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Super Junior's Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married(Photo : Xander instagram)The formerly youngest member of U-KISS is no doubtnow not young.

On Saturday, former U-KISS member Shin Dongho were given married. Shin is 21 by way ofglobal standards, and 22 according to South Korea's age system, and one of the crucial youngest K-pop idols to ever get married.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun and McKay Kim sang all the style throughthe marriage ceremony.

The wedding was once attended by every other former U-KISS member, Xander, who shared an image of himself with Dongho on Instagram. At the aspect of the picture, Xander wanted the couple neatly and wondered why he changed into still single.

According to theK-pop Herald, the wedding was held at Patio9 in Gangnam, Seoul, and arranged by an organization called iWedding.

"The rite was stunning and the couple looked very happy," an iWedding representative told Korean news outlets.

In October, Dongho announced that he would be getting married to the lady he dated for over a year. The bride is reportedly a year older than the former U-KISS member.

Dongho debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and gave the impression in their first tune video for the song, "Not Young." He receivedstatus as a member of the crowd and also as a well-likedkinddisplay guest. In 2013, Dongho left U-KISS, mentioningprivate and fitnessproblems as the explanationat the back of his departure.

Watch a clip of Kyuhyun making a song at the weddingHERE.

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun chides enthusiasts for their reckless behavior

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun chides enthusiasts for their reckless behavior

Super Junior's Kyuhyun is notnormally one to get stern with fans, yet their rowdy habit at a functionality forced him to talk up and give them a warning.

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The singer wrote on Twitter, "I'm disappointed although the performance wrapped up well. I told everybodya huge number of times to watch out and now not run but finally they shoved each other and fell..if anything like this occurs again, I am just going to leave without seeing the fans' faces..Please relay this message to the lovers overseas, too." 

Though Kyuhyun's words would possibly sound somewhat blunt, he'smost probablyinvolved for the security and well-being of his fans. After all, what type ofsuperstarwould loveto peer his adoring fans hurt? 

— ChoKyuHyun (@GaemGyu) November 29, 2015

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Says He Won’t Greet Enthusiasts Anymore If They Aren’t Careful

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun Says He Wont Greet Lovers Anymore If They Arent Carefulorionight November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Super Juniors Kyuhyun Says He Wont Greet Fans Anymore If They Arent Careful Super Junior member Kyuhyun has announced by the use of his Twitter that he may soon stop greeting his fans after musical performances.

After wrapping up his functionality for the musical Werther on November 29, he greeted the fans who were looking ahead to him via the level doors on his way to his car. However, fans started to push and shove, and a fan ended up falling. After the incident, Kyuhyun took to his Twitter account to scold the fans for misbehaving.

Todays performance ended well, yet Im slightly upset, he wrote. Regardless of how time and again I tell you to watch out and no longer to run, finallyother folksfinally finish up getting driven and falling. If the type of thing continues, Sickget started leaving without seeing fans faces. Please pass this message along to the global fans, too.

Its unlucky that such an incident happened. Please remember the reality thatsooner than seeing your idols, keeping up everyones protection is the primary and foremost priority.

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

--> Last week, in the aftermath of suneung, some of K-Pop′s maximum bright idols faced off in our dream find out about friend poll, and now, it′s time to announce who won!

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun proved to be the fan favourite this week, taking the pinnacle spot with 40.6 % of votes. BTS′ Rap Monster wasn′t too a long way in the back of him, completing in 2nd position with 38.4 percent of votes.

2PM′s Taecyeon ranked 3rd with 8.9 percent of votes, whilst Girls′ Generation′s Seohyun followed in fourth place with 7.7 percent of votes.

Red Velvet′s Wendy and EXID′s Hani rounded out the ground two with 3 percent and 1.4 percent of votes, respectively.

In this week′s poll, a couple of talented idols in the kitchen are facing off, so vote now!

Choi Siwon and TVXQ’s Changmin to pass into army As of late With Lee Teuk and Kyuhyun Sending Them Off

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Choi Siwon and TVXQ’s Changmin to input Militia This gift day With Lee Teuk and Kyuhyun Sending Them Off TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon are entering military today heading to Chungnam Nonsan Army education Camp with Leeteuk and Kyuhyun seeing them off.

Their firm SM Entertainment previously announced, “There won’t be any special match planned for the clicking or the enthusiasts at the website in their departure. Please remember the reality that we’re respecting their needs to leave quietly.”

Changmin and Choi Siwon opened up about their forthcoming enlistment during recent photo shoots and interviews. Changmin who posed for Grazia mag commented, “I spent my complete Twenties as TVXQ. yet now, I take off that identify and I will have to stand in the back of my call only. That truth hasn’t hit me rather yet.” When Choi Siwon posed for High Cut magazine, he commented, “I’m happy i am getting to enlist with Changmin. Knowing that fact provides me comfort. I’m a little fearful since it’s a new experience. But I’m happy i might be ready to percentage that anxiety with him as well.”

The two men will obtain fundamental navy practicing and should serve as military police.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Discusses His Role Type and profession Goals

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Discusses His Role version and Career Goals Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun says he would have a long and a hit career like beloved ballad singer Sung Si Kyung.

On November 13, portions from the talented vocalist’s first solo concert “Fall Again” were broadcast thru Naver’s V app.

While having a talk with his fans, Kyuhyun shared slightly about his career aspirations and goals as a singer.

He first chose Sung Si Kyung as his role model, and then went directly to explain why.

“He at all times comes off as gloomy and lonely. Such image isn’t something I want to have myself, but I think this is the call of the game to his steady popularity. His enthusiasts are lonely,” Kyuhyun explained how fans appear to discover convenience in Sung Si Kyung’s fantastically unhappy songs.

Meanwhile, EXO‘s leader Suho once chose Kyuhyun as his role model.

Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.07.15: f(x), Kyuhyun, BTOB, and More

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Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.07.15: f(x), Kyuhyun, BTOB, and More

♬ Come♡back- f(x) 『4walls』,『Diamond』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- KYUHYUN 『A Million Pieces』- BTOB 『Way Back Home』- KIM DONG WAN 『I’M FINE』- N.Flying 『Lonely』- Lovelyz 『Ah-Choo』- OH MY woman 『CLOSER』- Large Brain 『Welcome』- Rooftop space Studio 『Strong Girl and vulnerable Boy』

♬ Heart♡Attack- MONSTA X 『HERO』- UP10TION 『So, Dangerous』- SEVENTEEN 『MANSAE』- two times 『Like OOH-AHH』- stephanie (feat.pharoh) 『higher』- Melody Day 『SPEED UP』- DIA 『My Friend’s Boy Friend』- MCROWN 『DAE DO MOO MOON』

Kyuhyun’s duvet of Song Mino’s “Fear” With giant Bing’s Kyuhyun Will come up with Life

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Kyuhyun’s canopy of Song Mino’s “Fear” With Enormous Bing’s Kyuhyun Will provide you with Life Last night, fanatics at Kyuhyun‘s solo concert “Fall Once Again” were treated to a marvel when mythical rapper Song Minkyu made an appearance acting a canopy of Song Mino‘s “Fear.” Big Bing’s Kyuhyun featured by way of video.

Both Song Minkyu and massive Bing’s Kyuhyun were imitations done by Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun himself. The solo singer parodied the display “Show Me the money 4″ throughout his solo concert with a corner titled “Give Me the Money 4.” Before the performance, a temporary video played introducing both Song Minkyu and huge Bing’s Kyuhyun.

Due to strict filming restrictions during the concert, no video yet exists of the performance, yet you can concentrate to the audio of Kyuhyun’s functionality and watch the usual below.

How do you watched Kyuhyun’s edition compares to the original?

Super Junior's Kyuhyun asked to sing at former U-KISS member Dongho's wedding

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun asked to sing at former U-KISS member Dongho's wedding

Super Junior"s Kyuhyun may be making a song the congratulatory song at former U-KISS member Dongho"s wedding. 

Kyuhyun"s firm SM Entertainment confirmed on November 4, "Kyuhyun plans to sing the congratulatory song after being asked via Dongho." The news comes as somewhat of a marvel as no longer many knew that the 2 idol stars were buddies or more than acquaintances.

In similar news, Dongho publicly released a letter to tell his enthusiasts and others that he had never planned to expose the primary points of his marriage or wedding

Did you know what Kyuhyun and Dongho were friends?

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to Sing at Dongho’s Wedding

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to Sing at Dongho’s Wedding Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun might be attending former U-KISS member Dongho‘s upcoming wedding to sing for the satisfied newlyweds.

SM Entertainment published on November 4, “It is right that Kyuhyun will be making a song the congratulatory song at Dongho’s wedding on November 28.” They added that the request got here from Dongho’s side. It has now not been revealed which song Kyuhyun will be singing.

Last month, it used to be reported that Dongho will be tying the knot with his non-celebrity female friend at the young age of 21. the scoop came as a large marvel to many fans, and this motivated Dongho to personally speak up about the unexpected wedding announcement through social media and interviews, especially clarifying that her girlfriend isn't pregnant.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun is lately selling his surprise solo track “The Day We Felt the Distance.”