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Lee Kwang Soo Is Stunned through Teenager Top’s Messy Dorm on “Running Man”

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Lee Kwang Soo Is stunned by Teen Top’s Messy Dorm on “Running Man” On the November 22 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo and Teen Top’s Niel get ready to move on a fall camping shuttle together.

Before Lee Kwang Soo unearths out who his spouse will be, he’s excited when he’s told that he'll be visiting the dorm of an idol singer, because he assumes it is going to be a feminine idol. He is terribly disappointed, however, to look Niel from the boy workforce Teen most sensible open the door.

Although audience were very curious to see what the house of an idol looks like, many will have to were shocked at the state of Teen Top’s dorm.

There are piles of garments far and wide in Niel’s room, and Lee Kwang Soo choices up some grimy socks off the floor. “Those are washed!” says Niel, yet Lee Kwang Soo issues out the dirt on them and says, “What are you speaking about?” Niel admits that they would have to no longer be washed after all.

Picking up some trash that’s just sitting in the corner of the kitchen, Lee Kwang Soo says, “Niel, how about you throw this stuff away?” When he opens the refrigerator to see that not anything is in it, he collapses to his knees and says, “Why do you reside like this? Let’s visit the supermarket!”

Niel responds whilst laughing, “I don’t devour the rest here.”

Watch the newest episode of “Running Man” below. Niel’s house is printed at the 13:29 mark.

MAMA 2015: Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo And Seo Kang Joon Will Appear As Presenters

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Gong Hyo Jin will appear at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, as a presenter. (Photo : 2econd ) Gong Hyo Jin will appear at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), as a presenter, during the star-studded event.

On November 22 (KST), TV Report confirmed the appearance of the "Producer" actress, along with Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man), Yoo Yeon Seok (Warm and Cozy), Park Bo Young (Oh My Ghost), Han Chae Young (Boys Over Flowers), and Seo Kang Joon (Cheese in the Trap).

In the past year, Gong Hyo Jin starred in acclaimed psychological drama, "It"s Okay, That"s Love," before appearing opposite Kim Soo Hyun in the summer hit, "Producer."

Lee Kwang Soo delivered a notable performance in "It"s Okay, That"s Love," as well as the film noir, "Confession," proving that his acting range extends beyond his role as comic relief in the variety show, "Running Man."

Yoo Yeon Seok and Park Bo Young are noted for their film roles, but their return to K-Drama was lauded by audiences and critics, alike.

Seo Kang Joon continues to set himself apart from the other members of the acting idol group, 5urprise, through his compelling, dramatic performances. In 2016, he returns to television in tvN"s highly anticipated, web comic adaptation, "Cheese in the Trap."

The presence of Han Chae Young, is notable, due to her extensive work within the Chinese-language market.

MAMA honors leading artists in Korean and Asian pop, while also recognizing international acts that have had a strong global impact on music.

The actors and actresses who will serve as presenters join K-pop acts like Big Bang, CL, PSY, iKON, f(x), BTS, GOT7, Zion.T, who are confirmed to deliver thrilling performances, during th evening.

The 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards will be held at Hong Kong"s AsiaWorld-Expo Center on December 2. Tickets for the award ceremony and the Red Carpet are available through Hong Kong Ticketing.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTVIggyand other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Lee Kwang Soo Is All Trade at the back of the Scenes for Cosmopolitan

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Lee Kwang Soo Is All commercial behind the curtain for Cosmopolitan Lee Kwang Soo‘s control firm King Kong Entertainment released some behind-the-scenes cuts of his contemporary pictorial with Cosmopolitan.

The images display our favourite giraffe taking a look the a phase of an actor as an alternative of looking out like an entertainer, dressed smartly and stylishly in a white blouse with grey-toned pants. The black tie and the rolled up sleeves are sufficient to make somebody swoon! despite the truth that we knew that he used to be as tall as a giraffe, who knew that he had the body of a model, entire with a small face and best frame proportions?

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo’s new film “Collective Invention” has been well-received either domestically and internationally, and he's lately filming the fast movie “Puck!”

Lee Kwang Soo Displays Off His Fashion Looks

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Lee Kwang Soo Displays Off His Fashion Looks

--> Actor Lee Kwang Soo has put the jokes apart for a moment amd switched to style mode.

King Kong Entertainment released a chain of behind-the-scenes footage from Lee Kwang Soo′s photo shoot with Cosmopolitan on November 16.

In the photos, Lee Kwang Soo is observed dressed in a white get dressed blouse with grey slacks for a neat look, whilst the rolled up sleeves and loose tie balance out the glance for a more effortless feel.

Lee Kwang Soo, whose complicated day after day taste frequently garners attention, pulled off all of the appearance for the photo shoot flawlessly.

Lee Kwang Soo, who earned praised for his functionality in movie Collective Invention, is decided to cross back to the small screen thru SBS′ Puck!. From his portrayal of a mutant fish in Collective Invention to a moneylender in Puck!, Lee Kwang Soo has been attracting attention via his transformations.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo is recently filming SBS′ Puck!, which is scheduled to air someday this year.

Photo credit: King Kong Entertainment

Lee Kwang Soo Plays the Role of an Hockey Player

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Lee Kwang Soo Plays the Role of an Hockey Player Actor Lee Kwang Soo will develop into himself from the neatly known symbol shown in “Running Man” to an ice hockey player, from the drama special “Puck!”

leekwangsoo2Lee Kwang Soo will play the role of Cho Joon Man, who is at first a loan shark without sympathy. However, he hides a painful private history in the back of his bloodless facade. He joins a college ice hockey team, and adjustments in him start to appear.

Lee Kwang Soo released teaser pictures of himself taken all over the shooting of “Puck!” via his Weibo account, in which he's dressed up as an ice hockey player. In other photos, he is dressed up in a faculty jacket, or reading the scripts.

Director Lee Do Yoon Weighs In On 'Confession' And His Work With Stars Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, Joo Ji Hoon [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Lee Do Yoon discusses (Photo : Opus Pictures ) Director Lee Do Yoon explores the fragility and fickle morality of humanity in the 2014 crime film, "Confession." "Confession" stars Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me) as Hyun Tae, a paramedic who is dedicated to raising his daughter with his hearing-impaired wife. Hyun Tae appears to have impeccable morals, which seemingly contrast with his childhood friends, In Chul and Min Soo. Joo Ji Hoon (Mask) portrays In Chul, a smooth-talking insurance salesman who crafts a plan to defraud his employer, at the financial gain of Hyun Tae"s parents. "Running Man" star Lee Kwang Soo is Min Soo, the most trusting friend within the trio, who joins the insurance fraud plan, but becomes heartbroken when the plot goes awry. KDramaStars sat down with director Lee Do Yoon to discuss his directorial debut and work as a screenwriter, during the 13th New York Korean Film Festival.

KDramaStars: I really enjoyed the mix of actors who comprised the central cast of Confession. How did Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Sung, and Joo Ji Hoon become involved in the movie? How did they develop the on-screen dynamic of life-long friends?

Lee Do Yoon: When you look at the actual age difference between the actors, there is a nine-year age gap. I was actually confronted by a lot of people who were opposed to the casting because they thought it wouldn"t work. But once the casting was completed, I called the actors up to have drinks. We would do a lot of things that friends would do.

We would sometimes go to Joo Ji Hoon"s place and pull all-nighters. Whether we were drinking or hanging around in our boxers or getting over our hangovers together, that kind of mingling helped the process. We wouldn"t go to fancy places, but would instead visit corner stores where they had soju. Spending a lot of time with the actors, in that way, helped them to develop a sense of being friends for a long time.

I kind of badgered the actors to spend a lot to spend time together. Ji Sung was a newlywed, [at the time]. I feel like he enjoyed the process because he was able to do things that he wasn"t able to do as a married guy.

KDramaStars: What were some of the challenges in writing the script for a film that also marked your directorial debut?

Lee Do Yoon:Becoming a director in Korea is a little bit dysfunctional, in that you just don"t become a director because your abilities to direct are good. Sometimes your biggest card can be a really good, original screenplay. Having a great original screenplay says a lot about who you are as a storyteller. For me, that process wasn"t as grueling because in my younger years, when I was growing up, I wanted to be novelist.

I"m very fond of creating stories. I think the advantage of having my original screenplay and having it as a director, was that I was able to achieve flexibility on-set. For example, if there were some things that were not working out, I could fix them on the fly. If there were some problems with a character, I could create another one and treat things immediately.

Flexibility was a big thing for me when I was working on this. Because I started with dreams of becoming a novelist, the system is actually beneficial to me. In the end, I am able to tell the story that I actually wanted to tell, rather than someone else"s story.

KDramaStars: Confession is unique in that it pairs the aspects of a coming of age film with a crime noir. Did real-life events inspire the script?

Lee Do Yoon:I wouldn"t say that the film is inspired by a real-life event. It comes from my musings on human relationships. As I live my life, I realize that there is more than one side to relationships. Not every interaction is all great or all bad. It"s a very complicated thing. Sometimes in relationships, you realize that your good intentions sometimes don"t lead to the good results that you intended.

I felt that it would be interesting to tell the story of three friends who really, really trusted one another. But their intentions don"t necessarily lead to good results, but to a catastrophic outcome. I would say this film was inspired by my own life experiences.

KDramaStars: The film opens and concludes with a snowy graduation day trip that leads to the injury of Min Soo. What influenced your decision to use this particular setting as the place that would define their relationships?

Lee Do Yoon: The film begins and ends with the scene from 17 years ago, on graduation day. The reason why I composed those scenes, in that manner, is because I feel like their fates were already sealed, at that point. Hyun Tae doubts In Chul for not coming for Min Soo, but Min Soo remains his friend, without reserve. Hyun Tae has doubts that present themselves again, 17 years later, in the same manner.

I feel like sometimes in life, there are certain moments that define a relationship or your entire life. These things come to the foreground when you are placed in dire or extreme circumstances. In this sense, they are making the same choices they made 17 years ago. In the end, they are confronted with a excruciating circumstances. I wanted to show that they were only human and made the same decisions they made, in the past. That"s why I placed the scenes in that manner.

KDramaStars: Hyun Tae is initially portrayed as the upright character, while In Chul seems morally bankrupt. Are the characters meant to serve as social commentary on filial and social obligations? What are your thoughts on the moral ambiguity of the film?

Lee Do Yoon The way I view human nature is that I don"t see it as a dichotomy of good and evil. I think it"s more about whether you"re weaker or stronger. I think it really comes down to the choices you make and the results coming from your choices. One thing I feel is that people don"t actually take the time to think about their choices or the consequences those choices will create.

When you think about the characters of Hyun Tae and In Chul, Hyun Tae may look like a morally just person, from an outsider"s point of view, but when you think about it he"s the one who makes the most tragic choice. In the case of In Chul, he"s not as squeaky clean, but he still entrusts his friends and he is a person who his friend"s really trust. When you look at that, no one is completely good or completely evil. We all have polarity in our natures. That is what"s interesting for me to try to tell that story, through the characters of the film.

The characters are in their thirties, they are my age. When I see my friends, the outward appearance of what they want you to see is often different than what they are really thinking or feeling. I"ve noticed that a lot. When it comes to social commentary, people in Korean society, are very lax with their moral standards. In the film, they think the only people who will be a victim will be the insurance company. Their mindset is, We can get this money and it will be all good. You and I are profiting from this.

I think this is a dangerous outlook because you"re not thinking about the consequences your actions will have on society. In some instances, it"s very unfortunate that a lot people in their twenties and thirties in Korean society, live with that kind of lax moral compass. Again, people don"t really take the time to contemplate the consequences of their choices. In that aspect, the film could act as a social commentary.

KDramaStars: What is your next project? Would you like to continue screenwriting and directing, in the future?

Lee Do Yoon: I"m interested in both options: directing my original screenplay and directing something that I have not written. Before coming to New York, I confirmed that I would be working on another one of my screenplays with Opus Pictures, which is the production company I am working with. We are in the casting process for that film. In the meantime, I feel like there are so many more stories that I want to tell. I would like to continue writing original screenplays, but I understand that there are a lot of great stories out there. If I am inspired to direct material I didn"t write, I would approach those projects. We"ll have to see what happens.

BTOB′s Eun Kwang and GOT7′s Jackson have interaction in Dance fight on ′The Beat′

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BTOB′s Eun Kwang and GOT7′s Jackson have interaction in Dance fight on ′The Beat′

--> From Yook Sung Jae′s witty comments to SEO Eun Kwang′s dance battle, the BTOB individuals displayed their charms on the maximum recent episode in their truth show.

The fourth episode of BTOB′s fact display The Beat was once released by manner of the group′s authentic Starcast channel on November 6. The video comprises photos from BTOB′s Jejudo promotions.

During the prove Yook Sung Jae said, "Honestly, I see the hyungs at the dorm each day. yet each time they see me, they get excited and say, ′Sung Jae! It′s been a while!′ I don′t know why. Chang Sub hyung texts me ′I leave out you. remain strong′ each day. My telephone vibrates at all times on set. To be honest, I don′t get even 1 % of strength from that," drawing laughs.

GOT7′s Jackson and BTOB′s leader Seo Eun Kwang even engage in an intense dance battle. Seo Eun Kwang displayed his affection for GOT7′s If You Do earlier than he breaks into a comedian dance fight with Jackson.

Meanwhile, BTOB is determined to accomplish Way Back Home on KBS′ Music Bank on November 6.

Jo In Sung Trolls Lee Kwang Soo Over the telephone On “Running Man”

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Jo In Sung Trolls Lee Kwang Soo Over the telephone On “Running Man” The November 1 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man” functions the “100 vs. one hundred race,” where the “Running Man” individuals face off opposed to a hundred heroes adding pro wrestlers, stuntsmen, and judo and taekwondo athletes.

The “Running Man” solid need to invite 93 other celebrities to stand off against the heroes in the nametag race. Lee Kwang Soo first calls comedienne Lee Gook Joo, who unfortunately has other schedules that day.

“Why didn’t you are saying that earlier?” Lee Kwang Soo complains. “I just wasted time.” He then is going on to name Jo In Sung, with whom he co-starred in the drama “

Kim Young Kwang published to Have Had a coarse Childhood

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Kim Young Kwang Revealed to Have Had a Rough Childhood Actor and fashion Kim Young Kwang was once ranked number six at the list of stars who succeeded after having began from the very backside on the November 2 episode of “The List 2015.”

Kim Young Kwang’s childhood is slightly depressing. His father changed into a veteran from the Vietnam War. He sustained injuries from the war and later passed directly to the good beyond when Kim Young Kwang was most effective in 6th grade. Since then, he had to generate profits in all varieties of ways, adding handing over newspapers at this kind of young age.

However, he was asked to be a version for an advertisement whilst he was just walking down a side road when he was 19, and this television appearance allowed him to stroll down the runway of a way show. From then on, he was wildly successful, changing into the primary Asian to be a Dior Homme model, then debuting as an actor.

On the list of stars who succeeded after having started from the very bottom, IU was ranked number seven, and Shim Hyung Tak was ranked number eight.

*An previous edition of this newsletter misstated that Kim Young Kwang’s father passed away soon after the Vietnam War.

Spoiler 'D-Day' Kim Yeong-kwang's PTSD worsens, Jeong So-min's solace is the best real therapy for now

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Spoiler 'D-Day' Kim Yeong-kwang's PTSD worsens, Jeong So-min's solace is the best real therapy for now

"D-Day" Kim Yeong-kwang"s PTSD (post-traumatic rigidity disorder) has gotten worse.

On the October 30th episode of JTBC"s "D-Day", Lee Hae-seong (Kim Yeong-kwang) at the aspect of Jeong Ttol-mi (Jeong So-min) got here to the crisis scene as a section of DMAT (Disaster scientific assistance team).

Lee Hae-seongrealized he used to be shaking his hands when treating a first-aid patient. Lee Hae-seonglater began hitting a wall with his hands whilst looking to vent his anger.

When Jeong Ttol-mi (Jeong So-min) rushed to him, he hugged Lee Hae-seongand asked him, "Are you ok?" Lee Hae-seongon the verge of tears said, "What"s wrong with me". Jeong Ttol-mi comforted him saying, "It"s just you"re a little sick, it"s ok".

Lee Hae-seong asked, "Do you still have the drugs from Eun So-yool?" and Jeong Ttol-mi answered, "I"ll bring water". Lee Hae-seonggrabbed Jeong Ttol-mi"s arm and begged, "Please don"t go".

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