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String Pop Group ODD EYE Releases a Beautiful MV for "Never"

String Pop Group ODD EYE makes their comeback today with the release of their fourth single “Never” and music video. 

Compared to their past songs, “Never” is has a much more relaxed sound. . The song was composed by a team of talented composers including SOOLEE, Smells and Lee Jin Wook.

The music video is beautifully shot with amazing scenery. Starting out playing their instruments in forest area, the three members have a melancholic look throughout the video.   

If you are not familiar with this group, they debuted in June with the fast paced dance single “Catch Me if You Can.” The group consists of the three members Eeum, Hayule, and MIKI

Cast for "I Need Romance" Season 3 Finalized: Sung Joon, Kim So Yeon, Nam Goong Min, Wang Ji Won

The cast of “I Need Romance” season three has been finalized with the addition of Nam Goong Min and rookie actress Wang Ji Won!

On November 21, CJ E&M announced, “Nam Goong Min and Wang Ji Won will be starring in ‘I Need Romance’ season 3, which will start in the middle of January.”

Nam Goong Min will be playing the role of Kang Tae Yoon, who is Shin Joo Yeon‘s (played by Kim So Yeon) work senior and a perfectionist, who will try anything to achieve his goals. Kang Tae Yoon is experienced with women and is good at wooing them but deep inside, he doesn’t believe in love. In the drama, Nam Goong Min will be having a love triangle with Kim So Yeon and Wang Ji Won

Odd Eye’s 4th Single ‘Never’ Teaser Image Revealed

Odd Eye, Never, Lee Jin Wook, Soolee, Smells, Catch Me If You Can

Odd Eye’s 4th Single ‘Never’ Teaser Image Revealed

String band Odd Eye has revealed their teaser image for their 4th single "Never," which is scheduled for release on the 22nd.

On November 20th, Odd Eye released a teaser image, and in it Odd Eye looks very calm and innocent, a surprising change in atmosphere from their previous songs.

"Never" was co-produced by pianist and composer Lee Jin Wook and Soolee, and other talented producers such as Smells. The song is an emotional song that combines the warm melody of the stringed instruments, and impresses the listener with the vocals.

All 3 members of the female group Odd Eye have majored in classical music, and are all talented not only in singing but playing instruments as well

String Pop Group ODD EYE Releases Teaser for Romantic Single "Never"

The string instrument playing girl group ODD EYE has released a teaser video for their upcoming single “Never.” We get a glimpse of the members’ serene and beautiful characteristics as they walk through nature. Differing from their previous singles, “Never” gives off a relaxed vibe. The song was composed by a team of talented composers including SOOLEE, Smells and Lee Jin Wook.

ODD EYE features three members who showcase not only their vocal talents, but also their string instrument playing skills. They debuted in June with the fast paced dance single “Catch Me if You Can.” The talented trio fuses the classical sound of violins and cellos with k-pop. The group consists of Eeum, Hayule, and MIKI

Yoo Jae Suk Poses for "Elle Korea," First Fashion Photoshoot in Three Years

Korea’s most beloved MC, Yoo Jae Suk, has posed for a fashion photo shoot for the first time in three years.

Elle Korea” revealed Yoo Jae Suk’s photo shoot for the magazine’s charity project, “Share Happiness.” The last time Yoo Jae Suk did a fashion photo soot was in December of 2010 for “Vogue Korea.”

“Elle Korea” helped raise around 200 million won by working with 50 star supporters and 48 brand supporters. The money will go towards women and children who are in need.

Out of the 50 stars who supported “Share Happiness,” Yoo Jae Suk’s participation drew a lot of attention. Yoo Jae Suk is said to have strongly supported the “Share Happiness” cause and has managed to make the little time he has out of his busy schedule for the photo shoot and interview

Yoon Hee-seok in MBC “Shining Romance”

Actor Yoon Hee-seok is starring in the MBC daily drama "Shining Romance".

"Shining Romance" is a romance drama about an unrelated family and the ups and downs it experiences along the way. Yoon Hee-seok takes on the role of Bit-na's (Lee Jin) husband and the director of his own cosmetic surgery and skin care hospital, the bad guy who is impossible to hate.

This is Yoon Hee-seok's second project with writer Seo Hyeon-joo and is well known for his bad guy role in "An Angel's Choice". Apparently the writer didn't give him a synopsis yet so that he can make his own character.

Yoon Hee-seok had turned into a curly-haired 27-year old Byeon Tae-sik who described his character as, "a mama's boy who adores Kangnam but is not quite there and doesn't know how to mingle with people"

Female String Band Odd Eye Releases New Teaser Photo for Upcoming Single Album

Although it is difficult to find a three member string band, Odd Eye defies the odds and prepares to release their fourth single, “Never.”

The uniqueness of the female three member group is that each member has the ability to play a string instrument. As all the members specialize in classical music, Odd eye showcased their ability to not only sing, but to also play instruments such as the violin and cello. The string band debuted in June with their song “Catch Me If You Can,” and continued to promote their music through new releases in July with “Follow Me,” and in August with the English version of “Catch Me If You Can.”

The group had previously released a teaser photo based on the sky. As the teasers give off a peaceful and quiet vibe, “NEVER” seems to portray a different style than the strong concepts from the previous songs

Odd Eye to Make Comeback with New Single "Never"

Musical trio Odd Eye is preparing for their comeback and released a new teaser image through their official Facebook page.

The simple teaser just uses a sky background with the title of the song, “Never,” and their catlike logo. “Never” is said to be an emotional and beautiful song composed by the talented pianist, Lee Jin Wook. With the addition of Odd Eye’s trademark sweet string accompaniment, the song is predicted to meet the expectations of Odd Eye fans who love the group’s unconventional music. Similar to their “Follow Me,” the next song will be be a fusion of classical instrumental with modern electronic feel.

“Never” will be released on November 22. Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates on this interesting group!

Sung Joon Lands the Leading Male Role of tvN’s “I Need Romance Season 3"

Actor Sung Joon has been cast for the leading male role in tvN’s new drama “I Need Romance Season 3.”

According to multiple broadcast representatives, Sung Joon will be working with writer Jung Hyun Jung and director Jang Young Woo who have been working together since season one of the drama series.

“I Need Romance Season 3” tells the day to day lives of managing directors at a home shopping network and the love and friendship among today’s Korean “alpha girls.”  The series gained attention in Season 1 starring Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Jung Hoon and in Season 2 starring Jung Yumi and Lee Jin Wook.

Sung Joon will be playing a 26-year-old composer named Joo Wan. He returns to Korea after 17 years with the memory of his childhood friend Shin Joo Yeon

Celebrating Korean cinema

Korean actors Ha Jeong-woo, left, and Lee Jin-wook arrive for the CJ Group's 60th anniversary of "Spotlight on Korean Cinema" at New York's Museum of Modern Art on Friday. REUTERS