Latest Updates On Lee Min Ho's Military Enlistment And Suzy Bae's Rumored Pregnancy

Latest Updates On Lee Min Ho's Military Enlistment And Suzy Bae's Rumored Pregnancy

It is pretty clear that Lee Min Ho feels sad about his upcoming military enlistment this May. And now, reports are stating that there is a possibility that Lee Min Ho might not pursue his military enlistment because Suzy Bae might be pregnant.

This news has been circulating for quite some time now, and fans of the two Hallyu stars from all over the world can’t help but worry about their situation. Even though there is no confirmation or strong evidence that Suzy Bae is indeed pregnant, the pregnancy rumors are still out in the open.

Because of this, this might be the main reason why Lee Min Ho is not very sure and convinced that he must enlist in the military next month. There are even some reports that point to the growing baby bump of Suzy Bae. This is also one of the reasons why all of these pregnancy rumors can’t help but come out every now and then.

According to Korea Portal, there is also a likelihood that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae might tie the knot before he enlists in the military. For now, we are still waiting for any official statements of Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae regarding the issue.

With all of these being said, let’s just hope that everything going fine for the two South Korean stars. Hopefully, Lee Min Ho can go on with his military enlistment because now is the best time for him to do so, knowing that it will be harder for him if he gets to postpone it for another couple of years as he is growing older. For Suzy Bae, let’s just wait for any confirmation on any of the rumors. It will surely help her cope up with all of the pressure and stress of it.