Kriesha Tiu Of 'K-Pop Star 6' Prepares For Solo Debut On May

Kriesha Tiu Of 'K-Pop Star 6' Prepares For Solo Debut On May

Kriesha Tiu who is one of the contestants of the Korean talent show, “K-pop Star 6”, has been reported to have an upcoming solo debut in the K-pop industry this coming May. Urban Works Entertainment, the management company of Kriesha Tiu, has just confirmed that this is indeed happening this May.

This will surely be a big moment in Kriesha Tiu’s career, as this has been how most if not all K-pop icons started out. It is worth noting that she did the best of what she can while she was still in the show.

Her hard work and dedication to improving and perfecting her skills and talents needed as a K-pop idol can clearly be seen throughout the entirety of “K-pop Star 6”. And because of this, she has reached this point in her career, where she is turning her dreams into reality.

Just recently, it has been reported that Kriesha Tiu has completed her first ever profile photo shoot. Her agency also says that Kriesha Tiu’s preparation for becoming a K-pop idol has started long ago, even when the show was still running. Now, her management company sees in her a very big potential to rise into stardom, which is why she has been given the privilege to finally have her debut.

According to Korea Portal, Kriesha Tiu is a Filipin-American that has proved her self-worth in the K-pop industry, as she placed second together with her trainee group, KWINs in “K-pop Star 6”.

With all of these being said, there seems to be no slowing down for Kriesha Tiu. Hopefully, she continues to excel in her dreams of becoming a true and legitimate K-pop idol.

There is no doubt that she can make it. Let’s wish Kriesha Tiu the best of luck in the K-pop industry.