancing Genome (J.Y. Park & Yoo Jae Suk) - "I"m So Sexy"

8. Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean - "Oppa"s Car"

10. Big Bang - "Let"s now not Fall In Love"

1. Various Artists - "Song Il Kook"s Triplets vintage - Daehan, Minguk, Manse"

3. VIXX LR - "Beautiful Liar"


5. Autumn Vacation - "Volume 3"

6. EXO - "LOVE ME Appropriate (2nd Album Repackage Korean)"

8. Big Star - "Shine A Moonlight"

9. BTS - "The most pretty Moment In Life, Pt. 1"

10. Maroon 5 - "V (Asia excursion Edition)"

1. EU God-G isn"t EU (IU & Park Myung Soo) - "Leon" - 137,989 Downloads

2. Hwangtaeji (G-Dragon, Taeyang, Kwanghee) - "Mapsosa" - 110,546 Downloads

3. Mino ft. Taeyang - "Fear" - 103,355 Downloads

4. Eutteugeottasi (HaHa & Zion.T) - "$ponsor" - 100,967 Downloads

5. Mino & Zico - "Okey Dokey" - 100,631 Downloads

6. Girls" Generation - "Lion Heart" - 100,417 Downloads

7. The 5 Emperor (Jung Hyung Don & hyukoh) - "Wonderful Barn" - 90,134 Downloads

8. Dancing Genome (J.Y. Park & Yoo Jae Suk) - "I"m So Sexy" - 82,946 Downloads

9. Incredivle, Tablo, and Jinusean - "Oppa"s Car" - 69,265 Downloads

10. SG Wannabe - "Love You" - 63,040 Downloads

2. EU God-G isn"t EU (IU & Park Myung Soo) - "Leon"

3. MC The Max - "Because Of You"

4. Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang"

7. Eutteugeottasi (HaHa & Zion.T) - "$ponsor"

8. Noel - "What If (Jun Woo Sung Solo)"

10. Big Mama - "Resignation"

1. HyunA ft. Ilhoon - "Roll Deep" - 65,285 issues

2. GOT7 - "Just Right" - 29,718 aspects

3. Girls" Generation - "Lion Heart" - 29,528 Points

4. Mino ft. Taeyang - "Fear" - 23,464 Points

5. AOA - "Heart Attack" - 19,864 Points

6. INFINITE - "I Like You (OGS Returns Reside Ver.)" - 19,863 Points

7. 4minute - "Crazy" - 15,839 Points

8. VIXX LR - "Beautiful Liar" - 15,839 Points

9. EXO - "Growl" - 14,742 Points

10. EXO - "Love Me Right" - 14,290 Points

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Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for August 31 - September 6

News via allkpop.com
Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for August 31 - September 6

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of August 31 to September 6 below!

3. Ladies" Code - "I"m Fine Thank You"

7. Park Bo Ram ft. Zico - "Beautiful"

9. Jay Park ft. Common Ground - "So Good"

10. Adam Levine - "Lost Stars"

1. Super Junior - "7th album Mamacita"

4. Various Artists - "Begin Again OST"

8. Various Artists - "The Night Watchmen OST"

9. Maroon 5 - "V (Standard Ver.)"

10. Astor Piazzolla - "The Legend of Astor Piazzolla"

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "I Love You" - 191,015 Downloads 

2. Jung In & Gary - "Bicycle" - 156,648 Downloads

3. Ladies" Code - "I"m Fine Thank You" - 148,306 Downloads

4. Iron - "Malice" - 147,830 Downloads

5. SISTAR - "I Swear" - 134,818 Downloads

6. BOBBY - "YGGR#Hip Hop"- 126,514 Downloads

7. Maroon 5  - "Animals" - 116,193 Downloads

8. Adam Levine - "Lost Stars" - 99,492 Downloads

9. BOBBY - "Bounce" - 84,505 Downloads

10. Park Bo Ram ft. Zico - "Beautiful" - 79,651 Downloads

1. Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

2. Lim Chang Jung - "A Shot of Soju"

3. Park Hyo Shin – "Wild Flower"

6. Fly To The Sky - "You You You"

8. San E & Raina - "A Midsummer Night"s Sweetness"

9. Big Mama - "Resignation"

1. HyunA - "Red" - 68,291 Points

2. SISTAR - "Touch My Body" - 56,085 Points

3. JYJ - "Back Seat" - 49,088 Points

4. SISTAR - "I Swear" - 48,122 Points

5. KARA - "Mamma Mia" - 47,334 Points

6. B2ST - "Good Luck" - 46,610 Points

7. Block B - "HER" - 45,358 Points

8. INFINITE - "Back" - 43,551 Points

9. Park Bo Ram - "Beautiful" -32,154 Points

10. VIXX - "ETERNITY" - 31,427 Points

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (August 31- September 6)

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Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (August 31- September 6)

Another week is here, which means more fun updates from Hallyu"s biggest stars. In case you missed all the goings-on, check out what your favorite idols have been up to this week with photos from their very own Instagram accounts.

BigBang"s G-Dragon cameo on Taeyang"s concert. so sweet!

Kim Jong Kook showed a statement shirt!

2PM Junho shared how his group celebrated their 6th anniversary.

Super Junior"s Eunhyuk looking tired on his selfie. Take some rest, oppa.

ZE:A"s Kwanghee happy about what EXO"s Suho got for him as a present. Cool bracelet!

miss A"s Fei shared her big appetite with a big bowl of ramen - yum yum

BEAST"s Hyunseung picking his nose? What can you say about his photo?

Taeyang shared his adorable Ringa Linga babies appearing at his concert.

f(x)"s Victoria having his cold drink while at the airport. Cool shades!

Relaxing time for EXO"s Xiumin and Luhan.

Big Bang"s G-Dragon and Haru shared their peanuts character lookalike photo.

4minute"s HyunA shared another cute selca. Lovely sweatshirt she got there!

Jewelry"s Baby J loves her furry friend. Nap time!

SHINee"s Key love teddy bear selca. He still looks cool in that leather jacket.

B2ST"s Lee Gi Kwang looking handsome on his black and white mode selfie.

Beatburger"s Shim Jae Won with the rest of the crew looking serious!

JYJ"s Junsu shared group photos with his long time dancers.

CNBlue"s Lee Jung Shin shared his selca with adorable puppy. so cute (^_^)

Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk super cool pose!

Roy Kim shared his selca with his adorable dog.

Super Junior"s Donghae thanking ELF"s with awesome cake.

f(x)"s Amber different funny faces. She really enjoys it huh?

FT Island"s Lee Hong Gi makes his goofy face.

FT Island"s Lee Hong Gi shared a mirror selfie.

Super Junior"s Siwon shared he had a lovely dinner.

Kim Young Kwang on his baby face selfie with V sign.

Girls" Generation Hyoyeon shared her photo heading to Vietnam.

Donghae shared his arrival in Taiwan!

Super Junior"s Siwon riding on Beijing"s train.

Stay tuned next week for another collection of the best idol Instagram updates!

WINNER to debut in South Korea and Japan in August and September; more teaser pics for “GRAND LAUNCH”

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WINNER to debut in South Korea and Japan in August and September; more teaser pics for “GRAND LAUNCH”

Following their first debut album video teaser “2-14S/S GRAND LAUNCH” released back on August 1st, WINNER further revealed plans of their groundbreaking debut in Korea and Japan, as well as an upcoming tour in plan.

On Wednesday, August 6th, WINNER will hold their launching show, as revealed by snippets through the aforementioned teaser. More information has yet to be released regarding the location and time of the launching show, though promotions in Korea will continue with the official online release of their debut song on Tuesday, August 12th at midnight (KST). Offline release of the song will be held two days later on Thursday, August 14th, in which WINNER will stand on stage as real stars and promote as a full-fledged idol group.

Their plans from late August to September, however, includes mainly promotional plans for Japan.

A pre-celebratory “High TouchTalk” event of WINNER’s impending Japan launch showcase and tour will also be held on August 27-28th. This will be the first opportunity for Japanese fans to personally greet and meet the five members of WINNER prior to any performances or promotional activities. The first event will be held at Namba Hatch on Wednesday, while the second will be held at Shinagawa Stera Ball on Thursday of that week.

On Friday, August 29th, WINNER will make their debut performance in Japan at the Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, through the “A-nation IslandStadium Festival Powered by in Jelly,” alongside labelmate group Big Bang.

Finally, starting from Thursday, September 11th, WINNER will begin their Japan tour, first off first with a concert, ZEPP TOKTO. Additional locations include Sapporo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Namba and Tokyo once more. The tour will span from September 11th to October 11th, scheduling one full month of heavy Japan promotions, covering five cities and eleven performances.

It seems that WINNER will focus a bit longer on Japan promotions than domestic ones, though fans nonetheless are anticipative for their overall summer debut. Throughout the span of four days, WINNER has further revealed two teaser pictures for their special debut week and “GRAND LAUNCH” shows scheduled for the late summer and early fall seasons. Both are cast in a black-and-white light, adding a classic theme to their first album and set of performances for their dedicated fans.

Stay tuned for further teasers regarding their debut track, prior to the set release date of August 12th!

Source: WINNER Official Facebook and YG Life

Korean-Taiwanese Singer Bii to Stop by Malaysia as Part of Promotion Tour on August 27-September 1

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Korean-Taiwanese Singer Bii to Stop by Malaysia as Part of Promotion Tour on August 27-September 1 Korean-Taiwanese mixed artist, Bii just passed his 24thbirthday, bringing his second albumto Malaysia. He will be in Malaysia for a week for his promo tour from 27th ofAugust onwards. After his national services, he turned to be more mature on his outlook and become high rise popularity male artist in Taiwan.

Bii was called as new generation lady-killer. The album launched for only 3 months, he had performed over 80 events and 12 showcases. Some incidents happened during his promo tour such as; some hardcore fans followed his car some even queue one day ahead at the location of the showcase. Their behavior had caused Bii worried of their safety and advise his fans to go back home earlier.

Bii had been to Malaysia for past 2 years, he felt sorry for the time limitation where he only able met his fans at Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Malacca. Therefore, he will stay in Malaysia for a week and made a request to his company enable him to visit more places so he can meet his fans from different places. Bii being considerate, he knew majority of his fans are student, hence most of the promo tour will be held in school or colleges. Apart from that, he wanted to know more about Malaysia campus life and have closer interaction with his fans.

From today onwards, purchase Bii's albumat selected Speedy outlet (Mid Valley, OneUtama, Pavillion, Sunway, Leisure MallMovie Magic OneUtama) enable you to redeem two showcase passes to Biishowcase at Studio Lounge @ Tropicana City Mall. Besides that, subscribes to any CallerTunes from Bii'salbum through any Telco, flash the message at the showcase venue can redeem one piece of showcase pass. On first come first serve basis, while stocks last.

Special treats for PETRONAS Mesra members! Sign-up as a PETRONAS Mesra member for free atautograph sessions. Get an instant reward of free movie tickets and a chance to play games on stage with Bii. In showing its appreciation to its loyal Mesra members, PETRONAS Mesra will be selecting 30 of its card members at every autograph session to have a photograph taken with Bii at backstage.

For more information Bii Malaysia promo tour please visit Universal Music official website www.universalmusic.com.my, Facebook - Universal Music Malaysia Chinese or make a call to Universal Music 03-79587433 (ext 205/102)

Chart rankings for August 26th – September 1st released by Gaon Chart

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Chart rankings for August 26th – September 1st released by Gaon Chart

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts.

[Rankings for Week August 26 – September 1st, 2012]

Check out the weekly singles chart below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

1. Seo In GukA-Pink’s Eunji – “All For You”

2. Huh Gak ft. Zia – “I Need You”

8. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love”

10. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung – “Passionate Goodbye”

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

1. XIA Junsu – ‘Uncommitted’

2. Super Junior – ‘SPY The 6th Album Repackage’

5. Various Artists – ‘Protect The Boss OST’

6. Various Artists – ‘Pursuit Of Happiness OST Part 1′

7. PSY – ‘PSY 6th album Part 1′

8. Lee Seung Gi – ‘Lee Seung Gi The Best’

9. Various Artists – ‘Musical Wicked OST (5th Anniversary Edition)’

10. Various Artists – ‘Secret Garden OST Special’

Online Downloads For The Week

1. Seo In GukA-Pink’s Eunji – “All For You” – 409,284 Downloads

2. Huh Gak ft. Zia – “I Need You” – 300,392 Downloads

3. KARA – “Pandora” – 278,872 Downloads

4. PSY – “Gangnam Style” – 180,372 Downloads

5. G-Dragon – “That XX” – 169,781 Downloads

6. B2ST – “Beautiful Night” – 136,149 Downloads

7. Byul – “Before It Brushes Both Sides Of My Face” – 135,087 Downloads

8. BoA – “Only One” – 132,595 Downloads

9. Seo In Young – “Anymore” – 122,947 Downloads

10. Rumble Fish – “Don’t Be Like That” – 122,588 Downloads

Top 10 songs sung at Karaoke

2. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love”

7. Ulala Session – “Beautiful Night”

Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in and Jea gearing up for solo comebacks in August and September respectively

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Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in and Jea gearing up for solo comebacks in August and September respectivelyNega Networks have revealed that Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in is not the only member that will be returning with a solo album this year.

It was announced at the beginning of July that Ga-in would be returning with a 2nd solo album sometimes this August under LOEN Entertainment. A representative from Nega Networks explains that Ga-in's solo comeback will be a collaborative effort between the two agencies.

In addition, the agency revealed that Brown Eyed Girls' Jea will also be releasing her own solo album.

While Ga-in will release hers sometimes in August, Jea is schedule to release her solo album towards the end of September to early October. No further information has been revealed on either solo albums.

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls recently released the album, "Brown Eyed Girls THE ORIGINAL," and their title track, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," in mid-July.

Lee Jeong-jae faces lawsuit, criminal deputy states, 'Ended in September of 2000'

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Lee Jeong-jae faces lawsuit, criminal deputy states, 'Ended in September of 2000'

Lee Jeong-jae"s criminal deputy released an reputable commentary about his lawsuit.

The deputy released a statement about Lee Jeong-jae and his mother"s lawsuit at the 17th. "There is not any debt that Lee Jeong-jae"s mom has to reimburse. The quantity the opposition claims is either incorporated in the quantity that has been reimbursed. The opposition claims she has to pay off the total lot that"s on the signed contract yet that"s no longer the truth. All of this has already been handled and the opposition used to be reimbursed by capability of Lee Jeong-jae on behalf of his mother. The opposition also promised no longer to make civil nor crook proceedings relating to this one day in September of 2000".

"There were five more creditors that Lee Jeong-jae changed into reimbursing on behalf of his mother and they've been cleared. When Lee"s mother experienced monetary difficulties after she went bankrupt, Lee Jeong-jae took care of her debts but there were 5 more creditors rather than the present opposition".

About a document made by media previously, the deputy said, "The opposition made it sound like Lee Jeong-jae best presented to reimburse on behalf of his mother after the fees were made and we are disappointed in the reporter who would take it in like that. Regardless of the reality that the opposition made a promise not to make civil or criminal rates about this, he attempted to sue her but the case was cancelled as it wasn"t a topic anymore at the time".

The deputy endured that Lee Jeong-jae never took over his mother"s debts. "The opposition stressed Lee Jeong-jae that he would take this to the media and the media even contacted the legal legal professionals to ensure facts and gave up when they did".

"We hope those that make public reports bearing in mind the fact that what they post soon turns out to be the reality and to give coverage to the recognition of either sides".

Source : star.mbn.co.kr/view.p...

Unsung Artists: September 2015

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20151009_seoulbeats_ladies code Unsung Artists: September 2015 Written by Rachel On October 19, 2015 Fall is in full swing, and its time for another edition of Unsung Artists! In this segment, we look at some of the songs that might have escaped your attention. September had plenty to choose from, and the rookies and nugus had a very good month. So lets look at some of my favorites!

1. Choi Ye-geun (최예근), Super Moon

K-pop Star contestant Choi Ye-geun belts out a jazzy tune for all things lunar in Supermoon. Its an interesting combination of musical influences, and the artist herself took the lead in composing, writing and arranging the song. In it, the singer talks about that mystical power of a full moon, which almost seems like a living being.

Your light around me fills me up

Please guard me, shaken up in the hidden dawn

Tomorrow youll be gone, dented and far away

But youre the only one protecting me from the dark

The rap portion seems entirely out of place, however, and takes a detour into talking about money and wanting more. Unless theres some cultural connection, Im not sure why the rap is there. But the video makes up for it. A lot of lower-budget artists have been using sand art to tell their stories. This one fits because creating scenes out of sand is a bit hypnotizing just like that odd attraction to the full moon. It also is more fast-paced than other sand art videos because the scenes sometimes fade into one another.

2. Big Star, Full Moon Shine

Another moon-centered song comes from Brave Entertainments Big Star with Full Moon Shine (Moonlight Sonata). I liked the arrangement of the song since the rap is evenly distributed and not an afterthought put in at the end. A beautiful girl is the inspiration behind this lunar homage, and the members take turns praising her and wishing she will notice them. The song also ends uniquely with a rap and not a repeat of the chorus. It leaves you with the impression that he has taken the plunge and confessed, but the result is still unknown.

Taking a light footstep towards you, only the fence between you and I

Its not a big deal, (I) jump easily over the fence

Wait there sweety, Im gonna come over

On a summer night, make a romantic mood with a full moon shine

Take, take, take your hand slyly, starting today you are, be my be be baby.

The music video is simple with the members driving around at night in an expensive car. There is also some choreography, but the ride in the car is the main feature. Theyre still on the rookie side, but they do a decent job of making facial expressions and embodying the lyrics with their swagger and soul.

3. Playback with Eric Nam, Isnt There (A Person Like That)?

September had a lot of collaborations, but this one was my favorite. It has a catchy beat and a feel-good tone. The lyrics are about trying to find someone that fits you and wondering if that person even exists.

My phones only filled with useless numbers,

I dont feel anything, what can I do?

Its so boring, theyre all the same, being alone seems more comfortable

The members of Playback and Eric Nam are a fun match vocally, but the parts for the girls could have been distributed a bit more evenly, I think. The music video is a simple studio video, but they try to make it fun. The Playback members show that theyre still green and have some awkward or forced facial expressions. After such a catchy debut, its disappointing that this video is so plain. They at least could have frolicked outside! But its a fun song, so that makes up for it.

Rookie boy group Heart B takes on falling in love in Beautiful. The song was composed by leader Do-Jin and is a good mix of sweetness and hesitation. The lyrics sum up the happiness, shyness and also boldness that love can bring out.

Should I go tell you I like you? What if it makes you back away?

I should stop thinking and just do as my heart says

I cant help it, Im so in love with you

Oh why, so carefully. Oh why, Ill take you in my arms.

The video does have some interesting features and visual effects. I like the multiple heads scene towards the end, which seemed to show how in his own head the singer was planning his confession. The colors were also soft and glowing, which made it more visually interesting and different. The members seem to be in different places, such as the park or an office, but the outside world is incomplete because their focus is on this special girl. So theyre in this strange place between dreaming and reality.

5. Ladies Code, Ill Smile Even If It Hurts

Last, but not least, we cannot have a compilation for September without remembering the tragic deaths of Ladies Code members EunB and Rise. Last year, a car accident claimed both of their lives. One year later, a memorial song was released for them, Ill Smile Even If It Hurts. This touching song incorporates some of the emotions in the grieving process including the disbelief, the pain and the struggle to move on. The lyrics have even more meaning because, unlike a lot of K-pop songs, you know that the members have actually experienced everything that theyre singing about.

I still cant believe it, I think that I can still see you

It feels like a lie that you left my side, your face still smiles at me in pictures

Those last days seem like forever, suddenly one day you were gone

The music video is a simple lyric video that keeps viewers focus on the words. The background is sad, yet hopeful, because it shows a place beyond the clouds and into the stars. And at the very end drawings of EunB and Rise as angels appear, happy and at peace.

Well, thats it for September. Hopefully, October will be an even better month for releases!

(YouTube [1][2][3][4], Images via MNet)

Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: September 28 to October 4

News via soompi.com

Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: September 28 to October 4 These top K-drama moments hit all the romantic spots for us – blossoming love, lasting romance, and the difficult three-way.

1. “Mrs. Cop” (Ep. 18): Undercover kiss

We hated to let this drama go, yet it did give us a good-bye kiss to remember!

When a drug trafficker has resurfaced, Jin Woo and Do Young reconnoiter the thug’s headquarters. When two lackeys come out, Jin Woo right away pushes Do Young up opposed to the wall and dives in for an undercover kiss that temporarily turns passionately real. Woohoo!

It’s no longer the ideal location for making out, but even the goons are playing the display up to we do!

2. “She Was once Pretty” (Ep. 6): I’ll be your protector

Last time had us wishing lets feed Sung Joon to the fishes, and this time has us short of to devour him up!

Sung Joon feels responsible for causing Hye Jin’s cold since she ran out in the rain to save him throughout his panic attack. However, he can’t let her know that he’s suffering from her pain because he’s gruff Sung Joon and she’s the aggravating intern.

When the bloodless medication makes her drowsy, he can’t assist but be worried and just as she’s about to hit her head, his first intuition is to jump in and offer coverage to her. Yay! Now, you’re acting like a male lead we will all love, Sung Joon! We’re also in stitches when he jumps on her half out of worry after some other worker impulsively walks in. Haha! we adore romance that leads to comedy.

3. “Twenty Again” (Ep. 12): you'll be ready to have him!

All hail Queen No Ra! “Twenty Again” is ready No Ra’s non-public growth, and we adore the girl she’s become!

Professor Kim Yi Jin pretends to be great to No Ra upon studying that she’s her lover’s wife, even getting her a part-time job. And each and every time they meet is solely some other fishing expedition to get some deets, so, our heroine takes pity on her and puts her out of her misery.

The professor doesn’t wish to cross to all this problem because No Ra isn’t battling for that man. She has fully no passion in her husband, so, she can go forward and feature him. Yes!

What some distance No Ra’s come, from the lady who attended school in hopes that her husband would trade his attitude against her to a lady who’s embracing her strength and independence.

4. “Yong Pal” (Ep. 17): Love PWNS everything

Despite Tae Hyun’s invitation to leave the “13th floor,” Yeo Jin felt that this was where that she had to be, especially after fighting so hard for it. However, she has discovered that it's miles maximum without a doubt lonely at the pinnacle and the vacancy in her lifestyles has published where she actually longs to be.

She is going to Tae Hyun and lets him know her choice to reunite with him. the 2 proportion a candy kiss and remain in every one other’s embrace.

We love that Yeo Jin figured out what and who topic most to her ahead of she lost herself in a meaningless life.

5. “Twenty Again” (Ep. 11): A bump and a thump, thump, thump

How rapid does your middle beat to grasp you prefer someone?

As Sang Ye has to visit a meeting, No Ra is tasked with organizing level design fabrics in the office. No Ra doesn’t prevent there and comes to a decision to do the laundry, stripping the grimy covers off the sofa cushions. When she notices Hyun Suk’s sweater striking over the upstairs railing, No Ra heads up to the 2nd one floor. As she slowly experiences her friend’s room, she alternatives up a towel to upload to her armload of laundry and smartly drapes his sweater on a table chair. Meanwhile, Hyun Suk has just arrived and notes that Sang Ye controlled to straighten up before leaving. He goes up to his room and crashes into No Ra who’s on her way out. Startled, she starts to fall back, but he pulls her hard toward him that she pins him against the wall. For some unending seconds, they’re frozen, stunned at the proximity. When they in spite of everything extricate themselves from every other, Hyun Suk scolds her about now not being his maid and tells her to move back to the primary floor, and alone, No Ra feels her heart racing. In his room, Hyun Suk also has his quit his chest, still affected via their contact. Squeee!

6. “D-Day” (Ep. 6): She hates him, she hates him not

While this prove is heavy at the drama and suspense, there are a couple of moments of levity, like this scene, which we love for 2 things: It highlights Ddol Mi’s firecracker of a character and the burgeoning yet refined romance between her and Hae Sung.

It is still difficult for the overworked doctors at Mirae Hospital, and understandably, Ddol Mi has fallen asleep at a patient’s bedside. When Hae Sung wakes her up, he berates her for slumbering and mocks her skills. Fed up, Ddol Mi reminds him that he kept her from going back to Busan. She can’t even leisure or eat effectively as a result of him, so, how dare he give her a difficult time after what they’ve been via and think she’s just slacking off? He’s so shameless! Her anger mounting, she kicks a chair out of the style and stalks out of the room. Hae Sung follows her and pleads with her not to leave as he touches her shoulder. She shrugs off his hand, and when she turns around, she whips out a can of coffee and a jelly snack. She tells him that she was worried that he hadn’t eaten and was looking ahead to him to invite her to eat together. Hae Sung smiles and manifestly likes the gesture. As they sit down together, Ddol Mi tells him that the intern, Ahn Dae Gil, had flirted with her and gave her the jelly. As she goes on about Ahn Dae Gil and how she’s used to this type of attention from the lads in Busan, Hae Sung tries to stifle a snicker, possibly thinking that Ddol Mi has misinterpret the intern or she’s filled with herself.

7. “All About My Mom” (Ep. 15): She chooses her way

As her mommy problems have calmed down recently, Jin Ae has more time to entertain the interest of 2 men: Hoon Jae and Sang Hyuk.

One morning, she’s given more than one features to get to work: Ride with Hoon Jae, who presented first, or with Sang Hyuk, who has driven very faraway from his house to select her up. She reveals herself literally in the midst of a tug of war as the men combat over who’ll be giving her a lift. So, who will it be? Jin Ae tells them she’ll go by bus. Bwaha! It’s an overly really apt selection that does not anything to decrease the guys’ disappointment.

Thanks for finding out this list of top moments. Let’s do it again next time!

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