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From Idol To Icon – Lee Hyori Will Always Be Popular

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They say popularity will one day pass, but Lee Hyori says otherwise.

Lee Hyori was chosen as the most successful celebrity that debuted in an idol group and went solo by 10 of 12 experts. Unlike other idols whose popularity fades after a group"s disbandment, Lee Hyori has become insanely more popular after she decided to go independent. She has surpassed the Fin.K.L days, at least in terms of popularity. Experts say, "She has exceeded being just an idol and has emerged as an icon of this generation, a female entertainer."

One music critic stated, "Lee Hyori has shifted the paradigm of the entertainment industry after 2000. In the late 1990"s, girl groups only know how to be innocent or cute, but Fin.K.L"s Lee Hyori tried the sexy concept for the first time with "Now." After her solo debut, she showed off her confidence through "Ten Minute," and even set herself apart from other sexy singers that are obsessed with simply taking clothes off

The Grace Stephanie to Return Solo in July

Four-member girl group The Grace"s member Stephanie will come back as a solo artist in July.

Stephanie, who is still under contract with SM Entertainment, will prepare for her comeback with Mafia Records. Mafia Record is an agency with girl group Wassup; although Stephanie remains under the care of SM Entertainment, Mafia Records will manage her solo album production.

Stephanie, who is famous for her dance performances, will come back as a sexy solo artist. All eyes were on Stephanie"s solo career as she awed music fans with her performance in 2012 solo track "Game".

With rising competition among female solo artists for the title "post-Lee Hyori", Stephanie"s comeback is expected to change the tide.

Stephanie, who was born in 1987, debuted as a member of The Grace, gaining popularity through her sexy charms and elaborate performances

Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri team up for new talk show “Magic Eye”

Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri had better chemistry than most couples as MCs for their upcoming SBS variety show ”Magic Eye”!

Lee Hyori tweeted on April 12, “First meeting with So Ri unni who I am still a little awkward with~ I hope we become good friends~^^,” and “The two of us at a flower garden~. Sori Hyori.” Their rhyming names is hopefully another sign that they”ll get along great as hosts!

“Magic Eye”, a new kind of women”s talk show, will hold its first filming on the 17th with the recent addition of MC Kim Gu Ra to give the male point of view!


Lee Hyori Reveals Photos Taken With Moon So Ri

Lee Hyori revealed photos she took with actress Moon So Ri.

On April 12, the singer posted on her Twitter account, “My first meeting with So Ri unnie was a little bit awkward, but I hope we become good friends.” One of the photos she posted along with her Tweet shows Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri smiles brightly while sitting with their backs against each other on a bench in front of a wooden building.

She added another photo with the caption, “Us two in a field of flowers. So Ri, Hyori.” In the photo, the two stars are standing in a field of yellow flowers as they smile facing each other.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri will be hosting SBS’ new variety program, “Magic Eye.” The show will begin recording on April 17. The date of its broadcast is yet to be determined

April is the Month of New Variety Shows

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This April, more than five new variety shows are set to air. Not only this, but the top MCs of variety shows including Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, and Shin Dong Yup are looking to take up other shows. Top producers, including the producers of "Strong Heart" and "Healing Camp", are also producing brand new shows that will air in April.

SBS"s newest show is "Roommate". The show will follow the culmination of "K-Pop Star 3", and it will be produced by the producer of SBS"s "Strong Heart". It"s a show that will feature 10-12 top celebrities living in the same house. The first episode is set to air on April 20th.

SBS will also be releasing a show called "Magic Eye". While the details of the show are yet to be revealed, SBS has confirmed that the producers of "Healing Camp" and the producers of "Hey Love" are co-producing the show

Are These Sexy Girl Groups Actually Sexy?

He Said – She Said is a special Soompi editorial that gives male and female perspectives on current topics and trends of the Korean entertainment world. 

The topic at hand is the current trend of “sexy” girl groups. In January, we were bombarded with more than a couple girl groups who teased us with sensual teasers and then made their comebacks with short skirts and push-up bras. Their message was loud and clear: innocence is overrated and sexuality rules the market. Even with their butt shaking and legs spreading, the reception of this in-your-face sexiness seemed mixed. Does wearing revealing clothes and making breathy moans really make one sexy? Have these once innocent girl groups accomplished their goal of being sexy icons?

Two brave Soompi writers will tackle this subject, offering their different (or maybe not so different) perspectives

Lee Hyori, Surprise Appearance On ‘Running Man’

Singer Lee Hyori made a surprise appearance on "Running Man", catching much attention. (Photo : sbs)

Singer Lee Hyori made a surprise appearance on "Running Man", catching much attention.

In SBS "Running Man" aired yesterday, the teams of Ji Suk Jin-Kim Jung Nam and Kim Jong Kook-Kim Min Jong ran into Lee Hyori at the Kimpo Airport. Lee Hyori was on her way to her newlywed home in Jeju Island.

Ji Suk Jin video called Yoo Jae Suk for him to talk to Lee Hyori. Yoo Jae Suk, shocked, said, "What are you doing there?" and Lee Hyori said, "This top star will be leaving now," arousing laughter.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Her naked face is pretty too", "What a coincidence", etc.

Photo Credit: SBS

Hyori Makes a Surprise Appearance on “Running Man”

You never know who you might run into!

On the April 6 episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” the members and their celebrity partners went on camping trips to enjoy the spring weather. To get to their locations, however, they were challenged to use public transportation.

Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jung Nam, Kim Jong Kook, and Kim Min Jong were at the airport, when they unexpectedly ran into top star Lee Hyori. Surprised over the coincidence, they gave a video call to Yoo Jae Suk, who happened to be at the train station.

“We met Lee Hyori,” Ji Suk Jin said to the fellow cast member, with the singer waving in front of the cellphone camera. Surprised, Yoo Jae Suk laughed, “Lee Hyori, why are you there?”

Ji Suk Jin replied, “She says she is going to her house on Jeju Island

Lee Hyori Makes a Surprise Appearance on ‘Running Man’

Although she wasn’t a planned guest, Lee Hyori made a short but friendly appearance on SBS’ Running Man.

On April 6’s broadcast of Running Man, the cast and guests were split into different teams and were given different methods of transportation to the final destination.

Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Min Jong, and Kim Jung Nan were headed to Kwangju by airplane, when they ran into Lee Hyori, who was on her way home in Jejudo.

Despite not wearing any makeup, she made a short appearance, happily greeting the other team members via phone.

Lee Hyori appeared as the first guest of Running Man, when the program first began in 2010.

Photo Credit: SBS

K-Pop Throwback: Why Roller Coaster’s 1999 Single ‘Come Closer’ Can Still Get You Out Of Your Seat

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First albums are a funny thing.

Sometimes they can come across like a yearbook photo, awkward and foreign, with barely an inkling of the greatness that was to come.

Other times, as in the case of South Korean rock trio Roller Coaster"s 1999 debut album "Naegero Wa," they are a fully-realized charge of creativity right out of the gate, rivaling anything the artist will ever do.

This charged-up energy is best felt on the band"s single from "Naegero Wa," the song "Come Closer."

Like other dance bands of the more organic persuasion from the same era, groups like Luscious Jackson and The Brand New Heavies, Roller Coaster knew that the best grooves are the ones your feel deep down, and not because your being bludgeoned by bass either.

The future Mr