Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Relationship Improves Despite Breakup Rumors

Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Relationship Improves Despite Breakup Rumors

There seems to be no stopping to Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae’s dominance in news headlines, as they are once again the stuff of it. However this time, it’s something different as reports finally point out to the strengthening relationship that the two have despite all of the breakup rumors.

Reports have it that Lee Min Ho is doing the best of what he can to strengthen their relationship with each other. Even though there seems to be a never ending stream of breakup rumors about the two, there is no confirmation that any of these is true.

There was even one report that suggests the likelihood of their marriage. But then again, that one is also not yet confirmed.

With all of these being said, the only sure thing that will happen is that Suzy Bae is busy preparing for her upcoming drama, “While You Were Sleeping”. She will work together with Lee Jong Suk in this drama.

Though previous reports say that Lee Min H is jealous of Suzy Bae’s new love team, what happens now is that the actor is in an all out support for her girlfriend.

According to Korea Portal, the upcoming drama is slated to be released this year. Its storyline will have a supernatural romance theme to it which is similar to “I Hear Your Voice”.

It will revolve around the life of Hong Joo, who will be played by Suzy Bae, who happens to see what the future lies for her and the people around her in her dreams.

Finally, a positive news about the relationship between Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have been out. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear more of these kinds of news in the future. Let’s wish the celebrity couple the best of luck.