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Kyuhyun reveals his older sister gets mistaken as his girlfriend

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Kyuhyun reveals his older sister gets mistaken as his girlfriend

Kyuhyun, who is currently promoting as a solo artist, appeared on SBS radio program, "Cultwo Show," on November 24 and mentioned his older sister (noona).

One listener stated, "At a hangout in a neighborhood, I witnessed a friend eating with his older sister. I had thought it was his girlfriend, but he emphasized it was his sister."

Kyuhyun revealed he had gone through the same experience in which people saw him eating with his sister and mistook her as his girlfriend. Kyuhyun said, "There"s a restaurant I frequent with my older sister. Because my sister is pretty, people kept looking over. I purposely said, "Noona, do you want to order more?" and kept talking about our mom," making everyone laugh.

As his older sister played the violin for over twenty years, the two had even collaborated on KBS"s "Immortal Song" in the past. She had even appeared on KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back" to teach Tablo"s daughter, Haru, the violin!

Do you see the resemblance?

Kyuhyun reveals people mistake his sister as his girlfriend

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Kyuhyun reveals people mistake his sister as his girlfriend

Super Junior Kyuhyun shared a very interesting story on his guest appearance with Zhou Mi on Cultwo Show aired today.

Kyuhyun revealed a case where he went with his older sister, Cho Ahra, for a meal together and people started to mistaken her as his girlfriend.

A listener shared, "I once saw Kyuhyun eating along the neighborhood with his sister. I thought the pretty girl is his girlfriend."

Kyuhyun responded, "I went with noona in a restaurant. Because noona is pretty as he is, people keep on staring at her. So I intentionally asks her "Noona do you need more help?" and continues talking about mom," which evoked laughter.

Kyuhyun is a protective dongsaeng, isn"t he?

Super Junior Kyuhyun's Sister Is Misidentified Being His Girlfriend

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Super Junior Kyuhyun's Sister Is Misidentified Being His Girlfriend

On November 24th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’, Super Junior member Jyuhyun has attended and explained about misunderstanding related to his sister.

During the show, one member said that, “I once saw him eating with his sister at a restaurant in his neighborhood. I thought she was his girlfriend because she was pretty, but he kept emphasizing that it was his sister.”

Kyuhyun replied that, “There is this restaurant I go to frequently with my sister. My sister is pretty in her own way, so people kept staring. So I purposely said, ‘Nuna, do you want to order more?’ and kept talking about my mom,” causing everyone burst into laughter.

Besides, the shows also welcomed the participation of Lim Chang Jung, Super Junior – M member Zhoumi and actor Jae Yoon.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shares: “I never had a girlfriend before.”

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shares: “I never had a girlfriend before.”

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun recently spent time for a photoshoot as well as an interview with @star1 magazine.

Regarding the most difficult thing to a celebrity, he stated, “I can’t date at all,

The interviewer asked him, “Are you sure you can’t date at all? Don’t you date secretly?” to which Kyuhyun shared, “I never had a girlfriend before.

Interviewer asked again, “But don’t you have a lot of opportunities to meet other female celebrities?

Kyuhyun answered, “I don’t really want to date a celebrity so I never really dated anyone.”

Super Juniors Kyuhyun says, Its not true that Ive never had a girlfriend in my life

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun says, Its not true that Ive never had a girlfriend in my life Super Juniors Kyuhyun recently said itt not true that he has never dated in his life.

On February 20, Kyuhyun tweeted, Its not true that Ive never dated in my life. Why is such a rumor spreading?

Kyuhyun once said in an interview with a fashion magazine that he hasnt been able to date since he became popular, and the interviewer wrote that Kyuhyun confessed that he has never dated before.

After that Kyuhyuns interview became one of the most searched words on portal sites, and Kyuhyun had to explained about the interview.

People who saw the comment of Kyuhyun responded: I knew it wasnt true. Its funny. I guess people want you to be a single forever.

Super Juniors Kyuhyun: Ive never had a girlfriend

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun: Ive never had a girlfriend

Super Juniors Kyuhyun recently said that he has never had a girlfriend.

Kyuhyun gave an interview to the magazine @star1 and said, One of the disadvantages of being popular is that I cant have a girlfriend.

He added, Ive never had a girlfriend. I dont like dating entertainers and thats why I have never had a girlfriend.

Besides Kyuhyun, Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin, and A pinks Jung Eun Ji, Son Na Eun, and Park Cho Rong took pictorials and gave interviews for the magazine, which will be published on February 21.

10 Special Characteristics Male Idols Admit They Glance For In A Girlfriend

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10 Special Characteristics Male Idols Admit They Glance For In A Girlfriend

96kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter From in want ofa typelady wholl elevate an old womans bag at the subway, to lookinga lady who doesnt undercover agent on him in the shower those boys certainappearto grasp what they like. Heres some characteristicsof women that these idols have admitted to having a comfortable spot for. Some are yes to wonder you.

Infinites Hoya needs a girlfriend who is respectful, eccentric, skinny, sexy, and just right amongst foreign languages. A good looks whose brains are similarly every bit a remarkable.

The teamsskilled rapper dreams of a lady who has long hair, a cool personality, lovely butt pelvis, and and now notemploying a thigh hole when dressed in short shorts.

Taeyangs overall undeniableoption toexistence astonishes many lovers because idols at all times to strive to be glamorous and classy. Taeyang, however, just wishes for a lady who has a sturdytrust in God.

These two idols not simplest share equally good-looking looks, yet also share the ideal form of woman. They either takestated that they would like a girl who is cute overall and who is well-mannered.

Jinyoung wishes for a girl whos calm and prefer a sunflower, whos respectful, knows how to regard and respect elders, and who would deliver an old womans bag on the subway.

Another idol with an excessively detailed ideal sort of woman is WINNERs Seunghoon. He wants a woman whos sensible at exercising with a beautifulframe line when riding a bike, whos healthy and sexy, and who doesnt hit him difficult when she laughs.

As expected from an awfullyprofessional vocalist like Onew, he wishes to have a pleasing gal who can sing neatly and has a fairly figure. Perhaps there may well be plans for a couple-duo staff in the future? Shall weremain tuned.

MBLAQs G.O is understood to have a truly detailed kind of girl and his meticulous attention to detail is what makes locating his ideal style so hard. G.O wanted for anyone with an cleverglance and sharp eyes, such as Kim Yuna. Another detail that hes discussed is finding a girl who has a pretty ring finger.

EXOs face of the gang said that he wants a woman who has kindness and a white brain (as white as snow), who has pride and passion, and who doesnt open the door when hes taking a shower.

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

--> Last week, in the aftermath of suneung, some of K-Pop′s maximum bright idols faced off in our dream find out about friend poll, and now, it′s time to announce who won!

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun proved to be the fan favourite this week, taking the pinnacle spot with 40.6 % of votes. BTS′ Rap Monster wasn′t too a long way in the back of him, completing in 2nd position with 38.4 percent of votes.

2PM′s Taecyeon ranked 3rd with 8.9 percent of votes, whilst Girls′ Generation′s Seohyun followed in fourth place with 7.7 percent of votes.

Red Velvet′s Wendy and EXID′s Hani rounded out the ground two with 3 percent and 1.4 percent of votes, respectively.

In this week′s poll, a couple of talented idols in the kitchen are facing off, so vote now!

Choi Siwon and TVXQ’s Changmin to pass into army As of late With Lee Teuk and Kyuhyun Sending Them Off

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Choi Siwon and TVXQ’s Changmin to input Militia This gift day With Lee Teuk and Kyuhyun Sending Them Off TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon are entering military today heading to Chungnam Nonsan Army education Camp with Leeteuk and Kyuhyun seeing them off.

Their firm SM Entertainment previously announced, “There won’t be any special match planned for the clicking or the enthusiasts at the website in their departure. Please remember the reality that we’re respecting their needs to leave quietly.”

Changmin and Choi Siwon opened up about their forthcoming enlistment during recent photo shoots and interviews. Changmin who posed for Grazia mag commented, “I spent my complete Twenties as TVXQ. yet now, I take off that identify and I will have to stand in the back of my call only. That truth hasn’t hit me rather yet.” When Choi Siwon posed for High Cut magazine, he commented, “I’m happy i am getting to enlist with Changmin. Knowing that fact provides me comfort. I’m a little fearful since it’s a new experience. But I’m happy i might be ready to percentage that anxiety with him as well.”

The two men will obtain fundamental navy practicing and should serve as military police.

Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His worry of Heights through Thinking of His Girlfriend

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Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His Fear of Heights by Thinking of His Girlfriend The November 15 episode of “Real Men” incorporated the fame soldiers’ education for overcoming their fear of heights. The educational called for each and every soldier to jump off from a tower this is 10.3m tall.

Lee Ki Woo used to be one of the most squaddies to go through this training, yet it changed into obvious that he was petrified of the height, as his legs were shaking and he may just now not discuss coherently.

leekiwooThe instructor, seeing his fear, asked, “Do you've a girlfriend?” Lee Ki Woo, excited about his girlfriend and actress Lee Chung Ah, responded, “Yes,” whilst brightly smiling. His love helped him conquer his fear, and he jumped without hesitation.

Afterwards, he said, “I replied ‘yes’ to that query without thinking. If we weren’t dating publicly, I wager it can were published today,” not bothering to conceal his love for his fortunate girlfriend.