Lee Joon Entering His Military Service on 10/24

Lee Joon Entering His Military Service on 10/24

The duty calls! Actor Lee Joon received his mandatory military service call in mail. His service will begin on this coming October 24th.

On August 1st, Lee Joon revealed his notice letter on his Instagram. He also included a short message on the caption saying, “I’ll be back soon”.

He will be in basic training for the first 5 weeks and then serve in the army for 21 months.

Right now, he is on a stardom with his emotional acting with depth in the drama, “Father is Strange”. His love line with actress Jung So-min in the drama is also popular among the viewers.

He has received many love calls from various directors and producers for his next drama/movie, but he decided to serve his country after “Father is Strange” is over.

His agency released their announcement saying, “Lee Joon will serve in the military like any other normal man of South Korea and he will return to us with more matured self”.