League of Legends Gamer Hai Lam Under Fire For Negative Tweet About BTS

League of Legends Gamer Hai Lam Under Fire For Negative Tweet About BTS

Professional League of Legends gamer Hai Lam garners hate from ARMYs after he tweeted his opinions about BTS.

Pro League of Legends player Hai Lam recently posted tweets about BTS on Twitter which left BTS fans angry.

At first, fans saw no harm as all Hai posted was that he was listening to BTS and Jay Park because he couldnt sleep. He even praised both artists music, admitting that while he didnt like them as much as American rapper Kendrick Lamar, he felt that they were not bad.

Cant sleep so listening to some kpop, starting with BTS and Jay Park, not bad so far No Kendrick but not bad

Hai Lam (@Hai) April 22, 2017

However, fans began getting angry once Hai Lam tweeted his second post. A couple of minutes after his first post, he tweeted about his opinions on BTS. Seemingly out of nowhere, Hai Lam changed his mind and simply tweeted Jk BTS sucks.

ARMYs began starting a war in the thread section by bashing Hai Lam for criticizing the group for no reason. While some fans were posting hate comments, others supported Hai Lam by refuting them.

@Hai before saying BTS sucks, compare yourself to them

Pia (@smolpabo) April 22, 2017

@my00ngi @Hai You mean immature ones 😫 ffs, these kind of fans makes it worse for the fandom

Gie💜 (@OhMy_Gie) April 22, 2017

He then followed up with another tweet a couple of hours later after his post garnered attention, showing that he didnt care for the hate comments.

Also, holy shit I made some people mad with my BTS tweet 1200 replies on that of people saying who is this irrelevant guy trashing Gods

Hai is famous for his League of Legends gameplay, having played under the team Cloud9 in the Mid-Lane position. He left Cloud9 earlier this year and is currently under the team FlyQuest eSports.