Ladies’ Code Sojung’s Solo Debut Confirmed

Ladies’ Code Sojung’s Solo Debut Confirmed

Sojung will be releasing her first official song as a soloist in her 4 years as an artist.

Ladies Codes agency Polaris Entertainment has confirmed that Sojung will be making her debut as a solo artist with the release of a teaser image.

The teaser image reveals the date of her solo debut, May 4, as well as the song title 우린 왜 이별 하는걸까? (Better than me).

Teaser image for Sojungs solo debut.

Polaris Entertainment also shared details about the style of song she will be releasing.

Her debut song Better than me will be a slow and emotional ballad. Sojungs captivating voice adds another layer of sadness to the song.

— Polaris Entertainment

Sojung previously has impressed with her husky voice on King of the Masked Singer so we are excited to see what she has in store with her solo!