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f(x)s Krystal and KARAs Kang Jiyoung attend the University entrance ceremony

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f(x)s Krystal and KARAs Kang Jiyoung attend the University entrance ceremony f(x)s Krystal and KARAs Kang Jiyoung attended the University entrance ceremony.

On February 27, an online community posted pictures of Krystal and Kang attending the entrance ceremony at Sungkyunkwan University and drew a lot of attention.

In the pictures, the two idol stars are wearing everyday clothes and giving interviews surrounded by other students. They both look happy and bright.

The two were accepted to Sungkyunkwan University at the same time and from now on they will enjoy their campus life together.

People who saw the pictures responded: I envy their classmates. I hope they will become diligent students. They are shining at the entrance ceremony. I envy their school.

f(x)’s Krystal Talks “4 Walls” MV and Worries About New Album

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f(x)’s Krystal Talks “4 Walls” MV and Worries About New Album On November 12, f(x)’s Krystal guested on labelmate SHINee’s Jonghyun’s radio display “Blue Night.” at the show, she shared her mind about f(x)’s comeback and their newest album, “4 Walls.”

“The contributors are in maximum cases aside as a result of our person schedules, but if we unencumber an album we come in combination for a quick and intense time. Presently we’re selling without sleeping,” she said.

A listener on the prove complimented the singer on the identify track’s chic choreography, encouraged by capacity of the “vogue” dance genre. “I feel just right when I pay attention such things as that,” Krystal said. “All the members worked truly demanding to arrange this album. We practiced the choreography for over two months. It was once tricky so I’m satisfied when other people let us know that they revel in it.”

About the title tune itself, “4 Walls,” she said, “It’s a song that fits my private flavor truly well, yet I worried about whether other individuals would love it. We also had a tricky time recording the alternative songs on the album. The songs were difficult. We worried a lot, but now that the reaction has been good, I’m more than pleased and grateful.”

The music video has generated many alternative interpretations due to its summary style. “The content is open for interpretation,” Krystal said. “It’s appealing because there aren't any choreography sequences.”

“In fact, the filming become too easy,” she continued. “Because there were no choreography sequences, we performed at 7 p.m. The entire members couldn’t agree with we were finished so early.”

The music video was shot in a woodland and a pension on Jeju Island. “Because the filming felt too comfortable, we worried that the music video wouldn’t be very good. But fortuitously it became out well.”

You can watch the music video below.

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Krystal jokes with Kim Woo-bin's 'You're so pretty' line

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Krystal jokes with Kim Woo-bin's 'You're so pretty' line

Krystal was once fairly stunned at the mention of Kim Woo-bin.

f(x) Krystal starred in the SBS Vitality FM radio display "Two O"Clock Cult Two Show". Kim Tae-gyoon said, "Park Hae-jin, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin and masses of other male celebrities have stated that you"re their ideal type".

They teased her saying, "Didn"t you assert Kim Woo-bin changed into your ideal type?" and Krystal said, "We never shared a non-public communique whilst making the drama. I did make a shaggy dog story with his line, "You"re pretty" in the drama".

Jeong Chan-woo added, "She"s red in the face" and Krystal said, "It"s so embarrassing being concerned with like that".

Meanwhile, f(x) Victoria, Amber and Krystal seemed as visitors at the "Two O"Clock Cult Two Show". Luna was absent for the musical "In The Heights".

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Krystal Finds the explanations In the back of Why She Cried After Receiving First Place

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Krystal shows the justifications Behind Why She Cried After Receiving First Place Krystal published the hardships f(x) had to conquer whilst getting ready for their grand comeback.

While starring on SBS energy FM’s “Cultwo Show,” Kim Tae Gyoon asked Krystal, “Though you seem to be you’re now not much of a crier, you shed numerous tears after receiving first place. What were you so touched by?”

“We all cried,” Krystal said. “It felt like we were in the end being paid back for the difficulties and stumbling blocks we had to overcome.”

When asked about what Luna meant when she thanked her individuals on social media for tolerating her stubbornness, Krystal replied, “While getting ready for this album, the entire members chimed in their opinions. i suspect she’s regarding that as stubbornness.”

Meanwhile, f(x)’s Victoria, Amber, and Krystal seemed on “Cultwo Show” as guests. Luna used to be not able to make it because prior commitments to the musical “In the Heights.”

Mention of Kim Woo Bin Makes f(x)’s Krystal Without warning Blush

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Mention of Kim Woo Bin Makes f(x)’s Krystal Suddenly Blush f(x)‘s Krystal suddenly grew to become red whilst speaking about Kim Woo Bin in a radio show.

On the hot recording of “2 o’clock Cultwo Show,” f(x) paid a discuss with to the studio and of course began talking about ideal types.

DJ Kim Tae Gyoon tells Krystal, “Many actors adding Park Hye Jin, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Woo Bin, have acknowledged that you're their ideal type.”

When Krystal hears this, her face suddenly turns red. Then the DJ in particular issues out, “Didn’t Kim Woo Bin say this?” and she replies, “I haven’t talked to him privately out of doors of filming Heirs. Kim Woo Bin has a noted line in that drama that goes, ‘Because you’re pretty,’ and he did tease me with that line from time to time.”

DJ Jung Chan Woo notices, “Your face is turning red as you speak. Krystal explains, “Everyone is that specialize in me and it’s embarrassing,” and starts fanning her face with her hand.

Krystal talks about her crying after f(x)'s win with '4 Walls'

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Krystal talks about her crying after f(x)'s win with '4 Walls'

Krystal mentioned crying after f(x) won their first trophy with their newest song "4 Walls".

On the newest broadcast of SBS Vitality FM"s "Cultwo Show", Krystal was once asked about crying after f(x)"s win. DJ Kim Tae Kyun commented, "You don"t appear to be the kind of individual that cries."

Krystal responded, "We all cried. After going via so much and experiencing loads of things, it made me think that the suffering we went by way of become value it."

Luna added, "She also posted to her SNS, thanking the participants for accepting her stubbornness," to which Krystal replied, "The members installed a huge number of evaluations for this album. i used to be relating to that more or less stubbornness."

f(x)′s Krystal Talks About Filming Underwater Scene in ′4 Walls′ MV

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f(x)′s Krystal Talks About Filming Underwater Scene in ′4 Walls′ MV

--> F(x)′s Krystal mentioned filming the underwater scene in the group′s newest song video.

The f(x) participants seemed as visitors at the November 10 broadcast of SBS Vitality FM′s Cultwo Show.

The DJs said, "Krystal shot an underwater scene in the recent music video. How do you glance so beautiful even underwater?"

Krystal drew laughs through saying, "I think i glance larger underwater," sooner than adding, "We shot the music video in Jeju-do, and we filmed within an out of doors pool on a rainy afternoon."

She continued, "After we wrapped filming, i used to be so cold, I just screamed."

f(x)′s Krystal unearths Why She Cried such a lot After Winning No. 1

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f(x)′s Krystal unearths Why She Cried such a lot After Winning No. 1

--> F(x)′s Krystal unfolded about the difficulties she faced with this comeback.

When Kim Tae Gyun asked Krystal on SBS Vitality FM′s Cultwo Show, "I heard you cried so much after winning the #1 trophy, yet you don′t appear to be the kind that cries. What led to you to get emotional?" she opened via announcing "We all cried."

Krystal continued, "I thought, we′re being rewarded for the struggles we went through."

When the DJs mentioned, "Luna stated on social media ′Thank you to the contributors who authorized my stubbornness," Krystal said, "While operating in this album, the members voiced many various opinions. I believe she was once regarding that."

Meanwhile, f(x)′s Victoria, Amber and Krystal seemed as visitors at the day′s broadcast of Cultwo Show. Luna become not able to wait because of her musical In the Heights.

Krystal fan ladies over French actress Léa Seydoux

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Krystal fan ladies over French actress Léa Seydoux

f(x)"s Krystal gave the impression on SBS powerFM"s "Old School" on November 3 where she fangirled over French actress, Léa Seydoux.

She said, "There used to be a time I met an actor I liked.  The French actress Léa Seydoux.  I took place to run into her at a branch shop when i used to be in France.  She become an actress I"ve at all times loved.  I was not able to invite if shall we take an image in combination and my face were given red, so I said, "Mom, what do I do?"  In the end, we took a selca.  My center raced so much," making all and sundry laugh.

It"s lovable that even our goddess Krystal fangirls hard.

Who are f(x) Amber and Krystal's ideal types?

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Who are f(x) Amber and Krystal's ideal types?

f(x)"s Krystal and Amber spread out about their ideal sorts on the newest broadcast of "Old School".

Special DJ Super Junior"s Kangin asked the 2 "4 Walls" singers who they"d love to paintings with and what kind of boyfriend they"d like to have. Amber answered, "Orlando Bloom. I truly like the entirety about him. i think like the jobs he's taking on are blameless and quiet yet cool at the same time."

Krystal added, "One time, Amber acknowledged that a team of workers member with a excellent frame was once her ideal type. She said, "That oppa is cool. He"s my ideal type."" She also discussed who she herself would really like to work with, "Johnny Depp. He"s masculine. He plays characters who have their own personalities, and I think the air of secrecy he has is different."

Did you are expecting this from Amber and Krystal?