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Twice′s Tzuyu Says She′s accountable for the Group′s Height

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Twice′s Tzuyu Says She′s accountable for the Group′s Height

--> Twice′s Tzuyu acknowledged that she′s accountable for the group′s height.

The two times individuals seemed as visitors at the October 27 broadcast of SBS energy FM′s Choi Hwa Jung′s force Time, where Tzuyu presented herself pronouncing "I′m the maknae in rate of height."

During the show, Tzuyu said, "I′m the tallest a few of the members," to which Choi Hwa Jung asked, "How many cm?"

Jungyeon then brought herself, asserting "I′m the fashion in Twice" leading Choi Hwa Jung to say, "From what you′re wearing, you′re chic."

Meanwhile, Twice kicked off promotions with the unencumber of the group′s debut album The tale Begins on October 20.

[Weekend Update] Park Shin Hye, BTS, GOT7′s Jackson and More height the Week′s Headlines

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[Weekend Update] Park Shin Hye, BTS, GOT7′s Jackson and More height the Week′s Headlines

--> Feeling just a little out of the K-Entertainment news loop lately? Catch up on what you ignored as we recap the week′s Peak five articles, in keeping with reader views!

5. Is Park Shin Hye Addressing Cyber Bullies in Her Newest Instagram Post?

Social media isn′t just a area to post selfies. Park Shin Hye were given genuine with the haters by means of Instagram.

4. SHINee, GOT7, Red Velvet, SISTAR, Apink and More proven for ′2015 Hallyu Dream Festival′

So...who′s not functioning at this year′s Dream Festival?

3. [Mwave shop] Legit 2015 BTS item Now on hand at Reduced Fees

There′s now no longer much time left to get those BTS goods at our reduced prices, so head over to Mwave shop now!

2. GOT7′s Jackson Says He Wants Folks to love the genuine Him

Cue Bruno Mars. we adore you simply the style you are, Jackson!

1. BTS Drips Self belief for ′1st Look′

The BTS contributors could also be brimming with power 24/7, yet they know when to replace at the charisma.

Yang Hyun Suk provides marvel Sneak height of BIGBANG’s Upcoming August free up

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Yang Hyun Suk offers marvel Sneak peak of BIGBANG’s Upcoming August unlock It’s Already the finish of July, And that implies we've got two more BIGBANG releases coming soon! One is A highly expected unit of measurement release from G-Dragon And T.O.P, And the opposite, As Yang Hyun Suk just currently previewed amongst surprise tune video clips on Instagram, is A mellow track.

From what volition Also exist observed, it sort of feels T.O.P showcases his making A song once back in the imp finishing release, And Daesung’s eyes volition stay hidden at the back of his curtain of hair. Yang Hyun Suk Accompanied the clips amongst the hashtags, #newMV, #BIGBANG, And #filmingnow.

check out the clips under.

A video posted by way of YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on Jul 27, 2015 At half dozen:19pm PDT

A video posted by way of YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on Jul 27, 2015 At half dozen:19pm PDT

Great Junior′s Ryeowook Tells His Facet of Height Five Incident

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Great Junior′s Ryeowook Tells His Facet of 

Height Five Incident

Tremendous Junior′s Ryeowook explained the

Discussed member Choi Siwon′s

At The July 15 broadcast of MBC′s

Durable>Radio Celebrity

Tremendous Junior′s Kiss the Radio

Tremendous Junior′s Ryeowook Tells His Side of High Five Incident" />

Durable>Radio Celebrity

Were Given mad at him one time. Since [Choi Siwon]

An Afternoon.. Ryeowook cried out ′Don′t

Top five me.′" Choi Siwon added, "

When We fought, I asked him ′Are you going to be

Stated ′Yes! Yes!′" drawing laughs with his Ryeowook imitation.

Following the broadcast, Ryeowook

At The air, "The Contributors

Outstanding.′" He Persevered, "They packaged the

Smartly. Choi Siwon and I

Replace Siwon hyung. Even

Funny Story about it now, I Was

Truth scared. I wondered, ′

This Way to hyung?′" He also added, "Siwon hyung and Eunhyuk hyung

Stated, ′Yes! Yes!′ when he asked ′Are you going to be

Yet I didn′t use that tone."

Ryeowook also expressed his

Durable>Radio Celebrity

Girl"s Day Yura"s real height revealed

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Today, not only wasGirl"s Day"s new song "Ring My Bell" revealed, butYura"s real height as well! Usually we hear about celebrities exaggerating their "profile height" to be 2 or 3 cm taller than they actually are, but apparently in Yura"s case, her listed height is shorter than she actually is!

During Naver StarCast On Air"s "Happy D-Day", a secret guest who turned out to beDream Tea Entertainment"s CEO said, "I"m a Girl"s Day"s fan so I know the real facts about them."

The CEO then flustered Yura by revealing, "Yura"s height on her profile says she"s 168 cm (5" 6") but that is not the truth. She"s about 171 or 172 cm (~ 5" 7.5")."

Yura exclaimed, "No I"m not!" But judging by how she reacted, it seems she is actually taller than she"s listed to be. Embrace your height Yura!

How are you liking "Ring My Bell" so far?

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Secret"s Song Ji Eun and Untouchable"s Sleepy show their cute height gap in new MV BTS cut

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Secret"s Song Ji Eun and Untouchable"s Sleepy prove that they"re a couple with a perfect height gap in new MV BTS cut.

TS Entertainment revealed the photo on June 15th which shows the two singers holding hands while smiling for the camera. As their respective heights are 189cm and 160cm, they prove that 30cm is the perfect gap to create chemistry between a couple.

Sleepy also attracts much attention with his "manner legs" towards Song Ji Eun.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Eun and Sleepy will release duet single "Cool Night" on June 16th. READ MORE

Lee Soo-hyeok and Kim Yeong-kwang talk about their height in "Healing Camp"

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Lee Soo-hyeok and Kim Yeong-kwang talk about their height in

Actor Lee Soo-hyeok has confirmed his height is 184 cm.

The June 1st episode of the talk show, SBS" "Healing Camp" aired "Taste Camp Part 1" with the show hosts, Lee Kyung-kyu, Kim Je-dong and Seong Yoo-ri and their guests on a gourmet restaurant tour.

On this episode, Seong Yoo-ri asked Lee Soo-hyeok, "What is your exact height" and he answered, "It"s 184 cm. The number is from a physical examination".

He also said, "I"m not short as a model. However when I am spotted along with Kim Yeong-kwang, people post on the internet saying something like, "I saw Kim Yeong-kwang and Lee Soo-hyeok today. Lee Soo-hyeok"s height can"t be taller than 180 cm no matter what. He"s just as tall as I AM."

When Kim Yeong-kwang heard this, he said, "Same thing with me too. When I go out with Lee Soo-hyeok, postings come up online, "I spotted Kim Yeong-kwang and Lee Soo-hyeok today. Lee Soo-hyeok "s really cool. Kim Yeong-kwang"s just a giant". His comment made everybody on the set burst into laughter.

ELSIE (Eunjung) says she knows T-ara can"t go back to the height of their popularity

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ELSIE (Eunjung) says she knows T-ara can

In ELSIE (Eunjung) recently sat down withTV Report for an interview, speakinghonestly about her thoughts on T-ara"s past and future.

She said, "I want to go back to the past (of T-ara"s height of popularity) but I know well that we can"t go back. It"s upsetting, but nothing can be done about it. It"s a reality with no one to blame."

But she positively added, "But if I work hard, I believe that people will one day see me in a good way. I will think about everything else after I have changed the perception of me into a good one. What comes first is showing good sides of myself. Receiving compliments comes after that."

Keep supporting ELSIE with her solo album and T-ara too!

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Seo In Young reveals her true height on "Some Guy Some Girl"

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Seo In Young reveals her true height on

In the May 5 episode of SBS" "Some Guy Some Girl", Seo In Young honestly revealed that her height was not in fact 162 cm (5"3") as listed on her profile!

The diva, known for her love for shoes, showed her fellow castmates around her shoe closet, some marveled at the tall height of some of her stilettos. Seeing Seo In Young"s very high 12 cm (4.7") heels, Kang Kyun Sung asked the singer how tall she was. She boldly replied, "158 cm (5"2")"

Shim Hyung Tak replied, "My favorite height is 158 cm," trying to get on her good side, making everyone laugh.

Well, we can"t really blame her right? There are a lot of people, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, who have exaggerated their height a little bit. But it does look like her profile needs to be updated after the reveal!