Lee Hyori And IU Share Meaningful Conversation About Confidence

Lee Hyori And IU Share Meaningful Conversation About Confidence

Lee Hyori and IU shared their thoughts on feeling confident as celebrities on the August 3 broadcast of JTBCs Hyoris Homestay.

IU asked Lee Hyori while driving home, What are you most confident about? Something thats really easy to do for you.

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To this, Lee Hyori said, I dont think anything was easy. Ive never thought that Im confident necessarily. But Ive thought that [what I did] was fun to do. I love doing variety shows and photoshoots.

She continued, If youre scared about things, you cant see the fun. Does it mean that Im confident because I think these activities are fun?

IU answered, Its really hard to find things like that. Every song I write, theres not a single one thats seamlessly easy. Both [when] composing songs and doing broadcasts. So, thats why I wanted to ask. Youre so good at doing variety shows.

Lee Hyori reassured IU by saying, My real life is close to how I am on variety. If I also like to meet people, talk with them, and make them laugh, it just makes things easy. You need something like that, right? I think thats why youre struggling [to feel confident] right now.