Lee Jung Hyun talks about dropping to 36.5 kg (80 lbs) for her new movie

Lee Jung Hyun talks about dropping to 36.5 kg (80 lbs) for her new movie

Lee Jung Hyun revealed that Song Joong Ki was a great help in maintaining her weight for ‘The Battleship Island’. 

The cast of ‘The Battleship Island’ held a press conference today in Yongsan where Lee Jung Hyun gave details on her intense diet for her role in the movie. 

Lee Jung Hyun revealed, “I went from being 43 kg (95 lbs) to 36.5 kg (80 lbs). I am originally on the thin side, and so trying to lose even more weight was harder. But it wasn’t just me going on a weight loss diet. All the actors had to lose a lot of weight for the movie, some even lost 2kg (4 lbs) to 30 kg (66 lbs). If you look at the actors on set, it was impossible not to lose weight. We all wanted to put our best efforts into the movie and so losing weight was not the hardest part of filming.” 

The actress continued to share, “Song Joong Ki provided me with chicken breast shakes and weight loss drinks. Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub also helped me maintain my diet by helping me portion out my food, since they have a lot of experience relevant to abiding by a strict diet.” 

Upon listening to Lee Jung Hyun, Song Joong Ki stated, “Truthfully the director was keeping an eye out when it was time to eat.” In response Director Ryu Seung Wan replied, “On the filming set we had two food trucks. There was a truck for those who were on a strict diet, which was for the actors. Then there was another one which had regular food, and this was for the staff. I ate from the strict diet food truck to support the actors, but ate from the staff’s truck from time to time when no one was looking.” 

Additionally, Song Joong Ki said, “I was shown the actual pictures of the people from that time, it was a feat not to lose weight after seeing those photos.” 

‘The Battleship Island’ is a film about Koreans who are enslaved by the Japanese as coal miners and sent to Hashima Island where they are forced into a labor camp. 

Check out photos from the press conference! 

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