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Hallyu Is Riding The Wave To China – K-Pop Risk Factors To Watch Out For

(Photo : SM)

Recently the Hallyu wave has been leaning strongly towards China. SBS drama "My Love from the Star" is a record-breaking hit in China, and caused a "chicken & beer craze". Now Chinese fans can"t get enough of the drama stars Jung Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. The same goes for SBS" "The Heirs" star Lee Min Ho. It"s as if we"re once again witnessing the "Winter Sonata" craze that hit the Japanese market years ago.

K-Pop stars are becoming much more active in entering China as well. K-Pop stars are focusing not only on the Japanese market, but targeting a wider audience. Is China the new resting place for the Hallyu wave?

Hallyu"s mecca is Japan. Along with Japanese Yen phenomenon, the Japanese broadcasting networks" revenue was reborn with top stars Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo

K-Drama OST Roundup: Kim Hyun Joong Sings For ‘Inspiring Generation

Kim Hyun Joong concludes "Inspiring Generation" by providing his voice to the soundtrack.

Kim Hyun Joong lends his talented vocals to the final soundtrack for the period drama Inspiring Generation.Kim Hyun Joong sings When Today Passes, which is his most recent musical release since the 2013 EP Round 3.Inspiring Generation has enabled Kim Hyun Joong to transition to a more mature image, making a departure from the flower boy role he became synonymous with.Inspiring Generation has reached a climactic conclusion, with the drama experiencing an increase in ratings following the run of You Who Came From The Stars.

Kim Bo Kyung beautifully sings for the Three Days soundtrack.The drama led by JYJ"s Yoochun has been in direct competition with Inspiring Generation for ratings

“Bride of the Century” Lee Hong Ki is the most favorite Korean actor in China now!


Lee Hong Ki, who is currently starring in drama “Bride of the Century“, has recently named as the most favorite Korean actor in China.

A news medium of Weibo, Weishin, conducted a survey titled ”Who do you want to come to China and have fan meetings in 2014?” starting from March 24 of 2014.

The result was revealed on April 1st, in which Lee Hong Ki won first place with 23% votes. Actor Kim Soo Hyun of the SBS drama “You who came from the stars” and Lee Min Ho of “The Heirs” came in second and third respectively.

Congratulations to Lee Hong Ki!



FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki, Fashonista’s Airport Fashion

Band FTISLAND"s member Lee Hongki showed off his stylish fashion. (Photo : twitter)

Band FTISLAND"s member Lee Hong Ki showed off his stylish fashion.

Today, Lee Hongki posted on his Twitter, "Skullhong coming soon" along with a picture.

In the picture, Lee Hongki is on the escalator. He wore a bright orange jacket and a neon yellow clutch.

Internet users who saw this commented, "His fashion is so unique", "Fashion that only Lee Hongki can pull off", etc.

Photo Credit: Lee Hongki Twitter

FTISLAND to Appear in Japan MTV’s “Unplugged”

Band FTISLAND will make an appearance in Japan MTV"s hit live program "Unplugged".

"Unplugged", which aired its first show in 1989, is a famous music program that featured Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Sting, and Nirvana in the past. FTISLAND is scheduled to stage their performance on the show today.

The show will be filmed live in Billboard Live Tokyo; FTISLAND is expected to show a new side in their performance today.

In his Twitter, Lee Hong Ki posted: "Getting ready to go on stage for MTV "Unplugged"!"

Meanwhile, FTISLAND hosts their live tour "FTHX" in Bangkok on the 29th, and releases their 13th Japanese single next month.

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki’s ‘Bride Of The Century’ Drama Tops China QQ.Com ‘Korean Drama Chart’

FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki"s role in the drama, "Bride of the Century," has been gaining much attention in China.

Chinese site revealed today that "Bride of the Century" had topped the "Korean Drama Charts". 

This chart ranks dramas based on views and "Bride of the Century" came in first.

This drama was also ranked number 1 on China"s Weibo search engine and proved its popularity amongst fans.

FTISLAND has also been holding their live tour in Shanghai and has been gaining much attention as well.

This drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 11 PM KST.

K-Drama OST Roundup:Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Promise’ Is Digitally Released, Tiny-G’s Dohee & J Min Sing For ‘Cunning Single Lady’

Kim Soo Hyun"s "Promise" is digitally issued. The soundtrack for "Three Days" helps to illustrate the increase in action.

Although the drama is no longer airing, the You Who Came From The Stars soundtrack continues to remain popular.Singles from the You Who Came From The Stars continue to remain competitive on the charts, amidst the high profile comebacks by Girls" Generation, 2NE1, and CNBLUE. Actor Kim Soo Hyun who portrayed alien professor turned manager, Do Min Joon, provided the song Promise for the soundtrack.This week, Promise was released digitally, which continues to demonstrate the popularity of the soundtrack.

Tiny-G members Dohee and J-Min lend their voices to Mirror Mirror from the Cunning Single Lady original soundtrack

K-Drama OST Roundup: FTISLAND Lee Jae Jin Lends His Voice For ‘Bride OfThe Century’, Eunji Sings For ‘Three Days’

FTISLAND"s Lee Jae Jin Sings for "Bride of the Century".

FTISLAND"s Lee Jae Jin provides the melodic tune Come Inside on the Bride Of The Century soundtrack.The drama which is led by FTISLAND"s Lee Hong Ki is entering its third week, with its plot line escalating. Choi Kang Joo (Lee Hong Ki) has softened towards Na Doo Rim (Yang Jin Sung), as the supernatural elements of Bride Of The Century continue to unravel. Bride Of The Century airs on TV Chosun in the 20:00 Saturday-Sunday.

Three Days premiered this week, with A Pink"s Eunji singing It"s You on the soundtrack.JYJ"s Park Yoochun is at the helm of the action drama, as a bodyguard that is the midst of a plot against the President of Korea.Han Tae Kyung (Park Yoochun) is faced with the obstacle of safely locating the President in a seventy-two hour period

FTISLAND Holds Successful Taiwan Concert For ‘FTHX’ Live Tour

Group FTISLAND held a successful concert in Taiwan and revealed a photo of the behind the scenes online.

On their official Facebook page, FTISLAND posted a picture from their Taiwan concert on February 28.

In the picture, it showed a collage of scenes from the show including a surprise birthday party for members Lee Hong Ki and Choi Jong Hoon, dance time, drummer Choi Min Hwan singing and more and gained much attention from fans.

7,000 fans attended this concert and showed their support for the group. The fans were seen singing along to the songs in Korean and holding up posters as they showed their love and fanship.

FTISLAND will continue with their tour and head to Singapore on March 8, Thailand on March 29 and more.

Happy birthday to FT Island’s Hongki

Birth Name: Lee Hong Ki Stage Name: Hongki Nickname: Cute Rebellion Birthday: March 2, 1990 Birth place: Seoul, South Korea Label: FNC Music Band: FT Island Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group Height: 176 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: AB Talents: Singing, Playing Soccer Hobbies: Singing, Listening to music, Soccer, Internet, Cooking Instruments: Guitar, Piano, and Drums Twitter: @skullhong
-He has a younger sister -Before debuting with FT Island he was a child actor in 2002 -He is close friends with Super Junior's Heechul