Lee Min-ho and Suzy’s Secret Date Costs Way More Than You Can Imagine

Lee Min-ho and Suzy’s Secret Date Costs Way More Than You Can Imagine

On the 28th, in TV Joseon Station’s talk show, “ByulByul Talk Show”, they featured top stars and their secretive dates. For one example, Lee Min-ho and Suzy’s 2015 London date was described.

The host of the show began, “Since both of them are the top stars in South Korea with heavy fan base, they decided to enjoy a less-pressured date away from Korea but the paparazzi’s had to catch that”.

According to one of the reporter in the Entertainment section, the date was planned in a very complicated manner. “At the time, Lee Min-ho was shooting in Paris, France, and Suzy was shooting in London. When you see the route they took, it’s like the movie, Mission Impossible. When Lee Min-ho was done with his filming, he took the Eurostar train to London and once he got there, he rented a fancy car on sight like a spy and moved with the car. From there, he went to England’s tallest building, The Shard, which is about 310m in height”.

“They used the restaurant in the building, on the 31st floor. The restaurant is famous for it’s class and a wonderful view of London. Afterward, they stayed in this 5 stars hotel for 2 nights and 3 days. From there, we can see how much Lee Min-ho loves Suzy and was being considerate to her. He reserved a Suite room for her, which is about $2000 per night. Also, with the car he rented, they drove around the downtown London. He is as magical and romantic as the roles he get in the dramas. True knight in a shining armor and prince charming”.

“According to the paparazzi, they were cautious even in a foreign land, as they carefully proceeded with the date with much time difference”.