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Same hosts for new "2015 Tasty Road"

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Same hosts for new

Singer-turned-actress Park Soo-jin and singer Lizzy from girl group After School will continue to host Olive TV"s "2015 Tasty Road", a reality program that reviews local and overseas restaurants, even after the program is set to change from its original format this year."The program will go on break from July 11 to 18 to reorganize", said a person affiliated to CJ EM, the company that is in charge of the food channel Olive TV, to Ilgan Sports on Saturday."We want to change from the format used in the first half of the year to the new one that will be used in the latter part of the year. However, the two hosts for the program will remain".In the program, Park and Lizzy visit various eateries both in Korea and around the world. In the most recent episode, aired Saturday, they visited Australia to explore restaurants in Brisbane. There were many rumors about Park stepping down from the program after she announced her engagement to actor Bae Yong-joon in mid-May. However, the production staff and her talent agency, KeyEast Entertainment, all denied the rumors.Park has been responsible for hosting "Tasty Road" since it first began in October 2010, though her host partner has changed several times.BY JIN MIN-JI

Park Soo Jin and Lizzy Devour an Astonishing Amount of Food on “Tasty Road”

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Park Soo Jin and Lizzy Devour an Astonishing Amount of Food on “Tasty Road”

After Schools Lizzy and Park Soo Jin shocked audiences with the amount of food they could eat.

On a recent episode of Olive TVs Tasty Road which aired May 23, the two tried out a menu in a restaurant called Happiness with 10,000 won.

The menu was actually a 9,900 won (approx. nine dollars) buffet, which made Park Soo Jin jump with joy exclaiming, Is this really 9,900 won? Are you sure we dont have a time limit?

Later, Park Soo Jin comes back from the food court with three platefuls and starts devouring all the deliciousness.

At the end, Park Soo Jin and Lizzy clear a total of 11 plates, an unexpected amount from two petite ladies.

How many plates can you guys clear in buffets?

[Tasty Road] Lizzy and Park Soo Jin Explore the Abundance of Flavorful Cuisine at a Lobster Restaurant

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[Tasty Road] Lizzy and Park Soo Jin Explore the Abundance of Flavorful Cuisine at a Lobster Restaurant

During the March 7th airing of Oliver's food show "2015 Tasty Road," Lizzy and Park Soo Jin discover the taste and flavour of Korea food at an unlimited refill lobster restaurant

MCs Park Soo Jin and After School‘s Lizzy visited a lobster restaurant, which offers unlimited refills on lobster as well as a variety of other menu items.

Park Soo Jin couldn’t believe it at first, “Unlimited lobster refills doesn’t even make sense.”

The two MCs shimmied their way over to the seafood corner and brought back the steamed lobster and the honey butter lobster.

Lizzy couldn’t contain the joy of her tastebuds. “It’s sweet and savory. It’s really fresh,” she said.

The pricing is 110,000 won (approximately $100 USD) per adult and 55,000 won (approximately $50 USD) per child under 13 years old.

[2015 Tasty Road] After School's Lizzy Reveals She Has Split From Boyfriend

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[2015 Tasty Road] After School's Lizzy Reveals She Has Split From Boyfriend

After School’s Lizzy revealed the existence of her ex-boyfriend by mentioning their recent breakup.

On Olive’s “2015 Tasty Road,” which aired on January 17, Lizzy replaced Kim Sung Eun as a new MC.

On the lookout for great steakhouses, Park Soo Jin, while having a glass of wine with her co-MC, commented how the restaurant would be great for couples, then asked whether or not Lizzy had a boyfriend.

“It just recently ended,” Lizzy said. “It will stay with me as a beautiful memory.” She also jokingly added, “There are still many fish in the sea.”

Meanwhile, “Tasty Road” has been a long loved program due to its appeal to all five senses and the most basic human desire: hunger.

In “2015 Tasty Road,” more of the viewers’ demands will be incorporated into the show along with more communication as well. A ranking of restaurants will be listed based on the opinions of women in their 20s and 30s through social networking. By promoting good eating and a classy lifestyle, it plans to be the weekend schedule guide for women.

Lizzy to take Kim Sung Eun"s place on "Tasty Road"

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Lizzy to take Kim Sung Eun

On Style"s "Tasty Road" will be going through a change for the new year!

A rep revealed on December 19 that "Tasty Road" will air its last episode this year on December 27 and then engage in a 3-week makeover.

The rep stated, ""Tasty Road" is expecting a change in 2015. Currently, we are discussing the format. Besides that, After School member Lizzy will be joining and regular member Kim Sung Eun will be leaving.

After the broadcast on the 27th, the production crew will take a brief respite in order to give a new makeover to the program. We plan to have the show start broadcasting again in the middle of January."

"Tasty Road" is a program that provides information on delicious restaurants! If you"re a foodie, definitely check it out.

After School’s Lizzy Selected As New Host of 'Tasty Road,' Alongside Park Soo Jin

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After School’s Lizzy Selected As New Host of 'Tasty Road,' Alongside Park Soo Jin

The Orange Caramel of After School, Lizzy, has been confirmed to join the cast of the food variety program “Tasty Road” as a new host, alongside Park Soo Jin.

On December 19, the Pledis Entertainment revealed to OSEN that, “Lizzy has been chosen as the MC alongside Park Soo Jin for season 7 of cable channel Olive‘s ‘Tasty Road,’ which will be broadcast next year. Lizzy normally enjoys eating food, so please look forward to it.

Actress Kim Sung Eun, who has hosted with Park Soo Jin until now, will be making her leave from the show after recently wrapping up her final recording.

“Tasty Road” is a program that introduces restaurants to viewers and first began in 2010. Kim Sung Eun worked together with Park Soo Jin as MC for the show since season 3 in 2012, and now the actress will be passing on the baton to Lizzy.

f’s Amber and Tasty’s Soryong to Host “We Got Married: Global Edition” Season 2

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f’s Amber and Tasty’s Soryong to Host “We Got Married: Global Edition” Season 2 f(x)‘s Amber and Tasty‘s Soryong will be the new MCs for the “We Got Married” Global Edition!

On March 17, MBC sources revealed that the second season of the “We Got Married” Global Edition will be emceed by the two idol stars.

Being the Taiwanese American she is, Amber will be hosting the show with her fluent English and Chinese skills. Tasty’s Soryong, who is a Chinese Korean, will be working alongside Amber.

“We Got Married” Global Edition season 2 is being produced by MBC and SM Entertainment. It will feature viritually married couples with different cultures.

So far, Super Junior‘s Heechul and Taiwanese actress Guo Xue Fu and SHINee‘s Key and Japanese model Yagi Arisa have been cast for this season.

The first episode will air on April 5.

SNSD, Infinite, U-KISS, Exo, Tasty, Tahiti Head to Manila for ‘Dream KPop Fantasy Concert’

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In two days, a slew of idols will descend upon Manila for a Kpop concert.

On January 19 at Manila’s Mall of Asia, SNSD, Infinite, U-KISS, Exo, Tasty and Tahiti will perform at the Dream KPop Fantasy Concert.

The concert’s seating will be divided into six sections but currently only tickets for the VIP Diamond section remain.

For Tahiti, the upcoming concert will be the group’s first overseas activity, marking a major achievement for the group.

The Dream KPop Fantasy Concert promoters are promising it will be a big night for K-Pop lovers and fans in Manila.

You can watch the promo for the concert below while visiting the homepage here

Photo Credit: Dream KPop Fantasy Concert homepage

WGM YongSeo Couple’s Date Spot Revisited on ‘K-Pop Tasty Road’

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Remember CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun’s romantic date at that one café on MBC’s We Got Married?

Okay, the couple went on many memorable dates on the show, but one restaurant, in particular, left quite an impression on viewers, and U-Kiss’ Eli and NS Yoon-G of O’live’s K-Pop Tasty Road made it their mission on a recent episode of the show to see what all of the hype was about.

The MCs played couple for a day and kicked off the ‘Love Paparazzi Tour’ episode of the show at the Miss Lee Café in Seoul’s Insadong, the date spot well-known for having served up its famous throwback lunch box meals for the idol stars.

It may be a simple meal, but there’s actually a technique to eating it as revealed in the clip below. It also holds a lot of fond memories for our parents’ generation, and we think the café is worth checking out if you’re ever in the city!

U-Kiss’ Eli Romances NS Yoon-G on ‘K-Pop Tasty Road’

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U-Kiss’ Eli and NS Yoon-G have busted out the couple T-shirts to go on a romantic date on the latest episode of O’live’s K-Pop Tasty Road.

The two MCs hit up hot spot My Chelsea in Itaewon, which is owned by entertainer and restaurateur Hong Seok Cheon, for a romantic date on the terrace overlooking the city.

Hong Seok Cheon even makes an appearance on the show, and before the delicious dishes begin rolling out, Eli and NS Yoon-G took the opportunity to try and get the entertainer to spill on the celebrity couples who frequent the restaurant.

When asked what idol couples have passed through, Hong Seok Cheon said, “Actually, they change partners quite a lot,” causing the MCs to burst into laughter.

Hong Seok Cheon, who also showed particular interest in Eli, joked, “If you come with a girlfriend, you cannot have [a] meal.”

For more fun and, of course, food, check out the clip below.