Lee Dong Gun Made Surprising Confession On Jo Yoon Hee’s Radio Show

Lee Dong Gun Made Surprising Confession On Jo Yoon Hee’s Radio Show

Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee recently surprised everyone with their marriage and pregnancy announcement. After Jo Yoon Hee spoke up about her marriage to Lee Dong Gun, now it’s his turn to spill details about the relationship with Jo Yoon Hee.

On May 9, Lee Dong Gun came by surprise on Jo Yoon Hee’s radio show “Jo Yoon Hee’s Raise The Volume”. According to Soompi, Lee Dong Gun initially was invited as an on-the-phone guest star, but the actor apparently wanted to give her wife a little surprise for the radio show’s first anniversary.

During the broadcast, the newlywed couple displayed their sweetest affection, leaving co-announcers and listeners envious. Lee Dong Gun opened the segment by introducing himself as Jo Yoon Hee’s husband while watching his wife’s face blushed since it was the first time they appeared together as husband and wife.

The couple later developed a warm, interesting conversation about their new lives as a spouse, as well as their plans for their child’s future. One of the moments that got everyone melted was when Lee Dong Gun admitted he had fallen for Jo Yoon Hee for a long time. Lee Dong Gun shared that he once tried to make a move to Jo Yoon Hee by sending her a message to show his support for Jo Yoon Hee’s radio show, Korea Boo reported.

What makes everyone surprised is Lee Dong Gun’s confession that he started to fall in love with Jo Yoon Hee since December 2016, two months before he and Jiyeon announced their breakup. Lee Dong Gun’s confession clearly got everyone to assume the actor cheated on Jiyeon with Jo Yoon Hee. However, none of that matters now that the couple is happily married and expecting.

As we may have known, Lee Dong Gun and T-ARA’s Jiyeon dated for two years. Less than a month after Lee Dong Gun broke up with Jiyeon, he announced his relationship with Jo Yoon Hee. Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee continued to make surprises after the “Laurel Tree Tailors” actor announced in April that he and Jo Yoon Hee have been legally married and are expecting their first child.