Rookie Kpop Group LC9 Covers One Direction, 'What Makes You Beautiful' Is A Must-Listen

Rookie Kpop Group LC9 Covers One Direction, 'What Makes You Beautiful' Is A Must-Listen


Rookie Kpop Group LC9 Covers One Direction, 'What Makes You Beautiful' Is A Must-Listen LC9proved their individual talents when they recently released'Just A Dream' by American artist Nelly. They've given a different flavor on the song and it was being interpreted nicely.

Now, LC9 has done it again, as they make another wonderful cover of English-Irish blockbuster group, One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful". LC9's cover was uploaded in LC9 official YouTube Channel.

Their choice of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" offers their fans something sweet and fun. Their music video also has abeach setting just like the original beach shot of One Direction. What sets this music video apart from their other music video covers is that each member was given a singing part, even the rappers. Main Vocalist, King also transformed in this music video by letting his hair down and straightened it up, making him unrecognizable.

It's another powerful and wonderful cover from LC9. They've given a different taste on the song which blends perfectly.


EXO presented  through DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Larger Than One Direction”

EXO presented through DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Larger Than One Direction”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOne of K-Pops maximum popular boy workforce EXO used to belately interviewed by DAZED where the magsaid they were the most important boy neighborhood in the world.

In the item and interview published on June 12th (PST), it highlights EXOs dramatic front into the Korean pop tune industry back in 2011. At the time, 23 teasers were released on behalf of the group, introducing every member as an alien from the planet EXO, every one having their own large powers. Even now, enthusiasts continue to decipher the complex narrative in the back of the teasers.

The interviewer from DAZED touches at theparticipantsdating to one another, as they've spent time in combination even prior to their authentic debut. They said, There isn’t in reality any awkwardness between us since we’ve been together for a minimum of six to seven years, ranging from training. We’re like a circle of relatives where one can seek convenience and support. We spend increasingly fourth dimension together, we realizeone another better, and that is helpingtoughen our bond, which creates wonderful synergy on stage. As you said, were all around our mid-20s and we think we’ve develop into manlier in comparison to our debut. What do you think? No?

During the interview, Suho published that his everyday jobs every bit leader of the crowd is a quality he has brought into his acting, saying,  This truly helped me so much when acting as I becameliable forthe nature from the very starting to the end, and I also need to pay close attention to the opposite characters so as to create balance.

He also adds that as actors shouldgrasp their expressions and movements for their characters for a longer length of time, the parts he has learned as an actor has helped him enhance on stage. Through acting, I’ve learned to specific myself more freely, diversely, and also to keep in touch amongst the fans better, which supports me experience the degree more, he said.

One of the more busy members of the organizationbecause of his activities in either China and South Korea, Lay reveals, I don’t attempt to residual between paintingsand private time. If I check out to, I can’t to do either one properly. So I have a tendencynow not to make things confusing and just center of attention on one or the other. As you said, I lived a hectic year so didn’t have a huge number of time to rest, yet was thankful that I had the riskto test outquite much of experiences. Since it’s what I choice to do I enjoy each moment, even supposing ITmay smartly be physically tiring sometimes! 

The EXO member continues to mention that his concept of relaxing is operating on songs for his fans as their enjoyment in their tracks is what energizes him.

When asked Sehun whether hes replaced at all since his debut days, Sehun notes that he have become more mature and accountabledue to the his activities with EXO. He adds, Although it’s fairly embarrassing to place this in words, how I believe for the members fortuitously hasn’t changed and wont sooner or later either!

In regards to his famous personand personal life, Xiumin admits that their non-publicexistence naturally gets exposed due to their statuses as celebrities. And so, he adds, So as an alternative of being touchy about it and locatingsome wayto split one from the other, I are attempting not to get stressed out about it. But as a celebrity, where many, especially young people, are watching, I you ought to be more guilty in my words and actions.

To read the total interview with DAZED, click here.

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