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Mir assures MBLAQ"s song "Mirror" is not dissing Lee Joon and Thunder

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Mir assures MBLAQ

MBLAQ previously revealed that they used the experience they went through after Lee Joon and Thunder"s leave to help convey the emotions of their new track "Mirror", for they did not have too much experience with love. However, it seems many misunderstood this to mean that the song is a direct diss towards the former MBLAQ members.

In the June 26 episode of "Quiz to Change the World", the MC"s asked Mir, "Is it true that MBLAQ"s new song has lyrics dissing former members Lee Joon and Thunder?"

Mir denied it, and clarified what he meant by saying, "It doesn"t have that kind of intent at all. There are lyrics that say "Don"t go around talking bad about me. I don"t need you," in the song. A lot of people hear this part and mistaken it as a diss towards Lee Joon and Thunder. But these are words that can also be said towards an ex-girlfriend."

Both the former members and the current members have been showing their support for each other, so hopefully the song is not further mistaken as a diss song!

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MBLAQ says it feels empty without Lee Joon and Thunder

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MBLAQ says it feels empty without Lee Joon and Thunder

MBLAQ appeared on SBS radio program "Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School" on June 24 and talked once again about being a trio following the departure of Lee Joon and Thunder.

They explained what had changed: "The car got roomier and our preparation time got shorter, which are the advantages. However, the disadvantage is that it feels empty. There were the times and memories we had shared together in the past. We miss those times."

DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked, "Do you contact Lee Joon and Thunder once in a while?" and they replied, "We contact them once in a while," which is always great to hear!

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MBLAQ admits the lines of betrayal and hurt in "Mirror" have to do with Lee Joon and Thunder

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MBLAQ admits the lines of betrayal and hurt in

MBLAQ addressed the possible mentioning of their former members Lee Joon and Thunder in the lyrics of "Mirror," which is about a lover who betrays and leaves them, during their showcase on June 9.

The lyrics go, "The wound must be bigger because it was you, whom I trusted more than anybody else, you without even saying sorry, you were more precious to me than anybody else, I"m really hurt . . . "

Seung Ho said, "It will translate differently depending on the viewpoint. We want to reveal all the relevant content with straightforwardness, but there were a lot of good memories. I do not want to ruin those. Just think of it as we"re supporting one another," showing that there might be more behind the story, but he would rather maintain a mutually supportive relationship.

G.O added, "I can"t say that the lyrics as a whole were targeting them, but we don"t have a lot of experience in love. So we put in our situation. We unraveled it as a love story." So it does seem the lyrics are in relation to the other two.

"We sing better than those two," he continued bluntly. "So we got more parts. I came to think that now I could finally sing a bit. Of course, though, they dance better than I do," resulting in a taken aback Mir and Seung Ho.

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MBLAQ talks more in-depth about Lee Joon and Thunder"s departures

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MBLAQ talks more in-depth about Lee Joon and Thunder

During the press conference for mini-album "Mirror" on June 9, the MBLAQ trio talked about their former members, Lee Joon and Thunder.

When asked about member recruitment, leader Seung Ho replied, "We felt like there would be nobody who could replace those friends. We felt that we could fill up [the empty spaces] with the remaining members, so we decided on being a trio."

G.O said, "We thought about substitute members for about two seconds. We felt we could target a niche market because a male trio is uncommon. We thought we"d be able to give off the feel of a new stage."

Unsurprisingly, the boys were asked a lot about their former members, including whether they still exchanged words with them. G.O responded with, "We give and receive our comments like "Are you doing well?" "We will support you," and, "A new album is coming out" using telepathy." Which actually just sounds like they haven"t talked much at all.

He continued, "We probably each had a lot of thoughts for a long time. At first, I greatly denied the reality that there had been no choice but to do that, and there could have been a bit of hatred, but we are all now having only good thoughts. Because we were [doing that], we got to release an album."

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MBLAQ has claimed that they have had their heart broken after Lee Joon and Thunder left

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MBLAQ Say They Felt Emotionally Drained After Lee Joon and Thunders Departure MBLAQ is finally back, but this time without Lee Joon and Thunder.

On June 9, the now three-member group held a showcase for their eighth mini album Mirror, marking MBLAQs comeback after a 14-month hiatus.

During their break, the group experienced rather dramatic changes in the member lineup when members Lee Joon and Thunder chose to leave the group after their exclusive contracts with J.Tune Camp expired last December.

When asked how the remaining three members – Seungho, G.O, and Mir – handled the situation, Seungho confessed, To be honest, we went through an extremely tough time, and it was also exhausting to reorganize everything for a fresh start. But I feel encouraged now that we have our new image.

G.O continued, It was an emotionally draining experience. I escaped the real world and living in a virtual reality, but I am back now. Its a game. If you dont focus on anything significant for a long period of time, you start having bad thoughts. Eventually, you will have to suck it up and do something. I started looking back at my life as I got stuck in that cycle. I think I took love and interest for granted back then. Now I have learnt from my past experiences.

Finally, Mir shared about his hardships, The past six months were difficult for me. I didnt even go out that much. I drove down to the countryside and basically became one with nature.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ is set to hold comeback stages on this weeks music shows, as well as launch other promotions for their new album.

[Interview] Lee Joon Hopes MBLAQ Will Do Well with Comeback

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[Interview] Lee Joon Hopes MBLAQ Will Do Well with Comeback

--> Lee Joon has expressed his support for MBLAQ′s comeback.

On May 28, Lee Joon participated in an interview with Newsen in Samcheong-dong, where he said, "I hope MBLAQ does well."

Earlier in the day, MBLAQ shared news that it will return as three members following Lee Joon and Cheondung′s departure. Receiving a question regarding the news, Lee Joon answered, "I saw that article today. I hope things go well for them. I don′t know the song, but I believe they will do more than well."

Regarding his plans as an artist, Lee Joon shared, "It′s not that I won′t do it, but that I probably can′t do it for the time being. Right now, I′m not satisfied with my acting yet. I want to go deeper into acting. If opportunity allows, I′ll think [about singing] over again, but right now, I don′t have any plans."

Having debuted in 2009 with MBLAQ, Lee Joon gained acting experience through Iris 2, Gapdong, Rough Play and more. After leaving MBLAQ, Lee Joon was cast in SBS′ I Heard It Through the Grapevine, where he acted as Han In Sang.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Lee Jae Ha

Lee Joon responds to news of MBLAQ"s comeback

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Lee Joon responds to news of MBLAQ

MBLAQ recently dropped teaser images for their comeback as a trio after the departure of Lee Joon and Thunder. When Lee Joon, who is now promoting as an actor, met up with the press at cafe on May 28, he talked a bit regarding this update from his old group.

He said, "I saw the report this morning. I hope it goes well. I don"t know what the song is yet, but I feel like the song would be more than good enough."

Regarding his own promotions as a singer, he had previously stated he had no plans for it at the moment. He reiterated, "I want to focus on acting for the time being. This doesn"t mean I won"t be promoting as a singer at all. It"s just that right now, I want to act deeply, so I do not want to think about promotions as a singer. I want to concentrate on acting still and will do so for now. However, if an opportunity comes, I could return as a singer."

His current drama, "Heard It Through the Grapevine," will end on June 2.

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Lee Joon Reveals His Thoughts on MBLAQ Upcoming Comeback

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Lee Joon Reveals His Thoughts on MBLAQ Upcoming Comeback

Actor Lee Joon has revealed his thoughts on his former group MBLAQs upcoming comeback.

In an interview with media outlet Osen, he commented, I wish MBLAQ the best.

On May 28, the same day as the interview, MBLAQ announced that they will be coming back as a 3-member group on June 9. Regarding his former group, Lee Joon said, I wish them the best, and even though I havent heard the song, I believe that they will do well.

He also clarified previous reports of him solely focusing on acting for good. What I meant to say was that I wanted to focus on acting for a while, not that I will be quitting singing for good. Im not pleased with my acting yet, so I want to focus on that at the moment. He further added, Later, if Im given a chance [to sing], I will consider it.

On his recent decision to focus on acting, he said, Instead of deciding that I will concentrate on being an actor, it just happened naturally. Ive wanted to act since I was a third year in middle school, and I went to classes to learn how to act, in high school. Ive gotten here naturally.

Lee Joons latest drama Heard It Through the Grapevine will be airing its last episode on June 2.

Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon says he has no plans to return as a singer

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Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon says he has no plans to return as a singer

Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon said that he has no plans to return as a singer.

At the press conference for SBS" Monday-Tuesday drama "Heard it Through the Grapevine" on April 9, Lee Joon opened up about his career plans for the future. He revealed, "I won"t be promoting as a singer. After this drama, I have no plans to return as a singer. Though I"m not sure if I"ll do it if a chance arises, not right now. I"m going to go on vacation once this drama ends."

On the other former and current members of MBLAQ, he commented, "Thunder(Park Sang Hyun) is staring a drama now. I believe he hasn"t filmed yet, but we"ve stayed in contact. I think that drama will get good viewer ratings. I"m looking forward to it."

Are you disappointed by Lee Joon"s statement? Would you want to see him on stage as a singer once again?

MBLAQ Goes On To Release New Albums After Lee Joon and Thunder's Departure

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MBLAQ Goes On To Release New Albums After Lee Joon and Thunder's Departure

It has been revealed that MBLAQ is preparing for their comeback since the departure of former members Lee Joon and Thunder.

On March 19, the group’s management agency J. Tune Camp announced, “MBLAQ will return with a new song in late April or early May, but rather than a five member group as a three member group consisting of Seungho, Mir, and G.O.

“Three member group MBLAQ will return with a mini album. The members are currently working hard on the album,” shared J. Tune Camp.

Meanwhile, J. Tune Camp announced in a press release in December of last year that after negotiations for the renewal of their contracts, the company decided to “respect the opinions of [Lee Joon and Thunder] and let them go their individual ways.”

Are you excited for MBLAQ’s comeback?