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Lee Hyori unfazed by belly fat criticism

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Lee Hyori unfazed by belly fat criticism

As previously reported, Lee Hyoris belly fat has recently been a hot topic of discussion among netizens. It seems, though, that she is quite unfazed by the issue.

On February 27th, Lee Hyori coolly responded on her Twitter, As you get older, its obvious that you start sagging. What is everyone surprised about^^

The Tweet was in response to the recent online post that expressed disappointment over her belly fat. However, Hyori kept her composure as usual and responded with her cunning trademark sense of humor.

Lee Hyori's belly fat draws attention

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Lee Hyori's belly fat draws attention

Sexy diva Lee Hyori and her belly fat has become a hot topc among netizens.

On February 26, screen captures from Lee Hyoris appearance on the first episode of SBS "YouI" surfaced on online community board after the broadcast.

In the broadcast, Lee Hyori is seen dressed in a black-and-white patterned one-piece dress. Though the outfit was meant to display her sexy figure, viewers were drawn to the less-than-flattering display of her belly.

Netizens commented, "I guess even Lee Hyori is human", "I dont really care about her back but I miss her pretty abs", "That kind of fold is natural on anyone" and "I am sure when she releases her new album she will be back with her perfect abs."

Lee Hyori’s belly fat surprises netizens

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Lee Hyori’s belly fat surprises netizens

Koreas sexy queen Lee Hyori and her belly fat has become a hot topic among netizens.

On February 26th, Lee Hyori and friend Jung Jae Hyung made their debut on new SBS program, Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyoris You and I. After the broadcast, the above captures surfaced on an online community board.

In the broadcast, Lee Hyori is seen wearing a black and white patterned sleeveless dress. As usual, she radiated with confidence and beauty. However, as she sat down to host, viewers were drawn to her exposed back and lower belly.

As everyone knows, even the skinniest person seems to have a bigger midsection when they are hunched over and sitting down. However, since Lee Hyori has been known for her tight abs through her past album and CF activities, some netizens voiced their disappointment.

Viewers wrote, I guess even Lee Hyori is human, I dont really care about her back but I miss her pretty abs, It is because she is wearing tight clothing and is sitting down, That kind of fold is natural on anyone and, I am sure when she releases her new album she will be back with her perfect abs.

In related news, Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung drew praise for their natural hosting abilities as they sat down with group UV and singer IU, to talk about various topics.

Joo Won describes his ideal girl as anyone with a pot belly?

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Joo Won describes his ideal girl as anyone with a pot belly?

Actor Joo Won, who is understood to have an strange ideal type, grew to become heads at the contemporary episode of SBS"s "Healing Camp" when he declared once back that he likes girls with pot bellies. 

When asked the unavoidable, inevitable, expected query of what kind of woman is his ideal type, Joo Won spoke back that a girl who "only wears pants, has a pot belly, has a beautiful back, and is kindhearted" is the nearest to his ideal type. 

MC SEO Jang Hoon, upon hearing that Joo Won lis ladies with pot belies, quipped, "How giant does the pot stomach must be?" making the every person burst out into laughter. 

However, Joo Won responded seriously, "I like the belly. I don"t know. i love the belly..." and continued, "I think if I am willing on the person, not anything matters." 

MC Kim Je Dong then questioned, "Are you the sort who can"t come again up while you fall not easy for someone?

Joo Won replied, "It"s no longer that I can"t get up, it"s that I refuse to get up," melting the hearts of all his lady lovers out there.  

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Lee Hyori to take a hiatus from superstar activities for two or more years

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Lee Hyori to take a hiatus from superstar activities for two or more years

Guess what? Korea"s diva Lee Hyori could be taking break day from entertainment promotions!

Since the final touch of her SBS display "Magic Eye" back in November, she have been taking a sabbatical, opting for no longer to head ahead of the public eye. She has stopped all her SNS activities, adding the blog she had been managing.

Her rep disclosed to the media, "For the time being, Lee Hyori will go away the entertainment international so as to have time to herself. that point will closing around two years." It is speculated that the time she"s taking to herself is because of her adjustments in values and priorities since getting married as she"s change into very active in volunteering her services.

She will continue on volunteering all the style through her time clear of entertainment. She has been either promoting her assets at the network chest pressure flea marketplace run by way of one model mag public figure or volunteering for stray dogs.

We will omit her in the direction of her time off yet it"s amazing she"s being so active with assisting out the community! Move Lee Hyori!

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Uhm Jung Hwa talks about being a feminine singer and Lee Hyori

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Uhm Jung Hwa talks about being a feminine singer and Lee Hyori

Uhm Jung Hwa  mentioned being a feminine singer in addition her fellow hoobae Lee Hyori at the August 5th broadcast of MBC FM4U"s "Two O"Clock Park Kyung Lim". 

Uhm Jung Hwa printed that Lee Hyori leans on her when she"s going via a coarse time, explaining, "When i used to be selling, I didn"t have somebody to lean on either. As a feminine singer and actress, it used to be a little difficult at the time." She added, "I sought after to paintings tougher as a feminine singer, yet as a result of such things as age, you'll need fear whether things will finish even supposing you don"t need it to."

The veteran singer persisted, "When I passed the age of 30, a large number of other folks told me that I must be making a song ballads. I wish to be someone my hoobaes can communicate to."

In other news, Uhm Jung Hwa is starring in the approaching movie "omit Wife".

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Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon Are One large happy Dog circle of relatives in style Pictorial

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Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon Are One big satisfied Dog family in style Pictorial Lee Hyori and husband Lee Sang Soon are featured in the 19th anniversary edition of favor mag style Korea.

Since her marriage and pass to Jeju Island, Lee Hyori turns out to accept mastered the art of ho-hum living, such that this new pictorial simply turns out like footage immediately from her private blog.

The idyllic pictorial induces a wide variety of nostalgia every bit the couple traverses forests and pastures alongside their five dogs, Soonshim, Mocha, Hope, Goo Ana, and Suksam, and two cats Mimi and Soon.

Lee Hyori has long been known for her advocacy for deserted animals. The five dogs were all deserted dogs that Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon took beneath their fly.

meanwhile, Lee Hyori officially unplugged from social media on may xxx, erasing all posts on her blog in addition her Twitter invoice. Since then, she has been laying low and has nevertheless to bring on any populace schedules.

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan finds His past Date with Lee Hyori

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Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan finds His beyond Date with Lee Hyori on the August 31 episode of < robust>MBC’s “< robust>I live Alone,” < robust>Shinhwa’s < robust>Kim Dong Wan meets his Adolescence buddies.

whilst luckily remembering fond memories from taking A look At their yearbook, one of his buddies remarks, “Kim Dong Wan nosotrosnt on A blind date with < robust>Lee Hyori. We nosotrosre All there. They either had expressions like they nosotrosre chewing mucilage.”

Kim Dong Wan explains, “ the explanation why is because i used to be dressed in flared pants And Lee Hyori turned into once dressed in hip-hop pants.” it seems that their differing styles led to them to take displeased expressions.

His fri finish remarks, “everybody stated Lee Hyori turned into once beautiful, yet simplest Kim Dong Wan didn’t like her.” The Shinhwa member replies, “Lee Hyori turned into once besides surprised At my reaction. Anet’s excellent that nosotros didn’t finally turn out in combination.” His comical remark finally finishs up making everyone laugh.

What Are your mind on their past blind date?

EXO’s Sehun has been reportedly the only Korean celebrity to win the Belly Button Challenge launched by China

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EXO’s Sehun Is The Only Korean Star to Pull Off China’s ‘Belly Button Challenge?’ On the July 3 broadcast of Mnet’s “Heart-A-Tag,” MCs Tiffany of Girls’ Generation and model Lee Chul Woo introduced China’s recently trending ‘belly button challenge’ as the main item of the show’s hashtag battle segment.

The trend that has been gaining attention online, known as the ‘belly button challenge,’ is a challenge that requires a person to wrap one arm behind their back, around to the front and touch their belly button. It is said to stand as a way of showing that one possesses an ‘ant waist,’ s-line figure, although this supposed claim has yet to be proven.

Tiffany expressed her confusion about the latest viral challenge, asking, “What I don’t understand is, why exactly do you have to take a picture while doing that pose?” However, after her co-host convinced her to try it with him, both Tiffany and Lee Chul Woo made an attempt at the challenge. At the end of their efforts, neither of them were able to successfully touch their belly button.

Lee Chul Woo then introduced EXO’s Sehun as the only star in Korea to have successfully pulled off the challenge, and revealed a proof shot that Sehun shared on his SNS.

Have you attempted this ‘belly button challenge?’

Lee Hyori denies reports that she"s moving out of her Jeju home

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Lee Hyori denies reports that she

Since many, many people have been trying to visit Lee Hyori"s home on Jeju Island, there were reports circulating that she was putting her house up for sale. However, this has been confirmed to be unfounded.

A representative from Lee Hyori"s management told "Ilgan Sports" on June 26, "Lee Hyori is not putting up her Jeju house for sale. She is planning to stay there permanently."

The rumors had spread after the magazine "Women"s JoongAng"s July issue reported "Lee Hyori, who was not able to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle she was seeking, has decided to put her house up for sale."

The magazine further stated, "She does not want her personal life to be violated anymore. After directly going to her house, [we saw] there are dozens of security systems in place. As soon as you go near the front door, the alarm goes off. You can see how high her stress must have been. But that doesn"t mean she"ll be going back to Seoul. After confirming, she is planning towards purchasing a plot of ground in Jochun-eup in Jeju Island."

Lee Hyori had moved to Jeju Island after getting married back in 2013. Ever since her house was featured in MBC"s "Infinite Challenge", the number of people coming by her house were said to have suddenly gone up.

We hope that Lee Hyori will soon be able to enjoy her private life with her husband in their Jeju home without disturbance!

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