L opens up about his decision on contract renewal with Woollim Entertainment

L opens up about his decision on contract renewal with Woollim Entertainment

L spoke about INFINITE’s contract renewal with Woollim Entertainment.

In a recent interview with Biz Enter, L revealed, “Contract renewal is still under discussion. We have just laid out the introduction and now we need to discuss the main body.”

INFINITE’s contract with Woollim Entertainment came to an end in June. The label announced that “contract renewal is under discussion.” A few weeks later, an exclusive report by Segye Ilbo revealed that 6 out of the 7 INFINITE members have renewed their contract with Woollim Entertainment. The agency has not spoken up about the report. 

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To Biz Enter, L stated, “I think it’ll take some time (for it to be finalized) but I think the answer is already chosen. I, too, agree with what people think is better. Opinions can change by each minute and second but I’m positively looking into it for now.”

L has been actively promoting as an actor. He has recently completed MBC drama ‘Monarch – Owner of the Mask’ and gained numerous compliments for his outstanding performance. 

The idol actor revealed, “The direction I need to take from now on is something that I definitely need to worry about.” He added, “But I’ve already made up my mind (about the contract renewal) 2-3 years ago so it’s not giving me a too much of a headache.”

Stay tuned for updates on INFINITE and Woollim Entertainment. 

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