LABOUM’s win over IU on ‘Music Bank’ stirs up a controversy

LABOUM’s win over IU on ‘Music Bank’ stirs up a controversy

LABOUM beat IU and took their first ever #1 since debut with ”Hwi Hwi” on this week’s ‘Music Bank’. Unfortunately, numerous netizens are finding LABOUM’s victory unjust.

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The girl group failed to enter the top 100 on music charts with ”Hwi Hwi”. In fact, they were at 347th place. Meanwhile, IU topped various music charts with not just one but several of her new tracks. She also achieved a perfect all-kill with ”Palette” and an all-kill with ”Can’t Love You Anymore”. 

The total MV views of LABOUM’s ”Hwi Hwi” is also significantly low compared to IU. 

Furthermore, LABOUM’s album sales only ranked 23rd in real time and 64th in weekly. (Note: LABOUM did achieve #1 on physical album chart for Gaon).

Many netizens are unaccepting of LABOUM’s win considering their poor performance and sales compared to IU. 

Thousands of comments were left regarding LABOUM’s controversial win on various online communities. Netizens stated, “It’s a song that didn’t even enter the top 100 and I’ve never heard of it but why did it get #1”, “A track remaining on the 300s on Melon gets #1?”, “‘Music Bank’ is making stuff up. This is nonsense”, “Last time it was TEEN TOP with #1 and now LABOUM. There’s something wrong with ‘Music Bank’, “?? This is nonsense”, “I’ve never heard the song;;”, ”Is this a scam?”

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