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HanCinema's Year in Review Raine's Best Six Choices of 2013

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HanCinema's Year in Review Raine's Best Six Choices of 2013

It is the finish of some other year in K-dramaland and time to seem back and count how many hours I spent observing dramas, running my drama blog, and running on drama-related projects. Since I watched twenty-eight 2013 dramas, recapped 3 and reviewed nine, and delved into beyond dramas, that could give me a overall of...

...let"s just no longer say how much time I invested in drama. Instead, let"s speak about which of the ones twenty-eight dramas stuck in my head and why they did.

I chose those dramas because they stuck with me long once I watched them. They were stuffed with heart, well-acted, well-produced and had me whole invested during the drama. I'd watch (and have watched) them back and again. All of my selected dramas have what I call "the feeling". What I mean via this is that i could be in a position to break out into the arena of the drama, feel what the characters feel, be where the director intends for me to be and truly be in the instant with the characters. this doesn't mean a drama is without flaws, yet that the quality of the display supersedes them.

So with all of that said, here are my most sensible six dramas of 2013 in alphabetical order:

Aired on tvN, written by Kim Eun-jeong and directed by Jeong Jeong-hwa 

"Flower Boy Next Door" shocked me with its mental intensity and profound insight into the human psyche. It didn"t want a grand premise, blazing guns, or automobile chases. Instead, it discovered its niche in an condo development with a reclusive girl who was once petrified of the world. She unearths a aiding hand in some other broken soul and together, they and their neighbors, adventure via life, studying how to comprehend relationships and love. The bohemian nature and affability of Yoon Si-yoon"s Enrique Geum gave the prove a levity that would be sorely lacking with one more actor. Park Shin-hye become acutely conscious about pass Dok-mi"s sensitivity and played her with finesse. The supporting forged was superb in addition wonderfully quirky. 

What captured me, however, was the slow, considerate velocity this drama took. It explored relationships in a purposeful, meaningful way and not rushed. i presumed the pace was extraordinary because maximum dramas blaze throughout the sorts of small disagreements these characters had.

Aired on jTBC, written by Yoo Seong-yeol, directed by Jang Yong-woo and Lee Jeong-hyo

This show was ridiculously addicting in spite of the simplicity of the drug ring"s and the felony system"s representations. This show was, at its heart, about Jung Shi-hyun (played by the superb Jeong Kyeong-ho) and how he was trapped by the drug international and human greed. He attempted to combat his way out and cast some steadfast relationships at the way. He was a personality that made me root for him each and every step of the style and made me love him as fiercely as his buddies and comrades did.

Lee Jin-sook (Kim Yoo-mi) is the most powerful feminine lead I"ve observed to date. She is 100% woman, intelligent, clever, ruthless and unfortunately vulnerable. i admire that she never lost her femininity despite being used as a prostitute and by the men in the genuine world and in the drug world. She kept who she was despite it all and was a rock for Shi-hyun to lean opposed to till the bitter, sour end. Even her hostile friendship with Kim Hyun-soo (Yoon Hyeon-min), Shi-hyun"s highest friend, was poetic and beautiful.

It was also superbly shot and choreographed and timed and the wardrobes were exquisite. Thank you, cable!

This show has made it on my list because my center still knots when I take into accounts the characters and what took place to them. I still hate the villain and cheer for the hopeless romance. That, my friends, is what makes an impressive drama.

"I Pay attention Your Voice"

Aired on SBS, written by Park Hye-ryeon, directed by Jo Soo-won

This presentations made me fall in love with the thought that of "love" and being "in love". There is such uncooked pastime in the way that Lee Jong-suk"s Park Soo-ha enjoyed Lee Bo-yeong"s Jang Hye-sung. Actually, he fell in love with her twice. and how she loves him back is crammed with fear, but so obviously undeniable by her or by anyway. It"s in the way she lives and breathes and acts. He learns to like her with all of her extraordinary foibles. And with a loopy killer coming after them.

The more thing I love about this drama is how clearly the entire characters trade one another from starting to end, even the valiant, intelligent, noble Soo-ha. The villian wasn"t a senseless badguy there to plague the great guys. He actually garnered a little of empathy and got here to a very powerful realization by the end. Plus, he was wonderfully played by Jeong Woong-in. Sure, the law was a child"s plaything in the storyline, but that didn"t really matter. What mattered was that this drama i used to be at all times in the moment, appropriate there with Soo-ha and Hye-sung, watching them have interaction with the other two marvelous leads who also learned as during the drama. By episode 18, now not one consumer was left unchanged or without a slightly of wisdom to stroll away with, adding me.

Aired on Mnet, written by Jeong Yoon-jeong, directed by Kim Won-seok

Ah, high school angst at its best. "Monstar" hit me your entire right tactics as it addressed all the other ways children suffer and grow in prime college and how adults do the similar in conjunction with them. It also offered me to how amazing Yong Joon-hyung is as an actor. He was my secret treasure in finding for the year. (Kang Ee-sik as Park Kyu-dong as well!) They can't be discussed alone: all the participants of colour Bar were skillfully acted, wonderfully understated, and wonderful musicians. I loved the open-endedness of the finishing despite the pacing flaws all around the quick run of the drama (it was only twelve episodes).

As a musician, a cellist, I reveled in the reality that Kang Ha-neul played cello (badly, but still played) and that track was a well-integrated key in the drama. I loved finding the talents, like beatboxing Park Kyu-sun and sweet-voiced Kim Min-yeong, and re-experiencing the skills of the idol actors like Dahee and Yong Joon-hyung

Mostly I loved that this show brought me an identical feeling of nostalgia as the solution Me ("Answer Me 1994", "Answer to 1997") franchise did. It"s a present in an effort to take a time in everyone"s lives that holds such so much of tough memories and to be capable of evoke those memories in a consistant, beautiful, unhappy way in position of coming off as hokey. 

"Nine: Time Travelling Nine Times"

Aired on tvN, written by Song Jae-jeong and Kim Yoon-joo, directed by Kim Byeong-soo

This drama is epic and is particularly professional at forcing me to glue my eyeballs to the screen for twenty hours. The characters are loveable five mins into the show. By fifteen minutes into the show, I was crying in addition to Jung Sun-woo (Lee Jin-wook) and invested in his plight and the plights of all and sundry around him. Save for the fish-faced ahjussi (Choi Jin-cheol played by Jeong Dong-hwan), I was there with all people as they dealth with the repercussions of time travel.

Speaking of time travel, I adored how the guidelines at the back of it were concrete and how those regulations were slowly printed via character discovery. I was mentally and emotionally engaged in this show, seeking to stay along of Sun-woo and Jin-cheol. The show wasn"t afraid to give us a very pathetic character (Jeon No-min as Park Jung-woo) and stay him susceptible and wanting his more youthful brother"s aid. What I especially preferred about his character was how comprehensible and pitiable he was, even in an irritating state of perpetual weakness of mind.

While this show was billed as a romance, I didn"t feel like this was a "romantic" drama. The romance was just an integral a phase of Park Sun-woo"s existence and hence it was a central element of my watching exprience. It was some of the many portions of his life that I was invested in.

Just for the record, I thought the ending rocked. So did Hyung Sik as Young Sun-woo. I was actually blown away by how he kept up with the experienced adult cast. Bravo idol actor!

I may rave about this drama for days, so i'll say just one more thing: this drama is goreous. The lighting, camera filters, camera work, everything.

Aired on MBC, written by So Hyeon-kyeong, directed by Choi Jeong-gyoo and Son Hyeong-seok 

Come on, let"s be honest. This show was all about Lee Joon-ki"s Jang Tae-san and the heartbreaking dating he has with Lee Chae-mi"s SEO Soo-jin. That was the addictive section of the show, watching a guy develop into a father for the affection of his glorious little girl. As a daddy"s lady myself, I especially associated with little Soo-jin and watching Tae-san learn how to reciprocate that love.

Actually, I Just loved watching Tae-san grow up in two weeks by locating any individual to reside for, finding a reason why that he needs to live, learning that he wants to make stronger his life and feeling a be apologetic about that might gas him to continually be better. Take all of that character goodness upload in a ill kid with a surgical operation deadline, Joon-ki"s martial arts skills, explosions, terrifying badguys, and a few law enforcement officials chasing Tae-san, and you've got got one heck of a show. It balanced the emotional with the action very delicately and kept a couple of wonderful, tension-creating consistencies like having Soo-jin cross a break day the calendar at the end of every episode.

Like "Heartless City", this show really hinged on one character and one actor, Jang Tae-sang and Lee Joon-ki, who blew the role out of the park. As he rediscovers his humanity through his baby and the lady he loved who is now a mother, Joon-ki pulls out some wonderful face acting: softening round the eyes, a twitch of the mouth. It"s exquisitely done on his part and it is the strongest I"ve ever visible him.

The relaxation of the forged was stellar two, the bad guys, the prosecutors, the mummy of his child/his love and her cop boyfriend. It was just finely made or even writing about it makes me wish to watch it as opposed to completing this review!

There you have it, folks, Raine"s height Six Alternatives of 2006 plus 6! Okay, of 2013, but I actually sought after to take benefit of that as the name "cause the rhyming was so fun, but I made up our minds against it to steer transparent of confusion. Whatever.

I hope you all have had a gorgeous 2013 and should have an even larger 2014. Let"s pray to the drama gods for some more awesome drama to watch, read about, and write about. Once you have other or alternative favorites, leave a remark and let us know about them!

Have a safe, fun, wonderful New Year"s Eve!

Written by Raine from Raine"s Dichotomy

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Who Are You - 2013'

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Who Are You - 2013'

The things that make "Who Are You - 2013" appealing are all associated with its other method in comparison to maximum dramas in the romance genre. For one, the series feels more like a mystery/suspense one. Yes, romance does have its position in it, principally for what it does for Si-on as an individual in the procedure of her healing, yet it's miles never the sole or greatest focus. whilst the 2 male leads are given a huge number of screen time and focus, this may be in the long run a sequence about Si-on and hence her story, which in itself is uncommon in Korean drama. The loss of standard tropes corresponding to a difference at school between the romantic pairing, lack of circle of relatives involvement and other such components also make this feel fairly trendy and surely no longer at the soapy side. While predictable in some parts, the series also delivers a couple of great twists by way of Si-on"s beyond and the development which caused it all, which stay one guessing all over all the time.

While the acting isn't similarly just right by all involved, Taecyeon in specific suffering to be watchable, the characters make for some interesting relationships. The most important pair are, above all else, partners and pals and it's stunning that the series does now not let the enchantment between them by some means exchange that. There is respect, there is being concerned and co-operation. The romance itself also is not presented in an overly fairytale-like manner, either characters acknowledging they are at the early stages of liking every other when it does kick in. The secondary characters are, with multiple exceptions, sensible in serving the plot and therefore feel like they belong. And here is the overall feeling the series gives. It had a tale to inform and did it, it felt coherent.

Of course, sure performances aside, as mentioned, the series does have its issues too. While the case-per-episode layout starts things off, it is instantly deserted in prefer of the central plot. While one of the previous instances do come again later on, in some ways, they most commonly feel like an creation and the format switch feels a bit of badly planned. it's also quite irritating that, regardless of Si-on being a robust individual that makes sense and capable despite her pain, she is victimized just about in each episode, to serve the plot and to have Geon-woo save her time and time again. it's the vintage damsel in misery trope and it sounds like a reasonable effort to sauce up the romance and carry Geon-woo, but an needless one, since characterization does it without the desire for turning Si-on into a punching bag for thrills.

"Who Are You - 2013" is a fascinating series, because its balance between its suspense-based primary plot and romance make for a paintings which is not as romance-heavy as what is generally beloved by drama fans, but also not a captivating ample mystery for the ones best invested in that. However, for audience who do like that balance and having a primary plot where either one of those points can co-exist and be equally important, "Who Are You - 2013" is a work value checking out. It is not anything brilliant, but it does many stuff neatly and is a nice change from the more formula-based dramas we mostly get from the medium.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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HanCinema's Year in Review William's most sensible 10 videos 2013

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A few flooring regulations to start with. First, the best real videos going in this list are the ones with a South Korean free up date of 2013. adding any motion pictures no longer released in that time-frame would just be unfairly tantalizing. It"s bad ample that maximum of my weekly studies are for films you"re unlikely so as to wait for several months. Second, I"m roughly skeptical on the thought that of most sensible 10 Lists in the primary place. My height 3 are lovely definite, yet the entire lot after just lies in the generic diversity of "pretty good". Trust me- there are ones I"d like to incorporate here, but I made up our minds to err at the facet of obscurity, since hey, isn"t locating new stuff a load more amusing anyway?

As usual, use for your own judgment in taking into account those movies- my motive is simply to describe them smartly enough to make an educated resolution possible. Let"s get started-

A heavily musical piece, "My Little Hero" is the tale of a mean, casually racist song director and the young multiracial boy he mentors via a televised showtunes competition. There"s super middle in the performances here, and the musical setpieces are high quality stuff. The synthesis between narrative and spectacle is terribly well done, construction a tale with authentic emotional resonance.

9. "Miracle in Cellular No.7"

A mentally retarded guy facing a death sentence for a crime he didn"t devote receives secret visits from his daughter and adjustments the lives of every person around him for the better. You know, there isn"t in reality anything else i might be ready to upload to that. Yes, the idea is schmaltzy and absurd, but here's a narrative about the significance of maintaining empathy for your fellow man. "Miracle in Cell No.7" is, if not anything else, determined, and that"s an power that translates well to the screen.

I"ve acknowledged it prior to and I"ll said it again- a gangster flick is set the final position I"d be expecting the addition of melodrama to be an improvement, and yet here we are. "The New World" takes a significant mental glance at what deep undercover assignments can do to people, and the selections other folks make, whilst no longer being artful script-wise, are astonishingly close in line to our social wishes and beliefs. Also the gangster stuff is fairly hardcore.

Sometimes this film is a little bit too slick for its own good, seeming to obviously prefer taste over substance. But what substance there is when we in any case get to it hits like a freight train. It"s infrequent to discover a crime mystery that does any such just right task getting the target market to spot with all of its characters, even if one of them is pretty clearly horribly evil. That"s sobering stuff even in the face of a most commonly glad ending.

Nostalgia culture isn"t truly anything I"m all that delighted about, since I believe the most productive portions of formative years as being the ones that concerned fun stuff, not whatever corporate logo was once within sight at the time. "Happiness for Sale" is an excellent blending of these moments searching for an easier balance, and does a perfect looking job catching the speculation that commercialism is solely bad if we let it turn us into vicious cutthroats. The visual sense is beautiful in its exploration of these ideas.

My theory on the title- it would not literally seek recommendation from the titular old man"s obvious immortality, but rather supplies an explanation as to how his it sounds as if vicious backwards ideas arrange to live on generation to generation. A circle of relatives tree that is going from fascist to democracy activist to in general nugatory slacker is one who transcends national boundaries. So too, does "Old Men Never Die" provide an unsettling mystery with an similarly unsettling resolution.

These days terrorism is large business. If the cynicism in that sentence makes you balk in digust, well, perhaps "The Terror Live" isn"t for you. With Seoul in a crisis of panic, it"s up to one radio host to speak down the mad bomber. Except for he"s not really a mad bomber. All he needs is an apology. How does this lead to a film stuffed with explosions, crisis points, and a slightly horrifically justifed ultimate choice? Well observing the motion picture is the complete point of answering the ones questions isn"t it?

Hypnotism brought about sex is infrequently a new concept. What makes "A Puppet" so special is the relentless effort it goes to, not just to mock the infantile lead personality who thought this changed into a tight idea, but the audience for even bold to be entertained by such a comical concept in the 1st place. This movie has the largest sex montage I"ve noticed in how it controlled to pivot my reaction from amusement to annoyance to holy smokes even the guy"s figured out how stupid and needless this is. "A Puppet" is a magnificent observation on what it really manner to be pathetic, an allegory on how adult creature comforts aren't any evidence of adulthood.

The funny thing about rape is how the duty is at all times on the woman. I don"t mean in the sense of stigma- in relation to combating rape or teaching individuals or bringing the perpetrators to justice, it"s constantly girls who need to have the firm to get anything done. The simple-minded lead in Fatal is the one user dumb enough to wonder just why that is. "Fatal" is an unsettling take-down of rape culture, examining in close detail the style men shrug off any responsiblity they'll have so a ways as any person else"s trouble is concerned. The movie is aggravating stuff, with precisely the sort of harsh messaging we want to be hearing more of in this trendy age.

In action films, most often the key character in any given scene is the person who can beat up the entire others in a fight, whether that arena be fisticuffs or simply having the ability to turn out the alternative guy"s a mendacity asshole. "The Fake" takes this concept to a horrifically dark extreme. Our hero"s a vicious psychopath who"s only doing the correct thing because one of the vital bad guys pissed him off. Other weak-willed characters without the tummy for this type of nauseating violence and brutality are forced to make tricky alternatives about what the perfect process action is in a global that favors monsters. the result's a horrifically dark, soul-crushing paintings that begs a massive number of questions about the folks and gods we put our religion in- it"s incredibly deep contemplative stuff. Not just the simplest film of 2013- The pretend without problems merits attention as the perfect films of all time.

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"The Fake"  "The Terror Live" "Happiness for Sale" "Montage" "My Little Hero" DVD (En Sub)  Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub) DVD 2-Disc (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub) DVD (En Sub) DVD 2-Disc (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub)> DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub) "The New World"  "Miracle in Cell No.7" Blu-ray US (En Sub) DVD US (En Sub) Blu-ray (Normal Edition) (En Sub) DVD Single Disc (En Sub)  Blu-ray HK (En Sub) Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) (En Sub) DVD MY (En Sub) DVD HK (En Sub)

B2M Entertainment Revealed to Finish Contract With Lee Hyori Since 2013, + Still Support Her Activities

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B2M Entertainment Revealed to Finish Contract With Lee Hyori Since 2013, + Still Support Her Activities

Regarding reports that Lee Hyori has become a free agent, B2M Entertainment revealed its stance.

On February 27th, Lee Hyori′s agency, B2M Entertainment′s CEO, Gil Jong Hwa, talked about the news report that said Lee Hyori′s contract with the agency has ended. "I don′t know if the meaning of free agent fits in this situation."

Lee Hyori and B2M Entertainment already ended their contract in August 2013. As Lee Hyori and Gil Jong Hwa have known each other since the Fin.K.L days, they′ve remained close and supported each other in the business. After Lee Hyori got married, she hasn′t done any particular promotions, so they are currently walking different paths.

Gil Jong Hwa told Newsen on February 27th, "I don′t think the phrase, ′free agent declaration′ is correct."

The CEO added, "It′s been a while since the contract ended and Lee Hyori has been doing her personal activities. We′ve just helped support her."

"The word ′contract′ does not match with Lee Hyori. Even when she was with B2M Entertainment, she didn′t take a signing bonus. I hope no misunderstandings rise from this."

An affiliate of Lee Hyori also stated, "After her contract with B2M Entertainment ended, Lee Hyori′s only working through close acquaintances. She′s currently not looking for a new agency or thinking of working with management."

"The meanings of free agent declaration and free agent advancement are different. I believe she will continue where she is now for the time being."

Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin's Friendship is More Beautiful Than Ko Nam-Soon and Park Heung-Soo From "School 2013"

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Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin's Friendship is More Beautiful Than Ko Nam-Soon and Park Heung-Soo From

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin, their friendship may have started on "School 2013," but it didn't stop there. Their bromance is probably one of the strongest in K-pop!

A ranking show on tvN highlighted the best bromance couple. The two actors were born in the year 1989 and started off as models. They came down a similar path until now.

The two of them starred in the 2013 drama "School 2013" and hit two hares with a stone as they both earned fame and good reviews.

Lee and Kim have been friends since they were models. Kim debuted in 2008 as a fashion model under the name of Kim Hyeon-joong. He said, "Lee Jong-suk was already a model when I got there. He was a senior so I used to bow to him".

Kim Woo-bin followed Lee Jong-suk into acting and have been good friends ever since. Kim Woo-bin also made a surprise appearance at Lee Jong-suk"s fan meeting last year.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20...

2013 revenue from SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment revealed

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2013 revenue from SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment revealed

According to the business reports sent to the Financial Supervisory Service from the big three entertainment companies of K-Pop, SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment came out on top with the most revenue last year.

Last year, SM Entertainment made 270 billion won (~ $260 million USD), which is almost twice the revenue compared to two years prior in 2011, 140 billion won (~ $140 million USD). Meanwhile, YG made 120 billion won (~ $110 million USD), which is a 49% increase from 2011 when they posted revenue of 78 billion won (~ $76 million USD).

JYP Entertainment came in last with 21 billion won (~ $21 million USD). One entertainment rep said, "These companies are establishing affiliates and more, all of which are great factors to their business, so it looks like the profit scale will continue to grow in the future."

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These three companies are influential to the point that some people say the whole broadcasting production process in itself would be difficult if there were no celebrities signed under one of three companies in the broadcasting world.

"Wish - 2013" Lee Re, Best Actress at BIFF

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Actress Lee Re from the movie "Wish - 2013" received The Best Actress Award at the 4th Beijing International Film Festival.

Lee Re is the only Korean actress to have won an award this day. However, she wasn't at the ceremony.

Lee Re left a good impression as a kid actress in the movie "Wish - 2013". Director Lee Joon-ik created a movie about a rape victim played by Lee Re and her family including Seol Kyeong-gu, Eom Ji-won and Kim Hae-sook.

Zhang Ziyi received Best Actress for the movie "The Grandmaster". She received more than 10 trophies for this movie all over Asia.

The 4th Beijing International Film Festival went on for 7 days since the 16th. Oh Woo-sang was one of the judges and Adrian Brody and other stars attended the event.

Source : news.sportsseoul.com/...

“Their Perfect Day” 2013 drew the empathy of upper-middle class women in their 30s

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“Their Perfect Day” 2013 drew the empathy of upper-middle class women in their 30s

“Their Perfect Day” drew the empathy of housewives.

On the KBS2TV 4-part special “Their Perfect Day” (script Kim Hyun Jung, producer Lee Won Ik) broadcast on April 14th, the drama picked at the bribing of Gangnam mothers, bullying, private institute problems.

On this episode, Soo Ah (played by Song Sun Mi) who was a working mom bravely resigned and joined the Gangnam mom crew. She had admitted her daughter into a luxurious kindergarten in Gangnam.

However, it wasn”t easy to be a Gangnam mom. The price of materials, supplies, and uniform was about 2000. This wasn”t all. Mi Bok (played by Byun Jung Soo), Hye Joo (played by Kim Se Ah) and Kyung Wha (played by Shin Dong Mi) said they needed to give a luxury bag to the teacher and forced Soo Ah to give 200. Soo Ah was pressured to say yes. She was now an edu-pour.

Her daughter Ye Rin was also going through troubled times. She played the protagonist role of the beauty in the class play but because she didn”t know English, she had her role taken away. More than this, because she didn”t have expensive toys, she was picked on by Mi Bok”s daughter.

Meanwhile, “Their Perfect Day” is an omnibus drama of 2013. It”s about a kidnapping that happens at a luxurious kindergarten in Gangnam and it is drawing the empathy of upper-middle class women in their 30s.

Wassup to perform at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards'

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Wassup to perform at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards'

Wassup is going to perform with the professional basketball players at '2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' which will end the basketball season.

Wassup will perform 'Nom Nom Nom' with the basketball players like Doo Kyungmin, Park Jaehyun, Han Hobin, Kim Sangyu, Chang Minguk, Jeon Sunghyun, Lee Jaedo, and many more.

The agency of Wassup said, “Expect a very fantastic performance from Wassup and the players. We are hoping for your love and support for their preparation and performance though they only have short practice time."

'2013-2014 KB Kookmin Card Pro Basketball Awards' will be held on April 14th at Jamsil Student Gymnasium.

written by: [email protected] SOURCE: OSEN

J.Y. Park named as the highest-paid composer in royalties for 2013

News via omg.vn
J.Y. Park named as the highest-paid composer in royalties for 2013

J.Y. Park was listed as the highest-paid composer in royalties for 2013, which was his third consecutive year at #1.

According to the Korea Music Copyright Association‘s ’2013 Total Composer Revenue’, J.Y. Park was determined to be the composer with the highest total royalties for the third consecutive year. Although the exact income was not disclosed, it is estimated that J.Y. Park earned well over 1 billion KRW (~$1 million USD) in royalties this past year.

J.Y. Park has close to 50 #1 hit songs in his music bank including songs he wrote for his former and current JYPE artists Rain, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, GOT7, as well as overseas artists including SMAP (Japan), F4 and Jacky Cheung (China), Will Smith, Mase, and Cassie (U.S.), just to name a few.

Second on the list was Cho Young Soo, third was YG‘s Teddy Park, fourth was SM‘s Yoo Young Jin, and fifth was Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.