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Super Junior's Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married(Photo : Xander instagram)The formerly youngest member of U-KISS is no doubtnow not young.

On Saturday, former U-KISS member Shin Dongho were given married. Shin is 21 by way ofglobal standards, and 22 according to South Korea's age system, and one of the crucial youngest K-pop idols to ever get married.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun and McKay Kim sang all the style throughthe marriage ceremony.

The wedding was once attended by every other former U-KISS member, Xander, who shared an image of himself with Dongho on Instagram. At the aspect of the picture, Xander wanted the couple neatly and wondered why he changed into still single.

According to theK-pop Herald, the wedding was held at Patio9 in Gangnam, Seoul, and arranged by an organization called iWedding.

"The rite was stunning and the couple looked very happy," an iWedding representative told Korean news outlets.

In October, Dongho announced that he would be getting married to the lady he dated for over a year. The bride is reportedly a year older than the former U-KISS member.

Dongho debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and gave the impression in their first tune video for the song, "Not Young." He receivedstatus as a member of the crowd and also as a well-likedkinddisplay guest. In 2013, Dongho left U-KISS, mentioningprivate and fitnessproblems as the explanationat the back of his departure.

Watch a clip of Kyuhyun making a song at the weddingHERE.

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‘WGM’, Kyuhyun & Lou Yi Xiao’s tearful goodbye after 2 days of married bliss

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‘WGM’, Kyuhyun & Lou Yi Xiao’s tearful goodbye after 2 days of married bliss

Kyuhyun and Lou Yi Xiao showed tears even after a short time together as a married couple.

On the February 25th installment of MBCs We Got Married, T-ara member Hyomin and Super Junior member Kyuhyun appeared for a special.

For 2 days, Kyuhyun and Lou Yi Xiao had the sweetest time together and when the time came for goodbye, they could not hide how sad they were. Kyuhyun gave a pendant as a gift with a picture taken together the day before and Lou Yi Xiao was in tears.

In the interview, Kyuhyun said, Lou Yi Xiao remains in my memories. I am going back to Korea now but I will wait trusting that she will come see me soon.

Lou Yi Xiao was in tears as she said, Jagiya, really really like you. Miss you. At Lou Yi Xiaos tears, the cast and Kyuhyun were surprised and they both cherished each others memories with a video of clip of them together saying in Chinese, A loving couple is linked together in their hearts.

The episode of We Got Married aired for the Chinese version of We Got Married on February 14th, which marked the 20 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and China. Hyomin was coupled with Chinas Fu Xinbo and Kyuhyun with Lou Yi Xiao for a virtual marriage beyond the borders.

Image: MBC We Got Married

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Kyuhyun and Lou YiXiao bid a teary farewell in “We got Married”

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Kyuhyun and Lou YiXiao bid a teary farewell in “We got Married”On the February 25th episode of "We got Married" T-ara Hyomin and Super Junior Kyuhyun were featured in the china special commemorating 20 years of diplomatic relations between China and Korea.

Kyuhyun and Lou YiXiao, who had enjoyed two sweet days as a married couple, were reluctant to leave. When Kyuhyun presented Lou YiXiao with a pendant containing a picture of the two, she was tearing with sadness.

During his interview, which was aired later in the show, Kyuhyun said "Lou YiXiao, although the last two days were very short, I will remember them forever. I have faith that someday we will be able to reunite in Korea."

During Lou YiXiao's interview, she said "Sweetie, I love you so much. I miss you" and teared up, surprising Kyuhyun and the filming crew. A clip, of them both saying "Lovers are connected by their hearts" in Chinese, was aired after the interviews.

T-ara's Hyomin had paired up with China's Fu Xinbo.

Super Junior Kyuhyun and T-ara Hyomin Join MBC Studio Panel for "We Got Married" China Special Airing

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Super Junior Kyuhyun and T-ara Hyomin Join MBC Studio Panel for "We Got Married" China Special Airing

The special “We Got Married” China episode is all set to air on MBC in Korea on February 25. The special, pairing two of K-Pop’s most recognized idols with Chinese celebrities was an instant hit with Chinese audiences on its Valentine’s Day airing.

In the China special, T-ara's Hyomin coupled up with idol group BOBO member Fu Xin Bo. The two shot their episode in Seoul. Meanwhile, Super Junior Kyuhyun’s partner was actress Lou Yi Xiao. The couple shot their episode in Shanghai. Viewers can anticipate his romantic proposal and the display of his musical skills.

Hyomin and Kyuhyun appeared with the regular hosts’ panel in the MBC studio to help introduce the special on its February 25 airing. The studio panel were reportedly impressed with Kyuhyun’s command of Mandarin, which he speaks fluently.

The “We Got Married” China special was in celebration of 20 years of diplomatic relationship between China and Korea.

Chinese 'We Got Married' RyuYeSo, Couple Picture With KyuHyun

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Chinese 'We Got Married' RyuYeSo, Couple Picture With KyuHyunChinese actress RyuYeSo posted up a picture with her virtual husband KyuHyun on her twitter.

On the 12th, 2 days before the Chinese 'We Got Married' will launch, RyuYeSo wrote "On 14th Valentine's Day 8PM, don't forget 'We Got Married' on Shanghai Channel~" along with the picture.

She also added "Please support our couple! I heard we were named 'kitchen couple'... who named us?"

Their nickname 'kitchen couple' was after RyuYeSo put up pictures of them cooking in aprons on the 3rd.

Aside from KyuHyun, T-ara HyoMin will also be starred in 'We Got Married' with a member of a Chinese idol group Bobo.

‘Section TV’ airs a preview of T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun in ‘We Got Married’

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‘Section TV’ airs a preview of T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun in ‘We Got Married’

Although fans werent able to watch a new episode of We Got Married this week due to MBCs on-going labor strike, they were still able to enjoy a preview of the shows upcoming Chinese special.

On February 5th, MBCs Section TV News aired a four minute long preview of the upcoming special. Divided into parts, the clip focuses first on T-aras Hyomin and her husband Fu Xinbo, before moving onto Super Juniors Kyuhyun and wife Lou Yi Xiao.

Hyomin is seen trying to communicate with her husband in Mandarin Chinese; unfortunately, its much more difficult than she had hoped, resulting in a puzzled look from her husband. The preview moved on to show snippets from their wedding photoshoot and a trip to the sauna.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun dazzled his wife with a romantic evening. Lou Yi Xiao was greeted by the sight of rose petals and candles when she stepped out of the elevator, and was later treated to a serenade from her husband.

After Kyuhyun and his wife moved in together, he began to feel a little intimidated by her, as she seems to be extremely skilled with a butcher knife. He sent his wife a nervous message, saying, Ill work hard, so please dont hit me~

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting We Got Married special!

[Editor's note: MBC are quick rascals so they've already taken down the video. We're currently on the hunt for a replacement, so hang tight!]

MBC to launch Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ with T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

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MBC to launch Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ with T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

MBCs We Got Married will be advancing into China!

MBCs Hallyu content production team revealed that the Chinese version of We Got Married is currently in production with a tentative air date beginning in February! The program will begin with two pilot episodes, and further development will depend on its success with the viewers.

T-aras Hyomin and Super Juniors Kyuhyun have been the first to be cast for the Chinese version of the popular variety show. Hyomin will become a couple with Chinese idol group BoBos Fu Xinbo while Kyuhyun will be coupling up with actress Lou Yi Xiao.

There will be a total of three couples; the final couple will be made up of famous Chinese actors and actresses. MBC representatives revealed, MBC and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) will be co-producing the project. If theres a positive response to the pilot program, well develop the format.

The Chinese version will hold the same format as the original Korean version. Other famous Chinese stars will be in the studio commenting on the couples married lives. A total of four MCs are currently being considered for the position.

The show itself is a highly anticipated one, especially since idol groups are expanding their activities overseas. By combining their activities with other famous figures in different countries, theyll be able to combine their star power to achieve greater results.

The Chinese version will air on February 11th and 12th through SMG.

Source + Photos: Sports Korea via Naver

Super Junior's Kyuhyun chides enthusiasts for their reckless behavior

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun chides enthusiasts for their reckless behavior

Super Junior's Kyuhyun is notnormally one to get stern with fans, yet their rowdy habit at a functionality forced him to talk up and give them a warning.

SEE ALSO: Kyuhyun has a a successget started to his first solo concert excursion

The singer wrote on Twitter, "I'm disappointed although the performance wrapped up well. I told everybodya huge number of times to watch out and now not run but finally they shoved each other and fell..if anything like this occurs again, I am just going to leave without seeing the fans' faces..Please relay this message to the lovers overseas, too." 

Though Kyuhyun's words would possibly sound somewhat blunt, he'smost probablyinvolved for the security and well-being of his fans. After all, what type ofsuperstarwould loveto peer his adoring fans hurt? 

— ChoKyuHyun (@GaemGyu) November 29, 2015

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Says He Won’t Greet Enthusiasts Anymore If They Aren’t Careful

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun Says He Wont Greet Lovers Anymore If They Arent Carefulorionight November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Super Juniors Kyuhyun Says He Wont Greet Fans Anymore If They Arent Careful Super Junior member Kyuhyun has announced by the use of his Twitter that he may soon stop greeting his fans after musical performances.

After wrapping up his functionality for the musical Werther on November 29, he greeted the fans who were looking ahead to him via the level doors on his way to his car. However, fans started to push and shove, and a fan ended up falling. After the incident, Kyuhyun took to his Twitter account to scold the fans for misbehaving.

Todays performance ended well, yet Im slightly upset, he wrote. Regardless of how time and again I tell you to watch out and no longer to run, finallyother folksfinally finish up getting driven and falling. If the type of thing continues, Sickget started leaving without seeing fans faces. Please pass this message along to the global fans, too.

Its unlucky that such an incident happened. Please remember the reality thatsooner than seeing your idols, keeping up everyones protection is the primary and foremost priority.

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Two Husbands From “We Were given Married 4″ Meet Every Other in User For the primary Time

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Two Husbands From We Were given Married four Meet Every Other in Consumer For the primary fourth dimension ck525 November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Two Husbands From We Got Married 4 Meet Each one Other in Person For the First Time Oh Min Suk and Kwak Si Yang, two satisfied husbands from “We Got Married 4,” in any case got together.

On November 27, Oh Min Suk posted an image on his Instagram with the caption, “Total twist of fate that I met Kwak Si Yang whilst filming for a drama. Regardless thatit's miles are first time assembly in person, I’m stunned yet blissfulto peer him. #WGM #husbands #firstmeeting #KwakSiYang #OhMinSuk #SiSoCouple #OhYeCouple.”

In the printed image, Oh Min Suk and Kwak Si Yang will also benoticed alongside wide smiles and peace signs. Althoughit's their first encounter, the 2appear to bejust rightbuddies in the selfie.

A photo posted via 오민석 (@oh_min_suk) on Nov 26, 2015 at 9:50pm PST

 Kwak Si Yang, too, posted a selfie of the two saying, “#OhMinSuk #KwakSiYang #AllAboutMyMom #AllIsWell Ran into Oh Min Suk at KBS.”   The two men are either starring in KBS dramas. Oh Min Suk is gambling the lead in “All About My Mom,” while Kwak Si Yang is the male lead for “All Is Well.”

A photo posted by 곽시양 (@siyang87k) on Nov 26, 2015 at 10:01pm PST Source (1)

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