Kriesha Chu sends message to Yang Hyun Suk

Kriesha Chu sends message to Yang Hyun Suk

Kriesha Chu sent a message to YG Entertainmenthead Yang Hyun Suk.

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On May 24, Kriesha Chu held the showcase for her debut album ‘Trouble’ and talked about being a runner-up on ‘K-Pop Star 6’. She expressed, “No matter what stage, I want to do my best, so I don’t think this is any different. However, I’ve become a singer after being a trainee, so I feel I’ve shown what’s expected of me.”

When asked what she would say to ‘K-Pop Star’ judgesYoo Hee Yeol, Yang Hyun Suk, and J.Y. Park, Kriesha stated, “I think they would tell me what I’ve improved on since ‘K-Pop Star’… I think Yang Hyun Suk would be the most happy.” She then sent him a message, saying, “My first album came out, so please look forward to it.”

What did you think of Kriesha Chu’s debut song “Trouble”?

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