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Han Chae Young Signs On For Two Projects That Focus On Her Beauty

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Han Chae Young Signs On For Two Projects That Focus On Her Beauty

Actress Han Chae Young is acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful women in Korea. The press gave her the nickname "Korea"s Barbie Doll" because of her tall, slender figure, particularly her long legs.

Han is a popular commercial model, but she"s also known for her roles in dramas such as "Delightful Girl Choon Hyang," "Boys Over Flowers," "Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek" and "Pretty Man." And she"s been in a few films, including "Girlfriends" and "The Influence."

The actress once told the media outlet Asia Today that her looks have not always worked in her favor. She gets plenty of commercial work because of her exceptional figure and features but she says that audiences think that her looks make her seem unapproachable.

Her next two projects, however, have a lot to do with her beauty. In fact, both projects capitalize on her good looks and makeup skills.

First, the 35-year-old actress will host a beauty show called "Take Care of My Dressing Table." The FashionN cable show will feature beauty industry professionals such as makeup artists and hairdressers. Viewers can learn how to achieve the latest looks and discover which looks are best for them. According to the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily, the beauty reality show is expected to air in December.

And Han was also cast in a web drama series titled "Beauty Master" that focuses on beauty industry professionals. Her co-stars in the drama are Seo Joon Young, last seen in "Super Daddy Yeol," and Son Eun Soo, who appeared in "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law."

Han"s agency Hanyang EM confirmed her casting in "Beauty Master" with a press release that said, "Han Young has been given the lead role."

Han also confirmed her role with the Korean media outlet TV Report.

"I act the part of a beauty with great makeup skills," she said.

The web drama begins filming in November and will air in China before it is shown in Korea.

The actress is very popular in China. In 2015 she appeared in both a Chinese drama, "1931 Love Story," and a Chinese film, "A Big Deal."

Korea's 'live Barbie Doll' Han Chae Young to act in a new internet drama

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Korea's 'live Barbie Doll' Han Chae Young to act in a new internet drama

Glamorous actress Han Chae Young, affectionately dubbed Korea"s "live Barbie Doll," is determined for an acting comeback!

A rep from her agency, Hanyang E&M, said on October 30, "Han Chae Young has been given the lead role in "Beauty Master." The filming plans to begin early next month."

"Beauty Master" is a tale about the ones talented in terms of makeup, styling, and beauty. Others to register for her in the drama is search engine optimization Joon Young and Son Eun Seo.


C-Jes symptoms contract with Song Il-gook, Han Chae-young, 'He pulled me up first'

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C-Jes symptoms contract with Song Il-gook, Han Chae-young, 'He pulled me up first'

Song Il-gook, who signed a freelance with C-Jes, had a kissing scene with actress Han Chae-young in the past.

In the old drama "A guy Called God", Choi Kang-ta (Song Il-gook) stored Jin Bo-bae (Han Chae-young) from the water and in spite of the reality that the scene took 6 hours to soak up the water, the solid did their best.

After the take, Han Chae-yeong said, "I was once worried because I don"t understand how to swim, yet despite the fact that he had a tricky time himself, Song Il-gook pulled me out of the water first".

Song Il-gook said, "Han Chae-yeong have been in the water for decades and i thought she had to be cold".

Meanwhile, C-Jes said, "We have signed a contract with Song Il-gook. We"re going to give him the reinforce he wishes in drama and videos and whatever he needs to do".

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Han Chae Young Leaves SM C&C for Hanyang E&M, to greater take on Chinese Market

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Han Chae Young Leaves SM C&C for Hanyang E&M, to Better Handle Chinese Market Actress Han Chae Young has left her former firm for a new one.

The actress currently signed a control contract with agency Hanyang E&M after the expiration of her contract with SM C&C.

Hanyang E&M is a rather new corporate this is a subsidiary of Hanyang HiTao, a spouse friends related with Chinese e-commerce industry Global HiTao. Chinese e-commerce large Alibaba and broadcasting company Hunan Broadcasting System have invested in this company. Hanyang HiTao has exclusive rights to offer all Korean makeup sold on HiTao.

One partner of the actress told the press, “Han Chae Young is popular in the Chinese market. I trust she made up our minds to signal with this agency as they would assist her prolong her achieve in China and other Asian countries.”

Han Chae-young presentations off fantastic frame at airport

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Han Chae-young presentations off fantastic frame at airport

On September 23rd, actress Han Chae-young left the Incheon global Airport to wait a press convention for her Chinese movie, "The Guest", which is to be held in Beijing China.

Han Chae-young showed up at the airport dressed in a mini skirt with authentic print and a black leather jacket. She did no longer wear tight garments and still showed off her fabulous body.

Her model was once entire with a couple of black peep-toe stiletto heels.

Lee Jeong-jin "Won Bin, Han Chae-young, Cha Seung-won... all my fellow actors are a hit"

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Lee Jeong-jin

Lee Jeong-jin speak about his fellow actors.

at the episode of SBS" "How To devour and reside neatly- Have you eaten?" aired on the 26th of July, Lee Jeong-jin stated "All my fellow actors are a hit".

according to the query of whether he's a slump, he stated "No, I"m more like a small propeller aircraft which flies yet isn't now no longericed". This solution garnered numerous passion from the crowd. He persisted "some other folks bounce like jet warring parties whilst others get hold of a stable move of the affection from the public like jumbo jets. i am ceaselessly going my way without the wish to upward thrust upper than each person else".

Lee Jeong-jin also commented "Won Bin, Han Chae-young who were with my firm all changed into a hit. Yoo Ji-tae and Cha Seung-won are all a hit and they were actors who began out as fashions and senior to me in the industry. Cha Seung-won has been a most sensible megastar since his fashionling days. Oh Ji-ho is a fashion junior in the industry to me yet much older than me…i am thankful that i used to be ready to act for the closing 15 years".

on this episode of "How To devour and reside neatly- Have you eaten?", actor Lee Jeong-jin gave the impression and ready a " curative" meal for the " bet of the day" with Chef Lim Ji-ho and Lee Yeong-ja.

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Han Chae-young looks like a goddess in Anna Sui fashion pictorial

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Han Chae-young looks like a goddess in Anna Sui fashion pictorial

Han Chae-young showed off her goddess-like presence.

Anna Sui sunglasses collection revealed their pictorial starring Han Chae-young. In the revealed pictorial, Han Chae-young"s elegant and alluring beauty catch your eyes.

Han Chae-young showed off her innocent, sexy, cheerful and many other attractive sides effortlessly.

She created the innocent and clean image in the pictorial where she wore the white blouse and a pair of blue sunglasses. In another photo, her style in the combination of the black blouse with plunging line and the pair of brown sunglasses brings out her sex appeal.

A staff from BrianDavid said " Han Chae-young brought out the feminine and classy quality of Anna Sui"s sunglass collection successfully" and "It"ll be a good idea to take a look at those sunglasses in Han Chae-young"s pictorial if you"re looking for a new pair of sunglasses this summer".

The Anna Sui sunglasses collection in Han Chae-young"s pictorial can be purchased at 12 PM on April 21st through GS Home shopping and on April 25th through The Collection program on air.

Moon Chae-won vs. Choi Yeo-jin, who will Jung Joon-young choose?

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Moon Chae-won vs. Choi Yeo-jin, who will Jung Joon-young choose?

The production presentation for the new drama "The Lover" was held on the 31st. The production displayed a 20-minute teaser video which introduced the four main characters of the drama.

The most anticipated character was Jung Joon-young who plays a younger male dating Choi Yeo-jin, a woman who is 12 years older than him in the drama. His eagerness towards her surprised the audience. The level of their intimacy was no lesser than any ordinary couple these days.

Choi Yeo-jin said, "It"s fun working with Jung Joon-young. There"s no end to the laughter. I like that he is so unique".

Jung Joon-young said, "12 years of an age gap? That"s impossible. Even she said she wouldn"t date a man like me. We had fun because of the age gap".

This is not the first time Jung Joon-young has seduced an older woman.

He played another seductive role in the movie "Love Forecast" with Moon Chae-won. He was a hit in the movie with his randomness.


Fashion Face Off: KARA's Gyuri Vs. Han Chae Young In Kenzo Dress

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Fashion Face Off: KARA's Gyuri Vs. Han Chae Young In Kenzo Dress

In the last Fashion Face Off, "Full Moon" singer Sunmi faced After School"s Nana in the battle of the Low Classic sheer top. After a close back-and-forth voting session, Sunmi took the win with 58% of the votes, after accessorizing her look with ankle-high socks and platform sneakers. For this week"s battle, KARA"s Park Gyuri faces Pretty Manactress Han Chae Young. Both women wore the same Kenzo print dress.

The dress is known as the Printed Silk-Twill V-Neck Dress. According to the brand, "...This cotton-jacquard dress by Kenzo is feminine and functional. Slightly flared and subtly cinched, the minimalist-chic silhouette is finished off with a bold, geometric-inspired pattern." The piece can be yours for $730at the Moda Operandi online boutique.

Gyuri donned the dress in the November issue of Sure. She accessorized the article with simple gold rings and dramatic tasseled earrings.

Han wore the dress on the red carpet of Vanessa Tugendhaft"s Korea Launching Event. She coupled the piece with a wine-colored clutch, dangling earrings and black pumps.

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below!

The Kenzo dress can be seen below in greater detail.

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Lee Chae Young Talks About Her Travel Itineraries and Meeting Hollywood Stars on “Witch Hunt”

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Lee Chae Young Talks About Her Travel Itineraries and Meeting Hollywood Stars on “Witch Hunt”

Talented singer Lee Chae Young shared that she often travels around the world and meets a lot of Hollywood stars.

On the 75th episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” which was aired January 16, Lee Chae Young said, “I have met many Hollywood actors while traveling. While in Macau, I met David Beckham, and in Paris, I saw Sandra Bullock. Once, when I went to a club owned by a friend I met during traveling, I saw Jay-Z perform as well. “

The MCs couldn’t hide their awe, saying, “It is so amazing that you could meet all these celebrities when it is usually hard to see even one.”

Also, in the second half of the show “Turn off the green light,” Lee Chae Young shared her own experiences while listening to a man troubled by his overspending girlfriend.

“I used to travel, even when I didn’t have much left in my bank account, until I was 28 years old,” she said. “However, my values changed as I got older. Just trust your girlfriend and wait for her to come around.”