Latest Updates On Song Joong Ki And Park Bo Gum's Love Life

Latest Updates On Song Joong Ki And Park Bo Gum's Love Life

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are two of the hottest K-pop celebrities of today’s generation. Aside from the fact that they are well-loved by their fans, they are also two of the favorite Korean celebrities when it comes to dating rumors.

It is also undeniable that they are also close friends, knowing that they spend a lot of time with each other during their free time. Now, reports have it that they are preparing for their reunion next month which will be for an upcoming project.

It has also been reported that Park Bo Gum is preparing for an upcoming autograph session that is specially planned out for his fans. According to Korea Portal, Park Bo Gum will also be having an event, and that he will serve as its host.

Sources claim that the event will be a collaboration with an urban fashion brand. He is also said to be the brand’s latest endorser. Now, fans can’t help but hope that Song Joong Ki will make an appearance in Park Bo Gum’s event.

It is also worth noting that there are even reports that point to the possibility of Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum dating each other. This is because of the level of closeness and connection that the two have. Despite the numerous reports and claims that support the possibility, the two haven’t released any statement or confirmation that it is indeed true.

According to another report by Korea Portal, Song Joong Ki has also been reported to be in a relationship with Song Hye So. There are even reports that point out to the possibility of them having broken up with each other, because of the new shorter hairstyle of Song Hye Kyo.

Despite the lack of confirmation on any of the rumors and speculations regarding the two K-pop heartthrob’s love life, it is still safe to assume that there might really be something between them, knowing that they are very affectionate and loving to each other.