Lee Hyori makes jaws drop with her toned figure in ‘The Star’!

Lee Hyori makes jaws drop with her toned figure in ‘The Star’!

Singer Lee Hyori revealed her photoshoot for the July issue of ‘The Star’ ahead of her comeback!

The singer can be seen showcasing her healthy body while clad in under garments against the backdrop of Jeju Island, making jaws drop!

In a follow up interview, the actress shared some details on her highly anticipated comeback, stating, “For this album I hope to deliver the true side of me. This album was produced by the locals, and so I hope many people will have a good impression of it.”

Additionally, the singer was asked about her married life on the island. She replied, “There are a lot of aspects that I am happy and satisfied about, but there are times when life on the island can get monotonous. I am relived that I can experience the island again by working on my album as well as this pictorial.”

Recently, the singer made an appearance on ‘Infinity Challenge’ where her yoga body became a hot topic. Many fans are awaiting the sexy diva’s return to the music scene after her four year hiatus.

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