Lee Dong Wook talks about what he’s been up to lately

Lee Dong Wook talks about what he’s been up to lately

Lee Dong Wook took time to interact with his fans on ‘Lee Dong Wook’s On the Air’viaNaver’s ‘V Live’on May 12!

During the broadcast, the actor proudly shared a snapshot of himself at the voting polls, casting his ballot for the presidential candidate.

He talked about meeting with fans overseas on his Asia tour.”I held a fan meeting in Singapore during the month of April, followed by a fan meeting in Hong Kong in early May. I had such a great time with everyone,” he shared.

The actor then asked fans what they thought about his latest photoshoot, revealing cuts of himself.”I usually make this expression when I’m tired,” he said jokingly. Lee Dong Wook went on to describe how he manages his busy schedule, saying, “To be honest, I do get exhausted after working restlessly. Chatting with everyone like this fills me with energy. Ever since ‘Goblin’ ended, I’ve been working nonstop. I look forward to everyone’s support,” and thanked his fans for tuning in.

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