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Which Korean dramas and movies will take off this year?

Ongoing SBS dramas Three Days and God’s Gift – 14 Days are currently getting positive reviews and feedbacks from the viewers.

God’s Gift – 14 Days revolves around a story of a mother, Kim Soo Hyun, (Lee Bo Young) who tries to save her daughter, Saet Byul, (Kim Yoo Bin) as she goes back in time and was given 14 days to change her daughter’s fate. A former detective, Ki Dong Chan, (Cho Seung Woo) joins in to search for Saet Byul’s murderer and desperately helps Soo Hyun to change her daughter’s fate. As they go through investigations, shocking revelations were unveiled. Soo Hyun and Dong Chan need to accomplish everything in rush as their time decreases and changing the fate becomes complicated. The thrill rises and the plot comes up to its climax as Soo Hyun and Dong Chan continue to search who’s behind Saet Byul’s death

“Miss Granny” Learns About Love and the Value of Family

This movie review was contributed by Aloradanan from the fun K-pop and K-drama blog, F4Plus1

As people age, they tend to look back on their younger years with more fondness, thinking about what might have been and showing pride at what they have been able to accomplish. Getting older also brings the fear that as we age, we become a burden to those around us. This is exactly what 74 year old Oh Mal Soon (Na Moon Hee) worries about in the movie “Miss Granny.

When her daughter-in-law Ae Ja becomes sick, the family decides to send Mal Soon to a nursing home so Ae Ja can recover without the stress she feels from her mother-in-law. Feeling dejected, Mal Soon stumbles upon the Forever Young Portrait Studio. Little does she realize, when she exits the studio she really has become younger, by about 50 years!

After her panic attack has subsided – and really, can anyone blame her? – she does what any self respecting woman would do, go on a shopping spree! With her new young body, she can’t go around with ahjumma hair and ill-fitting clothes; it’s makeover time! She also changes her name to Oh Doo Ri (Shim Eun Kyung), after Audrey Hepburn

‘ Miss Granny’ Hits A Million Views in Five Days

Starring Shim Eun Kyung, B1A4’s Jin Young, Lee Jin Wook, and more, the movie Miss Granny hit one million views in five days.

According to the Korean Film Commission on January 27, Miss Granny gathered a total of 1,162,672 people in a span of five days, since the movie premiered on January 22.

332,283 people watched the movie on January 26, allowing Miss Granny to rank second in the box office. In first was the Disney animation Frozen, which is currently at 3 million views since premiering on January 16.

Miss Granny hit one million views faster than Speedy Scandal, Sunny, and Dancing Queen.

Celebrating one million views, Jin Young and Shim Eun Kyung posted up pictures through the movie’s official SNS page

Yuri, EXO, B1A4 and More Attend VIP Premiere for “Miss Granny”

On January 14, a star-studded VIP premiere of the film “Miss Granny” was held at the CGV theaters in Wangshipri, Seoul.

Celebrity attendees included Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri, EXO‘s Kai, D.O, Suho and Chanyeol, B1A4‘s Gongchan and Jinyoung, A Pink‘s Son Na Eun, ZE:A‘s Im Siwan, No Min Woo, Min Hyo Rin, Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA, Kang Sora, Lee Yoon Ji, Nam Bora and more!

“Miss Granny” stars Shim Eun Kyung, Na Moon Hee, Park In Hwan, Sung Dong Il, Lee Jin Wook and Kim Hyun Sook. It is about a 70-year-old lady who transforms into a 20-year-old overnight and decides to use her newfound youth and time well

Spy Myung Wol Episode 10 Baby Recap And Screenshot

So I guess Spy Myung Wol is pretty much chucking every extraneous plot thread it set up in the first few episodes to focus solely on Myung Wol and Kang Woo. That might be a smart move, but I was actually curious about the search for the Goblin and the Four Books conspiracy, and the funny General back in North Korea. This episode actually felt like it was written by five different people, and the only one who wrote anything worth mentioning did the final 20 minutes.

I am worried about the drama possibly getting an extension to allow Poseidon more time to shoot, because Eric looks SO exhausted in this episode, and Han Ye Seul and Lee Jin Wook look no better. I think the story needs to be wrapped up in the allotted 16 episodes, and my prediction for the ending may be that North Korea allows Myung Wol to remain in South Korea as a top Hallyu star (and wife to Kang Woo) because she can produce better entertainment

Daniel Henney, Lee Jin Wook and Jung Kyung Ho Appear in Share Happiness Project

Several well-known actors, including Daniel Henney, have recently appeared in Elle Magazine’s “Share Happiness” campaign.

Daniel Henney is shown hugging his dog “Mango”, with whom he has shared the joys and sorrows of life for the past ten years. Meanwhile, the actor is set to appear in his first Hollywood leading role in the film “Shanghai Calling”, out December 24.

This edition of the “Share Happiness” campaign is a charitable project that features fifty celebrity supporter teams, including Lee Jin Wook and Jung Kyung Ho.

The photos featuring Jin Wook and Kyung Ho display a romantic concept. Jin Wook is showing off a charming smile in a natural setting, while Kyung Ho looks playful while smelling a flower.

Other celebrities involved in the “Share Happiness” project include Yoo Jae Suk, Jin Hee Ji, Lee Bo Young, Han Chae Young, Han Ji Hye, Son Tae Young, and from “Reply 1994″ Go Ah Ra, Yoo Yeon Suk and Do Hee

String Pop Group ODD EYE Releases a Beautiful MV for "Never"

String Pop Group ODD EYE makes their comeback today with the release of their fourth single “Never” and music video. 

Compared to their past songs, “Never” is has a much more relaxed sound. . The song was composed by a team of talented composers including SOOLEE, Smells and Lee Jin Wook.

The music video is beautifully shot with amazing scenery. Starting out playing their instruments in forest area, the three members have a melancholic look throughout the video.   

If you are not familiar with this group, they debuted in June with the fast paced dance single “Catch Me if You Can.” The group consists of the three members Eeum, Hayule, and MIKI

Cast for "I Need Romance" Season 3 Finalized: Sung Joon, Kim So Yeon, Nam Goong Min, Wang Ji Won

The cast of “I Need Romance” season three has been finalized with the addition of Nam Goong Min and rookie actress Wang Ji Won!

On November 21, CJ E&M announced, “Nam Goong Min and Wang Ji Won will be starring in ‘I Need Romance’ season 3, which will start in the middle of January.”

Nam Goong Min will be playing the role of Kang Tae Yoon, who is Shin Joo Yeon‘s (played by Kim So Yeon) work senior and a perfectionist, who will try anything to achieve his goals. Kang Tae Yoon is experienced with women and is good at wooing them but deep inside, he doesn’t believe in love. In the drama, Nam Goong Min will be having a love triangle with Kim So Yeon and Wang Ji Won

Odd Eye’s 4th Single ‘Never’ Teaser Image Revealed

Odd Eye, Never, Lee Jin Wook, Soolee, Smells, Catch Me If You Can

Odd Eye’s 4th Single ‘Never’ Teaser Image Revealed

String band Odd Eye has revealed their teaser image for their 4th single "Never," which is scheduled for release on the 22nd.

On November 20th, Odd Eye released a teaser image, and in it Odd Eye looks very calm and innocent, a surprising change in atmosphere from their previous songs.

"Never" was co-produced by pianist and composer Lee Jin Wook and Soolee, and other talented producers such as Smells. The song is an emotional song that combines the warm melody of the stringed instruments, and impresses the listener with the vocals.

All 3 members of the female group Odd Eye have majored in classical music, and are all talented not only in singing but playing instruments as well

String Pop Group ODD EYE Releases Teaser for Romantic Single "Never"

The string instrument playing girl group ODD EYE has released a teaser video for their upcoming single “Never.” We get a glimpse of the members’ serene and beautiful characteristics as they walk through nature. Differing from their previous singles, “Never” gives off a relaxed vibe. The song was composed by a team of talented composers including SOOLEE, Smells and Lee Jin Wook.

ODD EYE features three members who showcase not only their vocal talents, but also their string instrument playing skills. They debuted in June with the fast paced dance single “Catch Me if You Can.” The talented trio fuses the classical sound of violins and cellos with k-pop. The group consists of Eeum, Hayule, and MIKI