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8 Korean celebrity couples, what would their kids look like?

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Have you ever wondered what Taeyeon and Baekhyuns potential child would look like? Here are 8 morphed baby photos of Korean idol couples, if they had children! Which do you think is cutest?

1. Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Huns baby! That is one handsome baby.image

2. Girls Generation Soo Young and Jung Kyung Hos baby! Aww look at those chubby cheeks!image

3.  F(x)s Sulli and Choizas baby! He looks more like his dad!image

4. Kim Tae Hee and Rains baby! He could be an actor one day!image

5. Girls Generations Tiffany and 2PMs Nickhuns baby! He is half Korean, half Thai!image

6. T-aras So Yeon and Oh Jong Hyuks baby! He has So Yeons eyes and Jong Hyuks nose!image

7. Girls Generations Tae Yeon and Exos Baek Hyuns baby! Wow he is just adorable!image

8. Girls Generation Yoona and Lee Seung Gis baby! Those are some good genetics!image

You Two Dated!?: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

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You Two Dated!?: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

Jang Yoon Jung, no hong chul, hyun young, kim jong min, hyori, haha

Love is blind, love is beautiful, love is perfect, but there are some times where two people get together and you're completely caught off guard. The reasons can vary but nonetheless the reactions always trigger the same kind of feeling. Here are some Korean couples that got together that stunned the nation!

When it was announced that the sexiest woman on planet earth, Lee Hyori, was dating someone, the world imagined a tall, burly, manly, rough and chiseled man with the body of a Korean Greek god. Instead a lanky, unimpressive looking man with big facial features and long wavy hair came out of the woodworks and sent the public into a frenzy. Despite the negative comments from netizens and media alike, Hyori stood by her man tall and proud. The two seem like an unlikely duo but the two work together like peanut butter and jelly and that's love baby.

When comedian Haha and announcer Ahn Hye Kyung announced their relationships, most people were surprised that small Haha snagged a long-legged beauty like Ahn Hye Kyung. The two dated for a whopping 5 years before ending their courtship. Haha went on to marry singer Byul and just had a baby boy. Byul is definitely more on his level and the two are just all kinds of adorable together.

When I first heard the news that singer Kim Jong Min and personality Hyun Young were an item, I remember laughing at the perfection of this couple but also being quite surprised that the long beauty was even attracted to ditzy Kim Jong Min. But the two did work for a little until they broke up a short while.

Comedian No Hong Chul and trot singer Jang Yoon Jung were once in love. I know, I know. When these two came out declaring their love, I nearly fell off my chair. How in earth's name did Hong Chul manage to get Yoon Jung? I'll never know. The relationship didn't last long and the two have since gone their different ways.

Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

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Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

Actress Lee Da Hae has been cast in every other Korean-Chinese collaborative drama, setting up herself as a Hallyu star.

She has been cast in the drama, "Couple of the Century," in which she can be a top star Choi Hwan Young who has lived in the head 1% of society because she had to have the entire thing she wanted.  As the inheritor to an undertaking that focuses on fashion, she started out as an idol woman team member earlier than establishing her call as an actress. in spite of her fantastic luck and popularity, she is not able to consider in others and open herself up to the folk round her because of an internal scar.

The drama will be a romantic comedy on her look for trustworthy love after she reveals herself locked in a contractual marriage.  Lee Da Hae will input into filming in the midst of this month for a premiere in spite of everything of December via China"s Alibaba and then next year by way of China"s Hunan TV.

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Korea's Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

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Korea's Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

In the glamorous world of entertainment it"s not impossible for two people with the same visual aesthetics and taste for fashion to become drawn to each other to form and impeccable sartorial union. Here, we"ve listed the celebrity couples with OOTD"s on fleek.

Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

The model-like Sooyoung is a top choice for "most fashionable" or "class fashionista" and most everyone will agree. While Sooyoung is known for being the face of many high fashion clothing brands, what makes her a style standout is skill in bringing various prints, colors, and fabrics and harmonizing them into one masterpiece. Fashion-wise, Sooyoung"s other-half Jung Kyung Ho might not exactly be able to level with her, the actor also has his fashion moments. And who knows how strong his OOTD game will become once he takes cues from Sooyoung.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee are the king and queen in their respective fields, and even in the world of fashion they continue to reign supreme. For trips to the airport, this couple likes to keep it minimal and tends to play with neutral colors. But once the necessity arises, the two dress up like the grandiose couple that they are.

(Photo : KpopStarz) Suzy and Lee Min Ho"s fashion identities are very sleek and clean. Suzy"s fashion choices in particular appeal to most women because of its practicality and wearability, without having to look bland. Lee Min Ho, on the other hand, is basically every woman"s prince charming who glows and shines and sparkles in whatever he wears.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin is one sexy couple, and they"re both very fashion forward. This couple is eccentric and experimental when it comes to their outfits. Together, they make for a good-looking couple with a lot of spunk.

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah

A new "visual couple" was born when Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah announced they were dating. The couple is known for being the faces of top local and international fashion brands, and that"s not only because they have model qualities but also because they personally have great taste in fashion. Plus they both share the same elegant and poised flair onscreen and off.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

(Photo : InStyle) Everyone"s currently style peg, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, made everyone squeal and delight when it was reported that they"re romantically linked. I think, individually and based on this InStyle fashion shoot, it"s a no brainer why Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk got into this list.

G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

Regardless what their actual relationship status and granting that the numerous dating rumors turned out to be true, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara are fashion royalties. Both are trendsetters and fashion game changesr in the major league. While G-Dragon is known for his flashy, no-holds-barred outfit choices, Kiko Mizuhara is a goddess in daily street-style normcore pieces. These two never fail in bring new things to the table, and they are originals in their own light. In terms of fashion, their originality is what makes them absolute standouts.

The Increase In Korean-Chinese Celebrity Relationships

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The Increase In Korean-Chinese Celebrity Relationships

(Photo : *) A recent article published through the Korean outlet Joins analyzed the increase in Korean-Chinese celebrity relationships and marriages. Writer Kim Yeonji compiled a list of three high-profile couples for the article including Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei.

Audiences have been intrigued and thrilled to watch the real-life relationship unfold between the stars, who met on the set of "Third Love." The couple publically confirmed that they were dating on August 5 and Song recently confessed his love for Liu on Chinese television.

While Song and Liu are currently a hot item, they reflect a growing trend in relationships involving Korean-Chinese stars.

In March 2014, actress Chae Rim confirmed that she was dating Chinese actor, Gao Ziqi. The article published by Joins notes that Chae and Gao met while filming the Chinese drama, "Lee Family." Promotional activities for the series created a situation where they worked closely together, even after filming was completed. The couple later married in October 2014, in a ceremony that was held in Beijing, China.

Director Kim Tae Yong met actress Tang Wei while filming the 2010movie, "Late Autumn." After the film was completed, the director and actress continued to meet. Tang Wei is recognized for her roles in "Lust, Caution" and the sequel to "Finding Mr. Right." She and Kim Tae Yong married in July 2014.

As Korean-Chinese co-productions continue to gain prominence, it is likely that other celebrity relationships like these will form. While the multicultural aspect of these unions were once frowned upon, the Hallyu Wave could be aiding in growing acceptance from both Korean and Chinese nationals.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

T-ara’s Talks About Their Hardships, Korean Fans, andLatest Comeback in Candid Interview

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T-ara’s Talks About Their Hardships, Korean Fans, andbLatest /bComeback in Candid Interview T-ara conducted an interview justearlier than their first comebackdegree at a waiting room.

Needless to say, they were very excited to be back, with Eunjungannouncing “We have spent such a lot time in China, and now no longer enough time in Korea, so we overlooked our Korean fans. We’reanxious because we haven’t had too much time to prepare, yet wegained more attention than we was hoping for, so we’re very happy.”

Soyeon continued, “I love the song ‘So Crazy.’ It used to be supposed to visit a other team, butultimately it got here to us, andI think itmatches usactually well.”

However, the interview soon took a turnin opposition to their ongoing hardship with the public that began since Hwayoung left the team, because of the rumors of bullying.

Eunjung said, “We idea about suing the netizens who stay posting malicious comments, because some of them areactually hurtful, now no longer only to us, yet also to our families. But weactually wantedwith the intention to say that we won,as an alternative of resorting to the others. Isimplest wish that there used to be a way for our families not to see the malicious comments, because now we are used to them, yet our families are not.”

Soyeon continued, “It hurts us too, yet we’re going to take a look at to persevere, despite the fact that we stay wondering if wemust get some lend a hand from the law. But so far, we’re surviving.”

Soyeon also said, “I can’t lend a hand but feel thatthe great songs are now wasted on us, since the Korean public doesn’t love us anymore.I think that the song would were lovedby means of everyone if we had released itearlier than the incident. i am hoping thatother individuals can no less than love our song without any prejudice.It is so hard to put first at the charts now, and we were already so excited when we were placed 39th, and we screamed.”

KCON 2015 u.s.a. gifts latest Trends in Korean beauty

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KCON 2015 u.s.a. 
gifts latest Trends in Korean beauty

Asia"s leading content and media corporate CJ E&M says that KCON 2015 united states may be a ravishing web page for K- sexyness enthusiasts, as the development is recommended and sign up fored via a wide crew of other folks from the sexyness industry, starting from small startups and special person YouTubers to cosmetics corporate sponsors. "We are self-assured that KCON 2015 united states may be a excellent trade opportunity for Kore an enticingness corporations looking for tactics to extend their trade in a foreign country. Also, it's going to be a wide K- sexyness extravaganza for the seek advice fromors who would like to catch the maximum recent fashions in K-Beauty", says Hyun-Soo Kim, head of Global Festival Business at CJ E&M, who is accountable for organizing KCON 2015 united states. At KCON 2015 la, scheduled to open for 3 days from July 31st, seek advice fromors gets to peer more than a dozen of sexyness product makers, who will exhibit such pieces as facial mask, herbal soaps, eco-friendly shampoos and wireless curling iron at their promotional booths to be install within the Los Angeles convention middle.

IOPE, a cosmetics emblem owned via Kore an enticingness massive AMORE PACIFIC will sign up for as respectable sponsor of KCON 2015 united states. the logo"s cushion compact is already developing buzz in North the united states. "Our cushion compact, "Air Cushion" is these days leading the global K- sexyness fashion, and we consider that KCON may be a super probability to spotlight this fashion. We plan to install a couple of makeup consultations for seek advice fromors to the convention", stated Jin-Ho Kim, head of marketing branch at IOPE. KCON 2015 la may be providing numerous K-Beauty systems to interact the young the united statesn patrons who are big fans of K- sexyness. "Get It Beauty", Korea"s maximum well liked sexyness television program on OnStyle channel will supply helpful makeup categories to KCON participants. In specific, one or more K- sexyness professionals and founders of popular Kore an enticingness online shops in the united states adding Charlotte Cho from Sokoglam(, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee from Glow Recipe ( will host K- sexyness consultations to give helpful sexyness guidelines that could KCON participants. As K- sexyness is a hot subject for plenty of online/ virtual content creators, KCON organizers have made up our minds to invite one or more popular YouTubers to run on-web page sexyness consultations at the convention. Ssinnm (, a well-liked Korean makeup artist, known for her paintings with K-Pop stars, is sign up foring KCON 2015 la to fulfill her the united statesn fans and to proportion her makeup guidelines with them. Beautifymeeh (, one of the vital maximum influential K- sexyness broadcasting jockeys also plans to hang her own demonstration consultation. Their collaborative paintings will also be observed at IOPE boot. KCON united states, the biggest fan convention in North the united states, which is devoted to all facets of Korean entertainment, will take position at Staples middle from July 31st via August second. After one week, on August 8th, KCON will open in the East Coast for the primary time, welcoming K-pop fans at Prudential middle in downtown Newark, NJ. for more info about price tag costs and reservations, seek advice from the respectable webweb page at

2015 Has Been A Great Year For Celebrity Couples

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Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae The year 2015 is only seven months old but so far it has been an excellent year for k-celebrity couples.

The most famous couple of the year might be Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae. Their agencies confirmed that they were dating in March, after the two were spotted in London and Paris at the same time. The agencies later clarified that they were not sharing a hotel room and although they were both staying at London"s Shangri La hotel that singer-actress Suzy had traveled to Paris with her family.

At that point, the Korean media outlet Dispatch said they had been dating for two months. As of July they are still dating.

(Photo : SBS) And the woman who fans previously wanted to ship with Lee Min Ho had some rumors of her own. Park Shin Hye admitted that she was dating in January of 2015, but it took a few months for rumors to associate that confession with a particular co-star. Park and her "Pinocchio" co-star Lee Jong Suk had noticeable chemistry when they acted together, maybe more chemistry than she had with her "The Heirs" co-star Lee Min Ho. Then they happened to be in a few locations at the same time, including Hawaii and Shanghai. Their agencies insist they are not dating, even though they have been photographed together late at night. They"re just friends or so they say. But they do make a cute couple.

(Photo : Kdramastars) Won Bin tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Lee Na Young in a secret May wedding ceremony. The wedding took place less than two weeks after Eden Nine, the agency that represents them both, denied that they planned to marry. That couple might have continued to date in secret if they had not been outed by Dispatch reporters.

Nam Sang Mi, who appeared in "The Joseon Gunman," was the first k-drama celebrity to marry in 2015. She married her non-celebrity husband in a January wedding at a small church in Gyeonggi-do. Only family members and close friends attended.

Actress Yoon Jung Hee married in May and also to a non-celebrity, following her small private wedding with a Bali honeymoon. Actor Ahn Jae Wook, who appeared in "Faith: The Great Doctor," married musical actress Choi Hyun Joo on the last day of May at a private ceremony.

Perhaps the most famous couple to get engaged and married this year are actors Bae Yong Joon of "Winter Sonata" fame and Park Soo Jin, who played Park Shin Hye"s frenemy in "Flower Boys next Door." The couple announced their engagement in May after dating for three months and planned a fall wedding. Now they are getting married on July 27.

It has been a pretty romantic year so far. Who knows what love confessions, engagements or wedding the rest of the year holds?

EXO’s Sehun has been reportedly the only Korean celebrity to win the Belly Button Challenge launched by China

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EXO’s Sehun Is The Only Korean Star to Pull Off China’s ‘Belly Button Challenge?’ On the July 3 broadcast of Mnet’s “Heart-A-Tag,” MCs Tiffany of Girls’ Generation and model Lee Chul Woo introduced China’s recently trending ‘belly button challenge’ as the main item of the show’s hashtag battle segment.

The trend that has been gaining attention online, known as the ‘belly button challenge,’ is a challenge that requires a person to wrap one arm behind their back, around to the front and touch their belly button. It is said to stand as a way of showing that one possesses an ‘ant waist,’ s-line figure, although this supposed claim has yet to be proven.

Tiffany expressed her confusion about the latest viral challenge, asking, “What I don’t understand is, why exactly do you have to take a picture while doing that pose?” However, after her co-host convinced her to try it with him, both Tiffany and Lee Chul Woo made an attempt at the challenge. At the end of their efforts, neither of them were able to successfully touch their belly button.

Lee Chul Woo then introduced EXO’s Sehun as the only star in Korea to have successfully pulled off the challenge, and revealed a proof shot that Sehun shared on his SNS.

Have you attempted this ‘belly button challenge?’

"Married" announces latest couples

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Yook Seong-jae, 20, from the boy group BTOB, and Joy, 18, from the girl band Red Velvet, have been confirmed as one of the next couples to feature on season four of "We Got Married", a popular MBC reality program that pairs celebrities up to show what their lives would be like if they were married."Yook, one of the hottest celebrities, and Joy first met in Seoul and are currently shooting for the program", said MBC on Wednesday."There is only one year in age difference between the two, and the young couple is expected to show a lot of positive energy throughout the show".The public have taken a liking to Yook after he appeared in various reality programs such as MBC"s "Radio Star" and "King of Mask Singer". The boy band star is also currently showing off his excellent acting talent on the KBS2 drama series "Who Are You: School 2015". Yook is also expected to release a regular album as a member of BTOB at the end of this month.Joy from Red Velvet, which belongs to SM Entertainment, one of the biggest music agencies in Korea, recently released the single "Ice Cream Cake", which was hugely well received by the group"s fans. Another couple that will join the program is actor Oh Min-seok, 35, and actress Kang Ye-won, 35. Their shoot for the program took place on Thursday.The episode portraying the new couples of "We Got Married" will air on June 20.By Jin Min-ji