Lee Hyori Shares Wise Words About Self-Confidence And Happiness

Lee Hyori Shares Wise Words About Self-Confidence And Happiness

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay,” Lee Hyori was shown approaching and comforting a crying girl at the guesthouse.

Lee Hyori approached Jo Eun, a university student and a guest at Lee Hyoris guesthouse, who was crying. After asking the reason why, Lee Hyori said, Its good to cry, crying means letting everything out.

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Jo Eun revealed, I thought I would be happy once I got into the university I wanted, but Im not. She had been studying for the university for such a long time that it was her first time to work together as a group in five years. She said she honestly didnt know what to do.

When Jo Eun confessed she had lost her confidence, Lee Hyori replied she had had the same problem in the past. I thought nobody would think Im pretty if I didnt dress up and act pretty, she explained. But that wasnt because people really didnt like me. It was because I hadnt liked myself.

Jo Eun quietly cried at Lee Hyoris sincere words. Lee Hyori continued to encourage her, asking her rhetorically how she can be prettier than she already is.

After her talk with Jo Eun, Lee Hyori talked about what happened with Lee Sang Soon. Hyori asked, You thought youd always be happy once you got married, didnt you? Lee Sang Soon, however, jokingly replied that no, he thought hed be happy once he finished serving the military.

Lee Hyori questioned what happiness was after saying she thought shed be happy once she became a successful singer. A moment later, she answered herself, Happiness comes when youre not thinking about having to be happy.