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Kwak Do-won and Jang So-yeon will tie the knot soon and go to Jeju

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Kwak Do-won and Jang So-yeon will tie the knot soon and go to Jeju

Actor and actress couple Kwak Do-won and Jang So-yeon, who co-starred in film, "The Wailing" as a couple are changing into a married couple soon in genuine existence. 

Kwak Do-won and Jang So-yeon fell in love with every one and every other and promised to marry every one and every other like the couple they acted in combination in their contemporary film. They are having a look at properties in Jeju at the moment to discover their honemyoon house.

Jang So-yeon contemporaryly starred as the secratary Min Joo-young in SBS" "Heard It throughout the Grapevine". folks take into account her for her clever acting and face from the drama.

When Jang So-yeon gave the impression contemporaryly on MBC"s communicate display "Radio superstar", she acknowledged, "I have any person i genuinely like. but it"s one-sided love. i suspect he likes me too, but he dosen"t like me because I take a look at too difficult". The fortunate guy of her one-sided love become once Kwak Do-won finally.

Actors Kwak Do Won and Jang So Yeon Announce They Are in a relationship

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Actors Kwak Do Won and Jang So Yeon Announce They Are in a courting it's been printed that actors Kwak Do Won and Jang So Yeon are in a relationship.

earlier, news outlet Sports Seoul reported that the 2 actors were in a relationship and may soon be married. They reported that the couple changed into once thinking of moving to Jeju Island once you have married, and changed into once in the procedure of scouting for a apartment at the island.

however, Kwak Do Won’s aspect denied the reports of marriage, even though they stated that the 2 were in a relationship.

On July 17, Kwak Do Won’s firm CJeS Entertainment announced thru a press liberate that “ the 2 are indeed in a relationship.”

They persevered, “After actress Jang So Yeon seemed on ‘Radio superstar‘ and mentioned her emotions for [then unprinted] actor, they began seeing every other. yet they don't seem to be assembly with marriage in brain. looking for a area in combination on Jeju Island may be now no longer true, as they were just there on a go back and forth with other pals.”

CLC’s Jang Seung Yeon Resembles 4minute’s Sohyun?

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CLC’s Jang Seung Yeon Resembles 4minute’s Sohyun?

Girl group CLC member Jang Seung Yeon acknowledged her resemblance to 4minute’s  Sohyun on MBCevery1’s “Weekly Idol.”

On the May 13 episode of the variety show, CLC met with hosts Defconn and Jung Hyung Don to discuss a variety of topics. Almost as soon as they took the stage, however, member Jang Seung Yeon was told by Jung Hyung Don that she “looks like 4minute member Kwon Sohyun.” An un-phased Jang Seung Yeon then drew laughter when she responded, “Yeah, I’ve heard that quite a bit.”

Refusing to let the subject go, Jung Hyun Don then then further pressed Jang Seung Yeon, asking whether she is younger or older than Kwon Sohyun, and then emphasized once again their similar appearances.

So, what do you think? Do the two singers resemble one another?

Jang Do Yeon has made Haha and Gary fall out of chair laughing when mimicing the Jessi’s Rap on “Running Man”

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Jang Do Yeon Brings Haha and Gary to Their Knees with Hilarious Imitation of Jessis Rap on Running Man Rapper Jessi guest-starred on the recent “Dangerous Brides” episode of “Running Man,” aired on April 26, where she has some hilarious exchanges with comedian and fellow guest Jang Do Yeon.

At one point, because of how Jessi is talking, Jang Do Yeon jokes to the staff, “Sorry, but I think Jessi is drunk. Jessi nudges her back with an accidental hand to the boob, saying “You’re drunk, too.” When Jang Do Yeon protests the hit, Jessi simply says, “There’s nothing there.”

In the mock rage that ensues, Yoo Jae Suk is forced to place himself between the two girls to diffuse the situation.

Also in the episode, Jang Do Yeon hilariously imitates Jessi’s rap and speech from “Unpretty Rapstar,” getting the female rapper down to the tee, cracking up the entire cast and bringing Haha and Gary to their knees.

Taken by surprise, Jessi asks, “Am I really like that?”

Watch Jang Do Yeons awesome imitation of Jessi here, acknowledged by Jessi herself, along with the rest of the hilarious “Dangerous Brides” episode:

Also appearing in this episode of “Running Man” are actresses Kim Yoo Ri and Seo Ye Ji, and AOA Choa.

Jessi, AOA"s Choa, Jang Do Yeon and more to appear on "Running Man"

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Jessi, AOA

Upcoming episode of SBS"s "Running Man" will feature some of the rising female stars in the industry.

According to multiple broadcasters on April 13th, Jessi, AOA"s Choa, Kim Yoo Ri, Jang Do Yeon, Seo Ye Ji are currently filming for "Running Man" somewhere in Seoul.

Many people are looking forward to this episode, especially toward Jessi"s performance on the show.

This epsode of "Running Man" will be broadcasted later this month. READ MORE

[Spoiler] "Shine or Go Crazy" Jang Hyeok kisses Oh Yeon-seo

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Jang Hyeok kissed Oh Yeon-seo who was about to die.

On the twenty-third episode of the MBC drama "Shine or Go Crazy", Wang So (Jang Hyeok) and Sin Yool (Oh Yeon-seo) shared an affectionate kiss in the water.

Wang So reunited with Sin Yool who he thought was dead. A physician told her she needed to go into the icy waters to rid herself of poison in her blood. Wang So said he couldn"t see her doing it by herself so he went in with her.

Sin Yool said, "No, it"s too dangerous even for a healthy man like you". Wang So then said, "Let"s die together. I want to be with you no matter what".

Wang So carried Sin Yool in his arms and went into the icy waters. Sin Yool lost consciousness in his arms. He called for her to wake up and said he loved her and kissed her. However, she didn"t open her eyes.


[Spoiler] "Shine or Go Crazy" Jang Hyeok and Oh Yeon-seo are at risk to be executed

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On the 19th episode of MBC"s MondayTuesday drama, "Shine or Go Crazy", Wang So (Jang Hyeok) and Wang Sik-ryeom (Lee Deok-hwa) were pitted against each other while Wang So (Jang Hyeok) was trying to uncover the truth behind the assassination of Taejo.

Wang So claimed in front of ministers that Wang Sik-ryeom was the head of the evil group, who had assassinated Taejo to grab the power, so they should execute him.

But Wang Sik-ryeom threatened that he would reveal Jeongjong (Ryoo Seung-soo) had participated in the assassination of Haejong. And he also disclosed Wang So"s secret wedding in Gaebong five years ago.

Wang Sik-ryeom made General Kwak (Kim Beop-rae) stand in front of him as a witness, who had almost wedded Sin-yul (Oh Yeon-seo) at the time. Wang Sik-ryeom said "Before Wang So had the nuptial with Princess Hwangbo Yeo-won (Lee Honey) five years ago, he violated national law by having an illegal nuptial with someone else. The witness of the marriage is General Kwak here".

Wang Sik-ryeom confined Wang So and Sin-yul in royal prison and announced he would execute them.

[Interview] Lee Yeon-hee wants to work with Kwon Seok-jang again

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[Interview] Lee Yeon-hee wants to work with Kwon Seok-jang again

Actress Lee Yeon-hee is getting the hang of acting.

Lee Yeon-hee was reviewed again when she starred in the 2013 drama "Gu Family Book". She then continued onto "Miss Korea" and now the movie "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" with Kim Myeong-min and Oh Dal-soo.

"Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" is a comedy adventure film starring detective Kim Min (Lee Myeong-min) and his partner Seo Pil (Oh Dal-soo) who are asked to solve an illegal silver trade case and to find the sister of a little girl. The movie is currently standing at 3.7 million audiences.

"I wanted to be in a movie after "Miss Korea". I didn"t think I should take a break so I decided to star in "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island". The first movie was fun and I wanted to be something different" says Lee Yeon-hee.

Lee Yeon-hee plays Hisako, a mystery woman who appears everywhere Kim Min goes and puts his case in an even deeper mess. She worked hard to become a geisha. She watched "Memoires of A Geisha" and "Sakuran" to practice a geisha"s actions and walk. She even went across Japan to get her won Kimono.

"I"m a high quality geisha so I put a lot of thought into every detail. I needed sexiness enough to seduce a man, too. I also aimed to make the audience understand that Hisako had a past. I wondered about how she was sold to Japan and the life she lived. I didn"t think so much in the past. Now that I"m in a leading role and getting reviews, I have to think deeper".

The turning point of her life was "Gu Family Book" she says. This is what earned her the credit. She wasn"t in the lead but it was meaningful to her. She picked the "Miss Korea" team as people she would like to work with again.

"I think I"m progressing every time I do something, but I only got my break with "Gu Family Book". I felt my energy being relieved and gained confidence. "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" was in the spotlight because of the reunion of the crew, but I"ve never had something like that. If I were to choose a team I want to reunite with, it"s producer Kwon Seok-jang"s crew. He"s someone who allowed me to act actively".

Lee Yeon-hee has been a feminine type in her works and ads. We asked her if that was really her and she said, "I am very active. I like working out, doing yoga and horseback riding".

"I can"t stay still. I have to go out and move. I am carefree when I"m with my friends and although I don"t talk a lot, I listen to my friends. My friends say I"m out there. I can be random sometimes. I think many people think I"m strange because I"m not out in public a lot. But I do want my privacy. Maybe that"s because I started this life at a young age. I wonder if the public would like my real personality. I also think I should keep my "public image" the way it is".


[Spoiler] "Shine or Go Crazy" Jang Hyeok recognizes his one night bride, Oh Yeon-seo finally

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On the 12th episode of MBC drama, "Shine or Go Crazy", Wang So (Jang Hyeok) sneaked in Cheonghae Trading Troupe to meet Sin-yul (Oh Yeon-seo).

While Wang So was hiding in the vice owner"s room in order to surprise Sin-yul, he witnessed Sin-yul crying all of sudden right after she came into her room.

Wang So was surprised to see Sin-yul taking out the red wedding gown she wore five years ago for their wedding. Wang So gasped and said, "I can"t be. Gae-bong. You, Gae-bong, were you really the bride, my one night bride".

Wang So was looking at Sin-yul ardently when she went out to burn the gown. He mentioned the wedding could kill both of them.

However, Wang So said, "You may throw away old souvenir, but your memory will still stay" and "You bury memories in your heart. You fool. That"s the courtesy. Memories are not only yours". And then he hugged Sin-yul tightly.

[Spoiler] "Shine or Go Crazy" Lee Honey finds out about the marriage between Oh Yeon-seo and Jang Hyeok

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Lee Honey was frantic with anger to find out about the marriage between Oh Yeon-seo and Jang Hyeok.

On the February 23rd episode of MBC"s "Shine or Go Crazy", Hwangbo Yeo-won (Lee Honey) ordered someone to drug Yang Gyoo-dal (Heo Jeong-min) in order to uncover the truth about Sin-yul (Oh Yeon-seo)"s past through her brother, Gyoo-dal.

Gyoo-dal, who was feeling hazy due to drug spit out the truth, "Sin-yul and Prince Wang So got married five years ago. At the time, Prince Wang So hid the fact he was a member of the imperial family. Although they met again five years later, Prince Wang So could not recognize Sin-yul".

And then he also said, "So that means our Yul is the first wife and Hwangbo Yeo-won is his second wife".

As Hwangbo Yeo-won heard what was discovered, she exploded with anger. She brandished her sword and said holding back her anger, "It means they had a secret marriage. If the emperor or Wang Sik-ryeom would find out about it, what if they would find out".

"Shine or Go Crazy" is a romance drama depicting the love story in palace between the cursed prince of Goryeo and the abandoned princess.