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MBLAQ G.O Reveals Mir’s Plan to Audition for YG Entertainment

MBLAQ’s G.O made the whole studio burst out laughing by blurting out Mir’s secret plans.

During April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, Mir said, “After MBLAQ debuted, Lee Joon hyung was the most popular member. Many people from broadcasting stations sought after him.”

Mir continued, “I’ve even told the other members, that I thought I was going to be the most popular member when MBLAQ debuted. I’ve always believed that. But I was the least popular one.”

When Shindong asked, “How long do you think that Mir will be a part of MBLAQ?” G.O revealed, “Mir told us that he is going to get his name out through MBLAQ and try out for YG auditions.”

Cheon Dung continued to bring out laughter by saying, “He’s been practicing hard to make his debut

G.O reveals the reason he got mad when he was linked to So Ji Sub and Jooyeon’s dating rumors

The April 15 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D” brought up the dating rumor between actor So Ji Sub and After School‘s Jooyeon.

MBLAQ‘s G.O, who appeared as guest on the show, revealed why he got mad when he was linked to this scandal as the alleged person who connected the two together.

The hosts asked him, “We heard that G.O got very angry when the dating rumor between So Ji Sub and Jooyeon came out.”

G.O shared, “I was close to Jooyeon since [I was in] TYKEYS. While I was eating with Jooyeon, So Ji Sub called me up,” and the three artists met.

He added, “Words about that grew and grew until it came out in the news that I introduced the two

Thunder reveals: “Dara keeps buying me clothes.”

MBLAQ”s Thunder talked about his sister, 2NE1″s Dara, while appearing on the April 15 edition of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“.

MC Shindong first brought up the topic by saying, “I hear she buys you a lot of luxury brands.

Thunder replied, “I never really cared much about clothes, but she keeps buying me them. I tell her not to because they”re expensive, but she keeps on buying,” making his other members jealous.

Lee Joon gestured at both Thunder and Mir, whose older sister is Go Eun Ah, and said, “Both of their older sisters are really pretty. However, my older sister isn”t that pretty,” making everybody laugh.


“Kap Dong”: Lee Joon is a psycopath!

(Photo : tvN)

“Kap Dong” Lee Joon considered Lee Yeom Eun as the sacrifice character.

On the 2nd episode of tvN “Kap Dong” broadcast on April 12th, Ryu Tae Oh (played by Lee Joon) who came out of the protection agency started to look for a suspect. Lee Yeom Eun was Tae Oh”s sacrifice character who showed the true sides of a psychopath.

On this episode, Lee Young Eun found Teo that couldn”t get on a motorcycle because of a cast on his arm. She couldn”t just pass Teo and let him ride her car.

At this, she said, “Where is your house? I”ll bring you home.” At this, she didn”t suspect Teo at all and took him to her house and treated him.

At this, Teo proposed, “Let”s play a game and suggested a zombie game. After letting go of the cast, he put out a hand and said, “This could be the blindfold” and shook a bandaid in front of him

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 4: Lee Dong Wook gives Lee Da Hae a hug

In Hotel King, episode 4, Cha Jae Wan(played by Lee Dong Wook) hugged Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da Hae).

Previously, Jae Wan found out that Ah Sung Won(played by Choi Sang Hoon)’s death was related to Lee Joong Goo(played by Lee Duk Hwa), and that he was used by Joong Goo to kill Sung Won.

Mo Ne was sad thinking of her father, when Jae Wan came and hugged her. Mo Ne was surprised and confused.

Review of “Hotel King” Ep 4: Lee Dong Wook Discovers That Lee Da Hae’s Father Did Not Commit Suicide

In Hotel King, episode 4, Cha Jae Wan(played by Lee Dong Wook) found out that Ah Sung Won(played by Choi Sang Hoon) did not commit suicide.

Previously, Jae Wan heard from Ah Mo Ne(played by Lee Da Hae) that Sung Won never had depression, and went to see Sung Won’s doctor. He asked him, “Are you and the vice-chairman have something to do with the former president’s death? Did you give him medicine which you shouldn’t be giving? Did Lee Joong Goo(played by Lee Duk Hwa) tell you to?”

The doctor was terrified and begged Jae Wan to save him. Jae Wan was mad and said, “You want to live? You killed your good friend for money and you still want to live?” However, the doctor replied, “You’re the one who handed him the medicine every single day. You gave him everyday, didn’t you? With all your heart

Lee Joon transforms into a psychopath in “Gabdongi”

Lee Joon sent chills down viewers” spines in “Gabdongi“!

Lee Joon plays the serial killer Ryu Tae Oh in the drama. In the 2nd episode, he had a cast on one arm and he tried to pull his motorcycle back upright again. A woman passed by him and hesitated, unsure of whether to help him or not. In the end, she decided to help him, and even led him to her workshop (because he was so charming).

pping his cast, and told her, “Choose. Would you like to be the zombie, or the person running away?“. She she chose the person, he smiled and said, “Too bad. You chose the wrong thing. It would”ve been easier if you said you wanted to be the zombie.

Check out the eerie clip below, are you watching the drama?

Nam Sang Mi is Considering ‘Joseon Shooter with Lee Joon Gi

After news went out that she’ll be joining Lee Joon Gi, Nam Sang Mi’s agency made a statement on her supposed appearance in KBS’ Joseon Shooter.

On April 15, Newsen spoke with Nam Sang Mi’s rep, who said, “It’s true that we received an offer for Joseon Shooter, but we’re still considering it. It’s not a confirmation.”

Joseon Shooter announced that Lee Joon Gi will be appearing in the new drama on April 6. He will acting as the character, Park Yoon Kang, the last swordsman in the Joseon dynasty, who later becomes a swordsman and a folk hero.

Nam Sang Mi is being considered for the role of Jung Soo In, a graceful figure, who slowly transforms into a strong woman as time passes.

Meanwhile, Joseon Shooter will begin in June after Golden Cross

Nam Sang-mi not to star in “The Joseon Shooter”

Actress Nam Sang-mi denied that she's starring in the new KBS 2TV drama "The Joseon Shooter".

She's looking through other scenarios at the moment.

Meanwhile, "The Joseon Shooter" is about the son of the greatest shooter in the 19th century becoming a shooter to avenge his family. Lee Joon-ki has confirmed a role.

"The Joseon Shooter" is to be broadcasted in June after "Golden Cross".

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MBLAQ members support Lee Joon and his new drama “Gabdongi”

tvN uploaded a funny picture of MBLAQ mimicking Lee Joon”s almost psychopathic stare to show their support for his upcoming drama, “Gabdongi“!

The channel wrote via SNS, “MBLAQ members” 4-dimensional support as psychopaths for Lee Joon, who appears in “Gabdongi”! A picture of them all with “psychopath” as the concept! Amazing “Gabdongi”!”

All of the members are indeed striking pretty spooky but no less humorous facial expressions as they either roll up their eyes, glare into the camera, or pretend to choke another member. Who do you think did the best ‘psychopath’ expression?