Fuse TV names T.O.P and Britney Spears as sexiest musicians of 2013                     Latest K-Pop News

Fuse TV names T.O.P and Britney Spears as sexiest musicians of 2013 Latest K-Pop News

Fuse TV names T.O.P and Britney Spears as sexiest musicians of 2013 Latest K-Pop News

Big Bangs T.O.P and American pop star Britney Spears have been crowned as the Sexiest Musicians of 2013

From October 15 to November 13, Fuse TV opened up a poll for fans to vote for the sexiest musician this year. After four weeks of intense fan voting, T.O.P came out on top amidst heavy competition including One Directions Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5s Adam Levine.

Pop queen Britney Spears won in the female category after also garnering nearly 1.5 million votes, beating out Selena Gomez, Hayley Williams and Lady Gaga.

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Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013

Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013


Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013 Sims 4The Sims Live Broadcast announced some exciting Sims 4 news 2014: The Sims 4 will be unveiled at GamesCom in August 2013.

According to the Sims 4 news 2014, the latest Sims game will be heading to the big stage at EA's game conference to happen August of this year. The GamesCom 2014 will be held again in Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany from Aug 21-25. This will be the first time that fans and gamers will see a trailer for the Sims 4. EA also announced earlier that the Sims 4 release date will be sometime in 2014.

Fans were somehow disappointed that there were no Sims 4 news 2014 announced by EA during the E3 2013 event. However, this latest confirmations about the Sims 4 going to EA's GAMESCOM seems to excite a lot of Sims fans.

The initial press release made about Sims 4 recently last month said that the upcoming Sims games will go back to its 'roots', further enhancing the interactions among Sims. EA and Maxis, the developers of the game also revealed other Sims 4 news that the game will run in a single player mode and will not need any online connection. Maxis has also shared that there will be huge changes and improvements specifically on the Create a Sim tool, as well as on the Build and Buy tools.

Maxis and EA announced some exciting Sims 4 news 2014 as they reveal that the fourth installment of the game. They also made a conference call with an elite group of Sims players they called as "VIPs." A representative said, "ForThe Sims 4we took a look at the history of the series and we pinpointed what we believe is the core of the experience. So we're listening to fans like you, and we're going back to our roots, the Sims, themselves."

Sims 4 release date is on 2014 and it is revealed that the game will be available for PC and Mac users.


  The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 High schooljust the phrase alone brings back memories of intense happiness, youth, first love, heartbreak, and a plethora of other emotionsis a common setting for Korean dramas. The ups and downs of a high school students life are relevant to the students in the audience, and sweetly nostalgic for the slightly older watchers. KBSs new drama, School 2013, brings to light typical issues teenagers deal with today at school, such as the challenge of getting good grades, bullies who just wont back down no matter what you do, nosy teachers, and the overwhelming desire to fit in with the rest of their peers in a fresh and straightforward fashion with no frills. While the K-drama scene has seen plenty of high school-centric dramas before, it takes a lot of factors for one to really stand out. School 2013 is rising quickly on that list with solid acting and intriguing relationships between the main characters.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 School 2013 isnt the first high school drama Ive seen, by all means. Most dramas involving young adults bring in high school some way or another; F4 of Boys Over Flowers attended their super exclusive private school and reigned supreme over the teachers and girls hearts (until Jan-di infiltrated the facilities, anyways), Kwon Ji-hyuk and the rest of Eye Candy almost got kicked out of theirs in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, and Kang Baek-ho time-traveled back to his high school more than once to woo his best friend, Han Yi-seul in Operation Proposal. And then there are the dramas that focus more on the high school aspect, such as Answer Me 1997, God of Study, and Dream High. But while its really easy to show a select part of high school in a good drama, its hard to make one out of all showing all the different angles of high school while keeping the characters interesting yet believable.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 School 2013s formatting of the plot is most similar to God of Study. In both dramas, the writers create a handful of characters (enough for them to be able to work in different backstories of the characters but not enough to get too confusing) and show how their lives tie to one anothers. Instead of having a main loveline, there are multiple smaller ones, which I like because it keeps you from getting too emotionally invested in one character. So in School 2013s gang of characters, we have Go Nam-soo, the apathetic class president who has a complicated home life, Song Ha-kyung, the arrogant girl in the class who studies hard but has no interest in her fellow classmates, Lee Kang-joo, the tomboyish girl who seems to have a soft spot for Nam-soo, Park Heung-soo, the transfer student with a shady past ,and then the two teachers, Jung In-jae and Kang Se-chan. In-jae is the idealistic, semi-naive teacher, while Se-chan teaches to the test and doesnt really care about the actual learning part.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 For the first four episodes, we get a good idea of what happens at Seungri High School, where the drama takes place. What we dont get are backstories, which keeps us interested in the characters as we try to figure them out. Why is Nam-soo so apathetic? What happened between Heung-soo and him? Why is Ha-kyung such a bitch to her fellow students and why is she trying so hard when no one else in the class seems to care? What about Heung-soo? Whats in his past? Many high school dramas fall into the trap of making their character too simplistic and uninteresting by keeping them one-dimensional, but School 2013 looks like it plans to really flesh out each students story.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 One of the biggest plotlines right now is the rivalry (or grudging partnership by episode four) between the two teachers. Because In-jae and Se-chan teach in such different styles, they disagree frequently on how to run the classroom, especially after they became co-homeroom teachers. In-jae is adorably idealistic and the teacher who really cares about the students lives outside the classroom, but her weakness is in her ability to exert authority. She is treated by the students as more of a friend than a teacher sometimes. On the other hand, Se-chan couldnt care less about the wellbeings of his students. He sticks to the curriculum and does his job. Sometimes Im not even sure why he teaches. He doesnt seem to love his job like In-jae does, but for some unstated reason, he sticks around. Im interested to see how the drama is going to develop his character (hopefully In-jae rubs off on him a little). At this point, Im unsure as to whether there will be a romance between the two teachers, but as long as its not the central focus of their plotlines, it would be a cute addition.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 Two other really interesting points School 2013 brings up without any sugarcoating are disrespect and defiance between students, teachers, and the administration. When the drama begins, we know that the school doesnt have a terrific reputation. Instances of violence and poor numbers trouble the principal. In fact, Ha-kyung, who attends a cram school at night in order to ensure her acceptance into Seoul University, is ashamed that she attends such a poor high school. Because the disorder causes prospective students and parents to turn their heads against the school, the administration tries to cover up some of the conflicts as something less serious. In episode two, when Young-woon, a student with a learning disability, throws a chair out the classroom window in an attempt to keep Nam-soo from being beaten up further by Jung-ho, the school bully, he is almost forced to transfer because the school didnt want to reveal the fact that there was violence involved, not only destruction of property. However, In-jae stops the transferal in the nick of time, defying the principals desire to kick Young-woon out of school. The repercussions to her action are shown as Se-chan is appointed homeroom teacher in her place. Sometimes I feel like rash actions in dramas dont amount to what they would in real life (not that we should expect them to), but it was a nice change to see something happen to the heroine because she broke the rules.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 Disrespect, the other theme covered by the drama extensively, is also portrayed well. Nam-soo is disrespected by basically everyone around him except for In-jae, which is probably why he tends to show his protective side more around her. Ha-kyung treats him poorly at first because his grades arent good, but I sense a change in that relationship soon. Jung-hos bullying also makes him feel belittled, even though hes not exactly scared of being beaten up. Nam-soos alcoholic father also doesnt take care of him at all, so I find it very interesting that Nam-soo has a caring side to him, especially since it could have been very possible that he was beaten by his father (a potential reason for why he never fights back against Jung-ho). The disrespect Se-chan has for In-jae as a teacher is also blatantly shown through his interactions with her. I always feel like hes talking down to her, because he thinks that hes the better teacher between them. However, he doesnt relate to the kids quite as well as she does.

The Latest Addition to High School K-dramas: School 2013 All in all, the first four episodes have been extremely strong. Im already emotionally invested in the drama and its characters because of how good of a job the actors and writers are doing. Lee Jong-suk is doing a good job at controlling the amount of angst his character radiates (when he lay on his bed and cries while whispering, Its okay after getting beaten up made me want to cry with him), and the chemistry between Daniel Choi and Jang Na-ra is subtle and sweet. Im excited to see how the students plotlines play out, especially the ones of Nam-soo and Ha-kyung, as well as the relationship between Nam-soo and Heung-soo. One of the best things about high school K-dramas is how easy it is to root for the characters, and the slightly darker tone of School 2013 makes it look promising, with just enough heart and grit to keep things moving along.

What do you guys think of this drama, Seoulmates?


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BTS cuts unveiled for latest drama School 2013

BTS cuts unveiled for latest drama School 2013

BTS cuts unveiled for latest drama ‘School 2013′

BTS cuts from the new KBS 2TV drama, ‘School 2013‘ have already come out with the appearance of many cast members such as Lee Jong Suk, Gwak Jung Wook, 5dollsHyoyoung, Park Sae Young, and more.

According to a representative, “The young actors made the filming atmosphere lively and thus, we were able to produce a bigger synergy effect during filming. The drama will be reminiscent of a real school with its drama and delivery of reality.”

‘School 2013′ is scheduled to be released on December 3rd at 10 PM KST!


The latest  horny  fashion has hit Korea: stomach dancing

The latest horny fashion has hit Korea: stomach dancing

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith all of thea success dancers in Korea, either mainstream and underground, the rustic has grow to beone of the vitalbest dancing capitals of the world. And whilstfreshforms of dancing similar to b-boying has been dominant, many classic dance styles have also becamefairly popular in Korea. For example, stomach dancing has become a favourite among dancers in the country, with many girls opting to prepare the style. Belly dancing has been praised both for its aesthetic appeal, cultural value, and its fitness benefits, which is most probably why the dance style is turning into more popular than ever in Korea.

Check out some videos of Korean belly dancers below: 

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BIGBANG’s Seungri Says He Won’t Be Demise  By myself In Latest “BIGBANG MADE” Teaser

BIGBANG’s Seungri Says He Won’t Be Demise By myself In Latest “BIGBANG MADE” Teaser

BIGBANGs Seungri Says He Wont Be DeathBy myself In Latest BIGBANG MADE Teasersoojji June 24, 2016 0 BIGBANGs Seungri Says He Wont Be Dying Alone In Newest BIGBANG MADE Teaser On June 24, BIGBANG released a new teaser featuring their ultimate member, Seungri, for the teams upcoming movie BIGBANG MADE.

In the teaser, the idol mysteriously states, They still had it. I used to be taken aback. I erased the entire lot before. He adds, I wont be dying alone, and cooly threatens an unknown counterpart to position information technology up at the Internet.

You can watch Seungris teaser here.

Dont omitto have a look at BIGBANG’s previous teasers featuring Taeyang, G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Daesung as well!

BIGBANG MADE is the primary of many projects commemorating the groups 10 year anniversary, and might be released in South Korean theaters on June 30.

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BIGBANG’s Daesung Gets To The guts In Latest Promo Video For “BIGBANG MADE”

BIGBANG’s Daesung Gets To The guts In Latest Promo Video For “BIGBANG MADE”

BIGBANGs Daesung Gets To The center In Latest Promo Video For BIGBANG MADEehk38 June 23, 2016 0 BIGBANGs Daesung Gets To The Heart In Newest Promo Video For BIGBANG MADE On June 23, BIGBANG released a new promotional video for the teams upcoming movie BIGBANG MADE.

This video functions member Daesung who speaks candidly about how much he cherishes being an artist and being in a positionto move on tour.

I idea or so what I may make if my voice didnt come out anymore, and I learned that I wouldnt be capable of practise any of the things Ive done till now, Daesung says.

How fantastic is it that I can be able to even do this. Later, even though anewould like to do it I would possibly not be able to. Perhaps information technologyused to be because I had thosemindprior to touring, yetthere has beenanything poignant about the tour, Daesung continues. Like I used to be in a dream.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG MADE will be hitting CGV theaters in Korea on June 30.

You can watch the whole teaser on V Live here. Subs in a couple of languages are available. You can also take a glance at BIGBANGs previous teasers featuring Taeyang and G-Dragon.

Stay tuned for Seungris teaser next!

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Park Yoochun’s Beyond “Sexual” Controversy Revisted In Mild  Of latest Prostitution Rape Case

Park Yoochun’s Beyond “Sexual” Controversy Revisted In Mild Of latest Prostitution Rape Case

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPark Yoochun’s beyond has come to mild equallythe primary points of the sexual attack event filed opposed to him were publicised. 

The singer and actor remains belowconsistent scrutiny after a feminine member of the public filed a case against him after allegedly sexually assaulting her in the toilet of an adult entertainment establishment.

As the unconfirmed reports persisted to gasoline speculations, netizens discovered little pieces of evidence of Yoochun’s behaviour in the past. For example, a photo of him allegedly sexually harassing his coordi ago resurfaced online. The photo featured a capture of his coordi, yetwas onceobserved to were tampered via Yoochun’s scribbles and doodle, and become posted via his non-public Twitter account.

If one looks closely, however, it will also bevisible that he also drew scribbles across her chest, leaving lovers to decipher if such habit have been rampant in the past. As the pictures continued to move online, some can notassist but no longerprotect the singer and actor as it's milesvery equivalent to his standardform of drawing.

Meanwhile, in keeping with accusation, Park Yoochun’s firmbest asked fans and the media alike to chorus posting data from unconfirmed sources.

The investigation against the stated claim continues.

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Z.TAO Functions  Global  Famend Rapper Wiz Khalifa in Latest  Tune Video

Z.TAO Functions Global Famend Rapper Wiz Khalifa in Latest Tune Video

Z.TAO(Photo : Z.TAO Instagram)ZTAO is yet and still stuffed with many surprises!

It turns out ZTAO is aiming for the arena hip-hop scene after shedding his newestsong video "Hello, Hello" featuring internationalnoted rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

"Hello, Hello" is a song with the robust raps of either ZTAO and Wiz Khalifa paired with a robust nonetheless sensual beat. The music video itself also functions both rappers in a gloomy and cloudy surroundingssooner than heating things up in the club.

ZTAO had up to now featured the "Hello, Hello" music video at his solo concert 'The Road' on Might 1. Many lovers accept already gotten to view the exclusive video; however, in a while subsequently the respectableused to be posted by way of ZTAO official YouTube channel inside ofminsbecome switched to private. In meantime, revel in the concert edition that still had fans swooning.

ZTAO has been pursuing slightly the selection of activities ago year in both the music and picture industry. After already liberatingloads of singles adding "I'm The Sovereign", "The Road", and "Underground King", ZTAO may be scheduled to movie3 Chinese videosall the manner through 2016.

ZTAO has been making breaks onto the small screen in China as neatly after acting on Ace vs. Aceand the Chinese edition of Laws of the Jungle.

Despite best make being solo for approximately a year, ZTAO has already held two concerts with a significantlymassive fan base attending both in Beijing and Shanghai.

What does ZTAO have in shop for fans next? And should he expose the epic and inviting music video back to the public?

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