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iKON to accomplish 'Apology' & 'Anthem' for the primary time on today's 'Inkigayo'

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iKON to accomplish 'Apology' & 'Anthem' for the primary time on today's 'Inkigayo'

iKON will be acting "Anthem" and "Apology" for the first time on "Inkigayo"!

The boys might be having their first ever broadcast level of the 2 songs at the 22nd"s episode of "Inkigayo". the men released the songs on the 16th and feature been slaying charts, so enthusiasts are already having a look ahead to the stage.

Make certain to try the stage later today!

Gary Finds house for the primary Time on “Running Man”

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Gary Exhibits Homestead for the 1st Time on “Running Man” Gary has published what his space seems like for the first time at the upcoming episode of “Running Man!”

The theme for the impending race is “Weak Men” and the visitors are Kim Kwang Gyu, Park Soo Hong, Jo Jung Chi, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, and Teen Top’s Niel. Ahead of they head out on the camping trip, they have got to marvel their spouse at their house.

Haha is teamed up with Gary in this episode and is going at once to his house, revealing it on camera for the first time. he's shocked by ability of Gary’s massive sneaker series and his own track production studio. He may be surprised that the home is hastily neat.

In the race, the pair is tied along side a rope all day, which instantly away reasons complications when one of them has to visit the bathroom.

The episode will be broadcast on November 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the ultimate episode here:

Baby Daebak Tries genuine Food for the primary Time on “The go back of Superman”

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Baby Daebak Tries Real Food for the 1st Time on “The Return of Superman” Children grow up so fast, as we are reminded weekly on KBS2 TV‘s “The Return of Superman.” at the upcoming November 22 episode, baby Daebak has his first flavor of bread.

Star athlete Lee Dong Guk takes Daebak, Seol Ah, and Su Ah out to a distinct eating place for Daebak’s first birthday. Once there, he supplies Daebak a work of bread to have a look at for the first time. Daebak is adorably taken aback via the taste, going wide-eyed earlier than breaking out into a smile.

Delighted, Daebak is going in for more bread, yet the plate is too some distance for his short little fingers to reach. even though Daebak is made up our minds to be triumphant in the bread, he tears up in frustration when he just can’t do it. Lee Dong Guk laughs, “There’s all varieties of yummy food in this world!”

The episode airs at 4:50 p.m. KST. Be certain you’re stuck up by gazing closing week’s episode below!

Spoiler Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the primary Time'

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Spoiler Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama 'Because It's the primary Time'

Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama "Because It"s the primary Time" (2015)Directed via Lee Jeong-hyoWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : OnStyleWith Minho, Park So-dam, Kim Min-jae-I, Eugene Jung, Lee I-kyeong, Jo Hye-jeong,...16 episodes - Wed 23:00SynopsisYoon Tae-oh (Minho) is a free-spirited faculty freshman who hosts his rooftop as a hideout of types for his five friends. among this diversified workforce is his early life friend, Han Song-yi (Park So-dam). As Tae-oh starts to fall for Song-yi, any other friend, Search engine marketing Ji-an (Kim Min-jae-I) starts to broaden emotions for Song-yi as well. Will this love triangle be the downfall of an in a other way easiest group?Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/10/07

Jun Hyun Moo brings up the time he gained lend a hand from Yoo Jae Suk

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Jun Hyun Moo brings up the time he gained lend a hand from Yoo Jae Suk

The November 20 airing of MBC"s "I Reside Alone" will broadcast the 39th birthday of announcer and television personality Jun Hyun Moo, who spent the big day with the only and only, Nation"s MC, Yoo Jae Suk.

During the filming of the episode, Jun Hyun Moo brought up how he was once at the receiving finish of Yoo Jae Suk"s aiding hand a while ago, reminding him, "It became during the tumultuous duration once I declared independence that I signed with a label with your your help." 

Yoo Jae Suk, last ever so humble, put the credits on his peer, praising him, "Everything all worked out since you were capable." Jun Hyun Moo wholly permitted the compliment with wide-open arms, and joked, "I think I actually did well."

Lee Min Ho to hang a communicate Concert for the primary Time in Two Years

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Lee Min Ho to carry a Talk Concert for the 1st Time in Two Years Actor Lee Min Ho plans to have a different match planned for his loving fans!

On January 16, 2016, Lee Min Ho will grasp a talk concert called “MINOZ MANSION.”

This is Lee Min Ho’s first domestic concert after his remaining one “RE:MINHO” two years ago. Even though he’s been busy with filming dramas and films, this proves that he hasn’t forgotten about his candy fans. previous this year, the actor talented his enthusiasts with a self-written song that he released on his birthday. With this upcoming concert initially of next year, he plans to percentage with his fans studies that he couldn’t share anyplace else and disclose his plans for the future.

Lee Min Ho individually said, “I’m making plans to share stories that I haven’t shared online.”

Official fans registered in his fan club can be ready to get tickets beginning on November 23, and normal fans will be capable of get tickets starting on November 26.

JYJ's Junsu sings 'The Time is You' for OST of historic drama 'Roots of the Throne'

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JYJ's Junsu sings 'The Time is You' for OST of historic drama 'Roots of the Throne'

JYJ"s Junsu is the following artist to sing an OST for the historical drama "Roots of the Throne". 

For phase 2 of "Roots of the Throne", Junsu is making a song the song "The Time is You", which expresses the pain of love that can not be. The JYJ member"s trademark voice and orchestral accompaniment are ideal for the track. 

Check out the MV, which recaps one of the vital story, above!

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Because It's the primary Time' Episode 7

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Because It's the primary Time' Episode 7

In the this episode"s first segment (eighteen via the drama"s inner counting mechanism) Tae-oh makes a concerted effort to push his romantic benefit with Se-hyeon. What makes Tae-oh"s efforts so adorable and endearing is that he still lacks confidence. Here is basically because Tae-oh never sees the manner that Se-hyeon smiles when he makes overtures. The expression on Se-hyeon"s face as she meets Tae-oh"s pals for the primary time is priceless. It"s evident that for all her being a coy mistress, Se-hyeon truly does revel in spending time with Tae-oh.

This gentle tonality is grew to become inside of out come episode nineteen. whilst we"d observed evidence in episode eighteen, episode nineteen utterly confronts Tae-oh with the truth that he intentionally lied to Se-hyeon. Or at best, overlooked to inform her some beautiful very important information. The reality that Tae-oh had a excellent reason why for behaving in one of these way is but even so the point. take note of Se-hyeon as she is going down the stairwell. The lie isn"t what bothers her such a lot as his habit afterwards.

A main tale point in "Because It"s the 1st Time" has been how the entire characters are young, dumb faculty students. a massive number of the time lifestyles is fun, yet similarly often, it"s painful. Se-hyeon is a fantastic sufficient young lady that she can find the cash for to be picky about possible romantic partners. Tae-oh had to visit plenty of effort to bring her guard down. And what Se-hyeon is left with at the finish of this episode is that her initial impact of Tae-oh was, in fact, more or less the proper one.

The scenario is lousy for Se-hyeon because she were looking to keep away from a condition like this, and ended up failing. She sounds like an idiot, and the fact that Tae-oh wasn"t wanting to be hurtful doesn"t lend a hand matters. Se-hyeon is left with the unalterable impression that Tae-oh can"t, or more correctly won"t exchange his personality flaws even as he's conscious about them. Tae-oh won't think that Song-yi is his girlfriend, but he continues to regard her as such even if Seong-yi herself at once tells him to knock it off.

It all makes for fairly harrowing stuff- or perhaps I just think that because I"ve had equivalent dating experiences. In any case, I will no doubt verify is this episode "Because It"s the First Time" is terribly true-to-life when it comes to, well, first times, and how they are in a position to so briefly pass from magical to heartbreaking. at this time I"m just hoping the modeling storyline works out.

Review by William Schwartz

"Because It"s the First Time" is directed by Lee Jeong-hyo, written by Jeong Hyeon-jeong and contours Minho, Park So-dam, Kim Min-jae-I, Jo Hye-jeong, Lee I-kyeong, Eugene Jung, Yoona and more.

G-Friend disclose their rooms for the primary time on 'One Fine Day'

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G-Friend disclose their rooms for the primary time on 'One Fine Day'

On the November 17th broadcast of G-Friend"s "One Fine Day" which functions their trip to the Philippines, the women disclose their dorm for the primary time.

On the pilot episode, the girls are observed packing their bags and making ready for their holiday in the Philippines. In particular, their room may be aired revealing several pairs of double-decks for the six members. They also blow their own horns every in their beds and demonstrate that 4 dongsaengs are sharing a room whilst two eonnies proportion one.

Meanwhile, G-Friend filmed in the Philippines, in particular in accommodations in Cebu and Bohol ultimate month and they're sharing their travel in the following episodes.

7 Gorgeous and Heartbreaking Time Commute Track Videos

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7 lovely and Heartbreaking Time Travel Music Videos Have you ever sought after to move back in time to mend a beyond mistake or spend more time with someone?

Time travel is an enticing theme as it normally deals with nostalgia and past regret. There can also a gigantic value to pay as fate is every now and then inescapable.

We have noticed the use of time travel to give other people 2d possibilities in Korean dramas corresponding to “God’s Gift — 14 Days” and “Operation Proposal,” so it isn't a surprise that the theme has also been used in music videos as well. Here are seven K-pop music videos that experience used time travel.

JYJ — “In Heaven” Time Traveled: 3 weeks?

Junsu by chance travels a couple of weeks back in time and gets to spend time with his female friend (Song Ji Hyo) who kicked the bucket after an accident. Someway he forgets to warn her about the fated day…

FTISLAND — “Severely” Time Traveled: 1 week

Similar to Junsu in JYJ’s “In Heaven,” Lee Hong Ki magically gets sent back one week after leaving a funeral. He turns out to be in a fully other timeline as his girlfriend doesn’t admire him, so this may also be a bit tough to warn her about the future.

Jang Woo Hyuk — “Back To The Memories” Time Traveled: ?

Trying to prevent himself from breaking apart with a past love, Jang Woo Hyuk builds a time system the use of the real Back to the Future Nike Shoes. Things don’t pass as planned at the end. perhaps the universe was telling him not to travel thru time.

Sunny Hill — “Child In Time” Time Traveled: thirteen years

In an excessively heartwarming music video, Sunny Hill’s Eunyoung falls asleep on a bus and wakes up 13 years in the past. After seeing her prime faculty self, she cutely looks after her(self).

IU works hard at development a time mechanical device to lend a hand wake up a boy this is in a coma.

f(x) — 4 Walls Time Traveled: 3 mins

f(x)’s “4 Walls” is the newest music video on this list and used to be a little sophisticated to follow. The “butterfly effect” comes into effect as a teacup breaking sets the complete thing else in motion.

Girls’ Generation — “Time Machine” Time Traveled: None

While here's a eastern ballad track and they don’t in reality travel back in time, they are making a song about truly wanting to exploit a time machine.

Which music video changed into your favourite use of time travel? are you ready to call to mind any other music videos that use this theme?