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Kim Ji Woo Fights Back Hateful Comments Calling Her a Plastic surgical operation Monster

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Kim Ji Woo Fights Back Hateful Comments Calling Her a Plastic surgical treatment Monster Actress Kim Ji Woo, wife of Chef Raymon Kim, fights back head-on with nasty commenters online. Kim Ji Woo married Chef Raymon Kim back in 2013 and has a daughter named Rua.

On October 27, Kim Ji Woo posted an image of herself from the concert knowledge web page Play DB and a long answer on her Instagram.

Her post is in line with the hateful comments that were made to the newest interview article on her upcoming musical “Gone with the Wind.”

Kim Ji Woo writes, “Let’s get started with anything funny. Other people are calling me a plastic surgery monster seeing the images I took for Play DB interview. If here is the result of plastic surgeries, I must just die.”

She continues, “People are telling me that my eyes glance gross and I must always forestall getting shots on my face. They’re telling me to prevent messing with my face. In its place of having plastic surgeries and shots, I’d rather get a non-public teacher and workout with that money. Or I’d rather purchase my Rua some clothes.”

She ends her post saying, “But I’m still thankful that folks are taking note of me. I never concept the double eyelid surgery I were given as a tender woman would make my eyes larger at my age now. Thanks, Doc!”

Upcoming Korean film 'Operation Chromite'

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Upcoming Korean film 'Operation Chromite'

Added the impending Korean film "Operation Chromite""s page to HanCinema database"Operation Chromite" (2016)Directed via Lee Jae-hanWith Liam Neeson, Lee Jeong-jae, Lee Beom-soo,...Synopsis"Operation Chromite" is a true war tale blockbuster about Total McArthur and the X-RAY secret agent project involving 8 other troops.Release date in Korea : 2016

Lee Jeong-jae, Lee Beom-soo and Liam Neeson in 'Incheon touchdown Operation'

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Lee Jeong-jae, Lee Beom-soo and Liam Neeson in 'Incheon touchdown Operation'

Actors Lee Jeong-jae, Lee Beom-soo and Liam Neeson are starring in "Incheon touchdown Operation".

Lee Jeong-jae is going to be a military lieutenant. whilst he used to be anti-Korean in the film "The Assassination", this time he"s a soldier that saves his country.

Lee Jeong-jae is assembly Liam Neeson, a noted English actor who is infamous for the motion picture "Taken". Liam Neeson plays the role of Total McArthur and Lee Beom-soo as a North Korean solider.

Meanwhile, "Incheon Landing Operation" is a true war tale blockbuster about General McArthur and the X-RAY secret agent undertaking involving 8 other troops. The filming starts once casting is complete.

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Kim Yoo Jung Finds Her Ideal Kind and Addresses Plastic surgical operation Rumors

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Kim Yoo Jung Exhibits Her Ideal Kind and Addresses Plastic Surgical operation Rumors On the September 30 broadcast of SBS’ “One evening of television Entertainment,” actress Kim Yoo Jung described her ideal boyfriend and denied getting any paintings done on her face.

When asked about her ideal type, the “Nation’s Little Sister” revealed, “He has to have a rather husky voice and be ready to sing well.” Hearing this, MC Kwon Hyuk Soo went directly to serenade Kim Yoo Jung with a husky voice, but his lovely try at captivating the actress soon made both of them crack up.

In reaction to rumors of her more mature appearance being the outcome of cosmetic surgery, Kim Yoo Jung clarified, “I think I have lost some of my little one fat,” and reassured fanatics that she is simply growing up to be a tender woman, and all adjustments in her frame are natural.

Baek A Yeon Contemplates Getting Double Eyelid Surgical procedure Each Night

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Baek A Yeon Contemplates Getting Double Eyelid Surgery Every Night Singer Baek A Yeon printed what has been on her brain in fresh times regarding plastic surgery.

In a up to date Chuseok interview, the singer confessed, “I wish I had double eyelids. I take into accounts getting double eyelid surgery each night. It would’ve been greater just to have got my eyes done ahead of I gave the impression on ‘K-pop Star,’” making pretend double eyelids with her fingers.

People say double eyelid surgery isn’t a large deal at the existing time yet many of us appear to prevent her from doing it, most probably because her eyes glance very lovely in spite of what she may think. Baek A Yeon then said, “I think I’ll get them done when I’m about 60 years old. It’ll be alright to do it via then, right?

When told that she is fairly and fascinating even without double eyelids, she shook her head and said, “I have a massive number of makeup on appropriate now, but I don"t appearance okay without makeup. I can take a glance at other sorts of makeup, though, because my eyes get larger when I wear makeup!” and smiled.

She ended the interview, saying, “Everyone, please devour various scrumptious food and feature an ideal time with your family. Glad Korean Thanksgiving day!”

Do you watched she will have to get double eyelid surgery or not?

SG Wannabe's Kim Jin Ho talks plastic surgical operation + the gang discuss their junior singers

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SG Wannabe's Kim Jin Ho talks plastic surgical operation + the gang discuss their junior singers

SG Wannabe"s Kim Jin Ho had so much to mention on SBS powerFM"s "Cultwo Show" on August 26!

When MC Jung Chan Woo joked, "You"ve made a comeback for the primary time in a long while, so why didn"t you a minimum of do a little plastic surgical operation like get double eyelids?" Kim Jin Ho spoke back with resolution, "I don't have any aim to do double eyelid surgery. i admire my face. It"s as it resembles my mother"s face."  Awwww. you wish to don't have any paintings done, Kim Jin Ho! You've the voice of an angel.

The participants also mentioned their juniors, stating, "It"s great acting on a tune show after any such long time. There are now numerous juniors. Yesterday, we were happening the tune program"s waiting room hall when juniors greeted us with a noisy sound. It used to be to the point we felt burdened; we were stunned so we ran way," making every person laugh.

Lee Suk Hoon added, "They stood in rows on all aspects to greet us, so we passed them, greeting them with our waist bent at 90 degrees, too. We wish that they would all greet us with ease like singers of equivalent standing."

But that"s hard... bearing in mind how veteran and mythical their staff is!

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Choo Sung Hoon to fulfill Liam Neeson in 'Incheon Landing Operation'?

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Choo Sung Hoon to fulfill Liam Neeson in 'Incheon Landing Operation'?

Athlete and actor Choo Sung Hoon may well be operating his synergy with Liam Neeson! Previously, the Hollywood actor changed into once showed for the role of Douglas MacArthur in upcoming Korean film "Incheon Landing Operation." It turns out Choo Sung Hoon may sign up for him, because of this numerous encounters with out of the country stars (he"ll be competing opposed to Shaquille O"Neal in "Going to School" too!).

A rep from Choo Sung Hoon"s firm answered to reports claiming he have been showed to act along Liam Neeson on August 19, stating, "He simplest won an be offering for "Incheon Landing Operation." No discussion has happened over whether he's going to seem or relating to other detailed circumstances."

Netizens in the meantime have expressed interest over what sort of role he won an be offering for! Would you love to look him in the film with Liam Neeson?

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Liam Neeson to Play Total MacArthur in movie “Operation Chromite”

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Liam Neeson to Play overall MacArthur in Film “Operation Chromite” Liam Neeson could be taking at the role of one of Korea’s largest heroes all over the Korean War.

In an legit press unlock on August 12, the team behind “Operation Chromite” confirmed, “Liam Neeson has been casted as overall MacArthur for ‘Operation Chromite.’”

The blockbuster is being produced by means of Taewon Entertainment and directed by means of director Lee Jae Han, whose old works come with “71: Into the Fire” and “A Moment to Remember.”

Liam Neeson has built a forged fan base all around his profession through the “Taken” series, “Batman Begins,” “Titan,” “Nonstop,” and more. In “Operation Chromite,” he plays UN commander-in-chief MacArthur who stored South Korea from being engulfed by means of its enemy in the course of the Combat of Incheon.

“Operation Chromite” is slated for unlock at the Korean War anniversary next year.

What are your mind on Liam Neeson taking in this role in “Operation Chromite”?

Red Velvet’s Joy has reportedly asked Yook Sungjae to have a laser Armpit Hair operation on the show called "We got married"

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Red Velvets Joy Asks Yook Sungjae to Remove Armpit Hair on We Got Married The June 27 episode of MBCs We Got Married showed viewers part of Red Velvets Joy and BTOB Yook Sungjaes second date.

The pair meet at a dermatology clinic in Seoul. While the show had teased viewers earlier with information concerning Joys straightforward comments to her husband and Yook Sungjae nervously rubbing his legs in anticipation of laser hair removal, the episode revealed more.

Seeing her husbands reaction, Joy asks if another area would be better. Yook Sungjae becomes even more flustered as he thinks about other possible areas like his armpits. Proving to be a doting husband, he says, I did think that I would have to do it someday. But he is not completely thrilled as he asks, Who does laser hair removal when they first meet someone?

The pair laugh at his comments and Joy confesses, It was a joke. I didnt know you would fall so easily for it.

Choi Jin Hyuk has been reportedly recovering from his recent Knee operation

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Choi Jin Hyuk  has been reportedly recovering from  his recent Knee operation

-- Choi Jin Hyuk has received knee surgery.

A rep from Choi Jin Hyuk′s agency, Red Brick House, told Newsen on June 16 "Choi Jin Hyuk received knee surgery, and he′s currently hospitalized while we monitor his condition."

Choi Jin Hyuk reportedly injured his knee in the army. The rep stated, "His knee wasn′t in great condition to begin with, and he said the pain worsened during training. After getting a check-up, it was worse than we thought, so he swiftly received surgery last week."

The rep continued, "Fortunately, it wasn′t a major injury. His return comes first, so he′s focusing on getting better."

Choi Jin Hyuk enlisted in the army as an active duty soldier on March 31.