Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung turn down ‘Newlywed Diary’

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung turn down ‘Newlywed Diary’

Celebrity couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have turned down the offer to have their married life broadcast on ‘Newlywed Diary Season 2’. 

A production member stated, “Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have politely rejected the proposal to appear in ‘Newlywed Diary’.” ‘Newlywed Diary’ is a variety program that delves in the daily lifestyle of famous married couples. Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun were the first couple to appear on the show and gained immense love from viewers. 

‘Newlywed Diary’ is in the midst of recruiting a new couple for season two of the series. 

Which couple would you like to see on the next season?

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