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Chu Sung Hoon and His Daughter Chu Sa Rang Smile for Fashion Magazine Grazia

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Chu Sung Hoon and His Daughter Chu Sa Rang Smile for Fashion Magazine GraziaChu Sung Hoon and his lovely daughter Chu Sa Rang recently posed for a pictorial for the fashion magazine Grazia. Sa Rang’s mother and Chu Sung Hoon’s model wife Yano Shiho was also present on the scene and so the atmosphere around the shooting was all the more enjoyable and lively. Chu Sa Rang was dressed in various brands including Gucci and Puma, and whilst shooting, the little girl devoured much of the prepared cupcakes, kimbabs, and sandwiches which brought laughter and surprise among the staff members.

Chu Sung Hoon, the highly devoted father he is very much known for, never let his daughter out of his sight and kept her close by his side at all times. Having an interest in fashion and being quite the fashionista himself, Chu Sung Hoon said, “Sa Rang’s clothes were all picked by my wife. And I also chime in after looking at all those baby magazines. Someday, I really want to design baby clothes, the kind of clothes people on the street would stare at because they look so cute. It would be great to wear couple clothes with my daughter as well so that we match.”

 The pictorial, along with the interview will be on the Grazia magazine that will be issued on January 5. 

“Fashion King” Lee Je Hoon Was a Hip Hop Dancer In College

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“Fashion King” Lee Je Hoon Was a Hip Hop Dancer In CollegeActor Lee Je Hoon, well-known as a love of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri in “Fashion King,” has wowed the audience with his hidden dance skills.

On September 27, KBS’s “Happy Together” held a special segment where the cast of the movie “Ghost Sweepers” appeared on the show. The lineup consisted of Lee Jae Hoon as well as Kim Soo Ro, Kang Yeh Won and Kim Yoon Hye.

During the broadcast, Lee Je Hoon revealed, “I joined a dance club in college as a hobby.” MC Yoo Jae Suk asked what genre of dance it was and he responded that it was in hip hop.

Knowing Yoo Jae Suk, he asked the studio for music and Lee Je Hoon first started swaying his body in rhythm before getting up and showing his moves. After warming up, he it looked like he wanted to show more, but decided against it.

Soompiers, do you agree that he could’ve shown more?

Heres a link for one of his latest fashion spreads!

"Fashion King's" Lee Jae Hoon Flashes his Killer Smile During CF Shoot

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Fashion Kings Lee Jae Hoon Flashes his Killer Smile During CF ShootRising actor Lee Jae Hoon  (“Fashion King” and “Introduction to Architecture”) recently shot a new ice cream CF for Häagen-Dazs and exuded his gentlemanly charms.  Earlier today, his agency revealed several teaser stills of the star during the shoot.

In the photos, Lee Jae Hoon gently holds onto a small ice cream cup with his two hands as he flashes his killer smile for the camera. Reportedly, the actor also displayed a new side of himself as he displayed his mambo dance moves at the studio.

According to the crew who worked with Lee Jae Hoon for the CF, the young actor did not lose his smile throughout the long shoot. He also entertained everyone and the camera by presenting his various charms.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae Hoon’s Häagen-Dazs CF will hit the airwaves sometime this month.

Lee Jae Hoon Sings for "Fashion King" OST

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Lee Jae Hoon Sings for "Fashion King" OST

Who knew actor Lee Jae Hoon could also sing? On May 22, his song "Love Like This," will be uploaded onto music sites everywhere. 

The song is for SBS's drama "Fashion King," where Jae Hoon plays the role of a rich man who leads a large fashion enterprise. Shin Se Kyung, Yoo Ah In, and SNSD's Yuri are other main characters. 

A PD who saw Lee Jae Hoon's singing duet with Shin Se Kyung for an episode on May 14 liked his voice so much that he asked Lee Jae Hoon to sing a soundtrack. His soothing bass voice was perfect for the feeling of the drama.

The PD continued, "His charming voice suits the drama so well. He is going to capture the hearts of the audience with the smooth lyrics. The soft orchestra strings and piano instrumentals will really complement his performance." 

Lee Jae Hoon said, "I wanted to participate in this project if it helps the drama in any way. I hope this song will be serve as a surprise gift for the audience, and I hope they'll remember it for a while." 

[Spoiler] "Fashion King" Sin Se-kyeong tells Lee Je-hoon to forget

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Sin Se-kyeong rejected Lee Je-hoon's drunk love confession.

On the nineteenth episode of the SBS drama "Fashion King" aired on the 21st, Lee Ga-yeong replied to Jeong Jae-hyeok's (Lee Je-hoon) drunk confession.

Jeong Jae-hyeok returned home from the emergency room after causing a scene at the party. In the car back, Jang Il-gook, (Sin Seung-hwan) admired him saying, "You are amazing, not anyone can do that even though they are drunk".

Kang Yeong-gul (Yoo Ah-in) pretended not to care sayong, "What are you going to do? He can't move his heart around the way he wants to. You don't be concerned about that and just worry about the fashion show you are going to do. I will support you all the way". However, he couldn't help but be anxious at the way Jeong Jae-hyeok confessed his love for her so strongly.

Lee Ga-yeong couldn't concentrate on her work and went to see Jeong Jae-hyeok. "I have always been thankful to you. I was desperate when I first met you and I can't even imagine what would've happened to me if I hadn't met you. However, I regret calling you then".

She continued, "I know what you want from me. I don't hate you but I love Kang Yeong-gul. I am grateful that I met someone like you in my life. Please let me think of you as a savior and forget me".

A duet scene between actress Shin Se Kyung and actor Lee Jae Hoon in SBS’s Fashion King

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A duet scene between actress Shin Se Kyung and actor Lee Jae Hoon in SBS’s Fashion King

A duet scene between actress Shin Se Kyung and actor Lee Jae Hoon is in the limelight.

In the episode of SBS’s Fashion King that aired on May 14, Ga Young and Jae Hyuk sing a duet. As Ga Young gets promoted to the manager of a design team, Jae Hyuk, CEO of the company and the team members get together to celebrate her promotion.

After having drink, Ga Young and her party hit a karaoke. As Ga Young sings the song “I’m Happy,” Jae Hyuk looks infatuated by her. While other members did not pay attention to Ga Young, Jae Hyuk starts to sing a duet with her.”

At the duet scene, Shin Se Kyung and Lee Jae Hoon garnered viewers’ attention with her superb singing flair.

Following the duet, Jae Hyuk confesses his heart to Ga Young with lavish necklace. Ga Young denies his confession, saying, “I can’t accept this necklace.” Jae Hyuk, however, insists, saying “Yes, you can,” and put the necklace around her neck. Learning of what happened between Ga Young and Jae Hyuk, Ga Young’s beau Young Gul gets so riled up that he urges her to quit working for Jae Hyuk’s company.

[Exclusive] Meeting ‘New Tales of Gisaeng’ Male Lead, Sung Hoon, at Music & Mens Fashion Week 2012

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[Exclusive] Meeting ‘New Tales of Gisaeng’ Male Lead, Sung Hoon, at Music & Mens Fashion Week 2012

Most will agreehes a fresh face you cannot miss. Especially being present since the first day of the festival he was invited recently in Singapore as a model for MusicMens Fashion Week 2012, his perfect physique of a balanced bulk and slim, tall figure and sharp face features that is distinctiveeven to have a slight flair of a little Chinese to the usual Korean mold.

Sung hoon, or full-name Bang Sung Hoon, has created a slow but strong stir of new followings. Properly debuted and ended his first project in the entertainment industry as an actor. New Tales of Gisaeng, ended in 52 episodes in summer 2011, this debut project immediately led him off as the main male lead, which he agreed without doubt that I was plainly lucky that they [the PD and writer] saw potential in me to fit their character.

His calm and collected presence disappeared once we sat down for the interview, his casual and fun side comes out naturally. Maybe, because he was born on Valentines Day that he has a warm and gentle heart like a ladya romantic as well, admitting that I had 4 girlfriends before my debut.

I suggest you to do a little search of him of his first interview feature with Newsen and get to know him as his amicable persona shines through the words and yet again today as I sat with him to get to know more of this upcoming actor. Without further ado, this is Sung Hoon caught in the final day of the festival!

Youve told us in in another interview that this is not your first time in Singapore. You came here with your family. When was this?

I was actually here with my dad about well, 8 years ago and it was not a pleasant tripthe water and food was a problem for me I didnt have a lot of memories.

I remember though, about taxis back when I was here.i remembered the taxis here were all foreign brands, and where I took a Mercedes. Now, theres a lot of variety! Not that it matters (laughs)

However, things have certainly change; Singapore has grown differently, I have also matured, and now Singapore is such a place to be in today!

Then it certainly has been a long while since that Singapore trip with your dad! Additionally with your comment that Singapores landscape has vastly evolve, MusicMens Fashion Week is also a recent event that we now celebrate annually. Do share with us the difference with Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) and your experience here.

To start off, SFW are just fashion shows back to back. Whereas here at M2FW, theres a lot of variety of entertainment to offernot only fashion shows are presented, but there is music concerts to enjoy in between. The energy is just so alive here, and the setting is extraordinary.

Moreover, I have never exactly walk as a catwalk model; this is my first time being invited to this festival and to be a model, so again, its such an honour and chance for me as Ive always wanted to try and be a model, and now walking for the closing show for MCM, it is truly a spectacular event and Im very honored to be part of.

You chose this new part of yours, having to abandon your athletic dreams and the fact that you graduated in Physical Education as your degree and moved to the entertainment industry is not an easy task. What made you cross paths to a new direction in life?

I did sports for a long time, is true. Because of the injury I had, I had to give it up and I was thinking to myself. My second childhood dream was to be an actor and I thought, Well, this is sort of a good chance to start. I was then offered by my agency today if I wanted it I took it. The transition was speedy from being a previous athlete to prepare myself to become an actor. It was also fast for myself to be an actor [by getting the lead part]. Moving onwards again for this opportunity to be in Singapore and to walk, is also a chance not all can get within a year of debut. Im now used to it of everything moving fast. (laughs)

A good physique, a charming face, and a warm personalitydo you think this is the recipe of what make you successful? Or the Korean industry itself?

At this point while the translator did her works, he broke a smile and sigh, then a shrug.

Up until today, I have really never thought of myself being a handsome man at all.

When he said this statement, Shin-woo made a boo~ and pushed him playfully.

Again, I have been very lucky from the start of my career, being approached by my company today and being the right personality for my debut drama [New Tales of Gisaeng]. In return, I would always strive to give my all.

You cannot deny your kkotminam-ness of your smooth facial features and having a great body. How do you then differentiate yourself from other actors?

Theres definitely one thing I do best compared to othersany scenes involved underwater are my vice because I can hold my breath for a long time without fail. [Which is why he aced that underwater scene kiss - Ed] In case to my physic being, I have rather long arms and broad shoulders which I think girls like this kind of element. My long arms are present so I can fully embrace her all around.

You talk from experience, you sound like a romantic! Then tell us how many girlfriends you have had before.

Glancing at his boss, he then answered to all his want.

I had four before but now, he doesnt let me have one so now, Im available but not available at all. (laughs)

You are then a ladies man. So share with us what men and fashion means to you. Is it important?

It is important these days; it was merely buying clothes back in the days. Fashion now, applying it to my current situation, is a duty for me to make the clothes look good on the runway. On a personal note, it is a form of self-expression and it is not identical to another. Fashion for one person is only for that one person and none can have the same as it will continue to grow and mold into the persons personality.

I would have to suggest men today to pay a bit more attention on this as it grows to be have more impact in the world today. Its acceptable for men to now take more time to dress and we should care more.

Well then, you have actually accomplished everything! A gentleman in real life, was an athlete, now an actor and continuing to expand to become a model and public figure. What do you really want to be remembered as?

My priority is to become an accomplished actor, and so I would like to be, in the end, remembered as a good actor in front of the camera, and being a warm person when Im me.

Please give a shout-out to our readers on Korea.com!

Thank you very much for the kind interview and your time! And also for all the fans here in Singapore for their kind support; I truly didnt expect the crowd since the first day back in the airport, and throughout the festival. I will always remember them and the rest of my fans all over the world who are reading this. I would always do my best and continue to ask for your support for my future projects!

The night before, he had to pull an all-nighter for an editorial shoot for Singapores Designare HOMME, ending about 5AM after having breakfast with the team. Specially flown down AW12 pieces from Dior Homme, Burberry, MCM to name a few, he had a lot of fun and new experience being a model shot literally backstage where the photo shoot location is at.

His large eyes are quite the contrary to most Korean men, and his broad shoulders and long arms which he believes to be his plus point will continue to be his physical signature to be able to recognize Sung from far. Like his colleague and friend, Shin-woo (read his interview here), he would have been the sit-up partner as they walked down the runway, topless with MCM bags and bottoms, closing the magnificent 5-day fashion and music festival held at Marina Bay Sands.

Indeed, an experience for him and for all of us to have his presence, we believe that his down-to-earth attitude and strong determination which are transferable skills from him being trained in the athlete ring will bring him far in the Hallyu entertainment industry.

As promised, and to be seen nowhere else but here, was the two gentlemen and I going a little loco to have a crazy snapshot, which certainly closed good memories of my 5-day festival experience.

Special thanks to Stallion Entertainment Agency for the kind arrangement once again!

[Spoiler] "Fashion King" Yoo Ah-in misunderstands Lee Je-hoon and Sin Se-kyeong

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"Fashion King" Kang Yeong-gul (Yoo Ah-in) misunderstood Jeong Jae-hyeok (Lee Jae-hoon) and Lee Ga-yeong (Sin Se-kyeong).

On the fourteenth episode of the SBS drama "Fashion King" on the 1st of May, Lee Ga-yeong was devastated after watching Choi An-na's (Yoori) fashion show with Kang Yeong-gul.

She asked Jeong Jae-hyeok to buy her a drink. Drunk Lee Ga-yeong confessed "My boss said him and I should go to the end together but I just came out. I thought about it".

She continued, "But how could he do this to me without a word? Bong-sook (Yoo Chae-yeong) is also the same. She said he told her not to tell me".

While listening to her, Jeong Jae-hyeok said, "Are you testing my patience? You have been talking about the two of them for the past two hours". When Lee Ga-yeong couldn't handle herself being so drunk, Jeong Jae-hyeok took her home. He touched her hair and looked at her so affectionately.

Jeong Jae-hyeok bought new clothes and a bag for Lee Ga-yeong the next morning and was standing for the elevator when Kang Yeong-gul, who lived in the same building, happened to be in it. Angered by the two, Kang Yeong-gul asked, "Do you provide bed a breakfast too?" cynically.

[Spoiler] "Fashion King" Yoo Ah-in striked by Lee Je-hoon

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"Fashion King" Kang Yeong-gul (Yoo Ah-in) fabricated a scenario at Jeong Jae-hyeok's (Lee Je-hoon) charges.

On the twelfth episode of the SBS drama "Fashion King" on the 24th, Kang Yeong-gul put on a self fabricated scenario.

Kang Yeong-gul's production work was put to a stop thanks to Jeong Jae-hyeok's charges. Kang Yeong-gul's departure from the country was also banned since he had a past record and the meeting with Michael Jay seemed like it was going to be difficult. Choi An-na (Yoori) helped Jeong Jae-hyeok by putting up a false statement that Kang Yeong-gul threatened her and stole her designs. In return for canceling all charges, Jeong Jae-hyeok asked for Kang Yeong-gul's share.

Kang Yeong-gul pretended to receive a call from Michael Jay when he was with Choi An-na. He intentionally said it out loud that Michael Jay had decided to introduce him to an investor and a spy behind Kang Yeong-gul and Choi An-na delivered this message to Jeong Jae-hyeok.

He went to visit Jeong Jae-hyeok and said, "I'm on my way to meet someone Michael Jay introduced to me. Go on and press charges if you want to". Jeong Jae-hyeok was in panic and decided to cancel all charges and told Kang Yeong-gul, "I will buy your share but give me Lee Ga-yeong (Sin Se-kyeong)".

However, the American investor Kang Yeong-gul had mentioned was Jang Il-gook (Sin Seung-hwan). Kang Yeong-gul made him wear an expensive suit. Madam Jo (Jang Mi-hee) who regretted holding hands with Kang Yeong-gul also misunderstood him as an investor and got herself out of danger with Kang Yeong-gul for support.

"Fashion King" feels no ratings effect from Lee Je-hoon and Sin Se-kyeong's kiss, drops 1.4%

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MBC TV's Monday/Tuesday drama "Lights and Shadows" left SBS TV's "Fashion King" in the dust again, as the show's ratings dropped below 10%.

According to an April 10th report from Nielsen Media Research, the April 9th episode of "Fashion King" recorded 9% of viewers (national average). This is a 1.4% drop from the previous episode's 10.4%.

In the latest episode, Jae-hyeok (Lee Je-hoon) got drunk and went in search of Ga-yeong (Sin Se-kyeong), kissing her. Additionally, Yeong-gyeol (Yoo Ah-in) expressed his feelings to Anna (Kwon Yoo-ri), creating a four-way tangle of relationships.

During the same time slot, "Lights and Shadows" grabbed 21.9% of audiences and KBS 2TV's "Love Rain" logged 5.4%.