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Hong Jong Hyun says he"ll always deny having a girlfriend + comments on the cuteness of Red Velvet

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Hong Jong Hyun says he

Hong Jong Hyun coolly revealed on KBS radio program, "Park Myung Soo"s Radio Show," on April 15 that he would deny having a girlfriend no matter what. This is particularly interesting because, if you recall, he was recently involved in a dating scandal with Nana, which sparked a controversy considering his involvement in "We Got Married" with Girl"s Day"s Yura.

Park Myung Soo stated, "Even if you had [a girlfriend], you"d say you didn"t, wouldn"t you?" The model-turned-actor replied, "Of course," then added, "I don"t have a girlfriend right now."  Which is pretty much what he"s always going to say, though, isn"t it? According to him!

In addition, he was asked to choose one girl group that caught his eye. "Red Velvet is very cute," he said. "Recently, they came out on a broadcast I did, and they did very well."

Park Myung Soo threw at him, "Do you love them?" to which he replied cleverly, "I don"t love them as much as I love you," causing laughter.

Jill Stuart's Cupid, Hong Jong Hyun Helps You Choose the Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend on Valentine Day

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Jill Stuart's Cupid, Hong Jong Hyun Helps You Choose the Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend on Valentine Day

Actor and model Hong Jong Hyun turned into Jill Stuart's Cupid helping you choose the perfect gift for your beautiful girlfriend on Valentine Day!

Previously, famous women fashionistas modeled for the jewelry brand, such as Gong Hyo Jin and Olivia Palermo. For the S/S look, Hong Jong Hyun became the first guy model for the new season.

In the pictorial, Hong Jong Hyun is dressed in a dandy suit, holding various boxes of presents and cute bags for his “girlfriend.”

For other photos, he is holding different colored purses.

He even kneels down to give a bouquet and a pink bag to someone outside the photo.

The pictorial of Hong Jong Hyun is to be used for Jill Stuart’s Valentine’s Day event ending in March 14.

No Min Woo Is Pretty Enough to be Rumored as Choi Hong Man’s Girlfriend

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No Min Woo Is Pretty Enough to be Rumored as Choi Hong Man’s Girlfriend Singer-actor No Min Woo revealed a rather embarrassing rumor about him through a guesting at Mnet Toilet on June 26.

During the show, photos of No Min Woo were shown on screen and a photo of the singer-actor together with mixed martial artist Choi Hong Man caught the eyes of the hosts.

“There were a lot of controversies (about that photo.) Actually that photo was supposed to be exclusive to my fanclub members but somehow it got to be circulated,” No Min Woo explained.

No Min Woo’s striking good looks was enough to cause a lot of buzz, according to the singer-actor. “We took the photo for fun but rumors that I was Hong Man hyung’s girlfriend got around,” said No Min Woo. “It was really embarrassing.”

Lee Hong Ki and His Two-Week Girlfriend: FTISLAND's Lead Singer Tells Story of Short-Lived Relationship

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Lee Hong Ki and His Two-Week Girlfriend: FTISLAND's Lead Singer Tells Story of Short-Lived Relationship

Lee Hongki, broke up, girlfriend, FNC Entertainment, interview, conference, event, Chung Dam Dong, tvN

Why Oh Why Hongki? Remember how he was caught on the recent video clips for their new show 'Cheongdamdong 111' and Hongki accidentally blurted out that he has a girlfriend? Well, sad to say it didn't last for long because they recently broke up.

On November 18, Lee Hong Ki admitted that he broke up with his girlfriend at the recent conference for tvN's Chungdahm-dong 111. The show is a reality program featuring FNC artists and staff and their everyday lives such as concerts, shows and daily activities.

"I thought we only started filming when the cue sign fell through, so I was just talking comfortably with the members when the story about my girlfriend was revealed. I didn't know it was going to be revealed in a teaser," shared Lee Hong Ki.

He also added "A little while after filming that, I broke up with her," added the singer. "I met her for around two weeks. These days, I can't really love anyone passionately. It's a problem."

Cheongdamdong 111 is an 8-episode reality drama of FNC Entertainment's artists and fans will get to see it on November 21.

Are you happy about this news about Lee Hong Ki? His fans are probably happy about this information. But hey, a break-up is a break-up, so sorry for having to go through that Hongstar.

JYJ Jaejoong, "With Hong Man's Girlfriend Hello Kitty"

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kim jaejoong picture with hello kittyGroup JYJ's member Jaejoong updated his fans.

Today, Kim Jaejoong posted on his Twitter, "With Hong Man's girlfriend" along with a picture.

In the picture, Kim Jaejoong is sitting next to a big statue of Hello Kitty. He revealed a chic fashion with sunglasses on.

In his caption, Kim Jaejoong was referring to the martial arts player Choi Hong Man who had said that he likes the Hello Kitty character so he decorated his whole room with Hello Kitty.

Internet users who saw this commented, "He really looks like a celebrity here," "I hope JYJ comes back soon," etc.

Photo Credit: Kim Jaejoong Twitter

Noh Hong Chul’s Past Comments About His Ex-Girlfriend Jang Yoon Jung Resurface

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Noh Hong Chul’s Past Comments About His Ex-Girlfriend Jang Yoon Jung Resurface On the recent episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which was aired on April 12, Noh Hong Chul stated, “I still stay friends with my ex-girlfriends.”

When he also revealed, “My ideal type is a girl who is over 170cm tall,” Seo In Guk mentioned trot singer Jang Yoon Jung as he commented, “Wasn’t your last girlfriend tall?”

Noh Hong Chul replied, “I still talk to her. We are still good friends. I stay friends with other ex-girlfriends, who are married, as well as their husbands.”

Noh Hong Chul’s comments from this show are receiving a lot of attention recently after the news of Jang Yoon Jung’s upcoming marriage, which was announced on April 22, 2013.

Fans that heard this news commented, “I don’t think Noh Hong Chul meant anything by it,” “So do they meet up often?” “I don’t think he will be contacting her anymore.”

Shinji Reveals Kim JongMin's Trip to Hong Kong to See His Girlfriend

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Shinji Reveals Kim JongMin's Trip to Hong Kong to See His Girlfriend

kim jongmin, Shinji, girlfriend

Koyote member Kim Jongmin received tough questions on MBC "Come Play" that was aired on Monday. Shinji siad "Kim Jongmin went to Hong Kong, saying that he needed to see someone. Me and Bbaeka figured that he had a girl there."

Kim Jongmin replied saying "I just wanted to travel a lone as a grown up man," but Eun Ji Won knocked him out by saying "Didn't you say that you had to go because of the show, not for travel?"

Shinji made it clear by saying "She's at Hong Kong."

Noh Hong Chul ditched his girlfriend at the river?

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Noh Hong Chul ditched his girlfriend at the river?

Entertainer Haha revealed a story of his best friend Noh Hong Chul regarding his love life.

On the March 19th broadcast of KBS2s Hello, Haha, who appeared a guest stated, There was a time when Hong Chul went on a date with his girlfriend to Han River.  Some men in the area saw them and said, Wow isnt this a nice looking picture~, and as they came closer to him, he ditched his girlfriend there and ran away.

To add to the laughter of the audience, Haha revealed that Noh Hong Chul had tried to cover up his fear of the men. Hong Chul said that he thought those guys really liked his girlfriend, thats why he had bailed, Haha said, causing a commotion among the audience.

Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, Noh Hong Chul is hilarious, and Was his girlfriend at the time Jang Yoon Jung?

Also on the broadcast, the story of a man who loves his wife more than his only daughter titled, A Fool for My Wife, beat out the story of Family of Darkness, to claim first place.

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Kim So Hyun Hong Kong Fan Meeting

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Kim So Hyun Hong Kong Fan Meeting

Kim So Hyun attended her first fan assembly at the facet of Christmas Celebration, on 21st November 2015 at Sunshine City, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong. the development used to be organised by potential of Smiles Production.

Kim So Hyun (born June 4, 1999) is a South Korean actress. She started her occupation as a kid actress when she became seven years old, and to start with rose to popularity in 2012 for gambling a villainous young queen-to-be in duration drama Moon Embracing the Sun, and a lady who falls into tragedy in 2013 melodrama lacking You. Other notable series come with black comedy The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013), mystery mystery Reset (2014), and teenager drama Who Are You: faculty 2015.

Song Triplets catch up with Ki Hong Lee From “The Maze Runner”

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Song Triplets join up With Ki Hong Lee From “The Maze Runner” “The go back of Superman” triplets, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse have met up with “The Maze Runner” big name Ki Hong Lee!

Ki Hong Lee uploaded a video on his private Snapchat of his assembly with the triplets. In the video he plays with the 3 kids, asking them if they’re having amusing and getting a resounding yes.

Many netizens commented at the similarity between Minguk and Ki Hong Lee and wondered if the meeting was once recorded for broadcast in “The Return of Superman.”

Meanwhile, in the approaching November 22 broadcast, the triplets get to look other actors in action (including their own father!) as they talk over with the set of Song Il Gook’s upcoming drama “Jang Young Sil.” Watch the closing episode here: